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SwiftCloud Inbound Marketing


** Inbound Marketing with WordPress **

Create a content magnet, then promote it via instant, easy…

  1. Timed Overlay Popups
  2. Scroll-based Slide-Ups
  3. Exit-Intent Popups (Polls or Offers)
  4. Article-Body Call-to-Action Box
  5. Instant Landing Page style Toppers

We want to create the ultimate inbound marketing solution and welcome your feedback.

In addition to the above, this plugin allows instant and easy implementation of web forms via https://SwiftCloud.AI Web-Forms, which is a drag-and-drop forms editor (either as shortcode [swiftform id=”123″] or as a widget).

SwiftCloud is a business productivity suite, focused on marketing and sales. Try it free, then embed this plugin to see it in action.

SwiftCloud currently includes:

  1. Swift CRM – Client Relationship Management
  2. Swift Marketing – including autoresponders and inbound marketing tools
  3. Swift Form – a drag-and-drop forms editor for lead capture, inbound marketing, helpdesk forms, job applications, and more.
  4. SwiftCloud.AI – Address book, social / sharable online documents & file storage and team groupware.
  5. Swift Tasks – social task & project management, pipeline automation.
  6. Swift Books – accounting and financial software with invoicing, subscription management, retainer billing, and more.
  7. Swift Clock – time billing including for web developers including pass-through billing for agency workers to bill clients.

https://SwiftCloud.AI?pr=92 is currently 100% free and will always have free options.

If you just want to make a nice looking form that emails you each time it is filled out, try it out. SwiftCloud is “freemium” i.e. we have paid options, but the basics are free.


  1. Basics done well – capture leads to sell offline, add to autoresponders, without touching a single line of code.
  2. Advanced powerful features to make web developers look like rock stars!
  3. Advanced notification options. Email multiple recipients, SMS, post to remote CRMs and more.
  4. Smart Fields zip code code that convert zip to city, state, zip, county, time zone.
  5. Smart hidden fields like time zone, language detection.
  6. Powerful features like file upload, lead qualification, e-signature
  7. Any form can flow into Swift Marketing (autoresponders & inbound marketing), SwiftCRM (for sales teams and lead distribution), SwiftTasks (for helpdesk / ticket system), SwiftBooks (accounting)


  • English – for now, that’s all, but if interested we welcome some help! Contact us for a .pot file.


You probably know the drill by now, but if not, here’s a step by step suggestion.

  1. Upload the SwiftCloud folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. To install a webform, login at https://SwiftCloud.AI (free signup) and click ‘new form’,
    drag and drop fields to create a form, click save, and then remember the number it gives you.
  4. Either drop a shortcode like [swiftform id=”123″] (change the 123 to your form number)
  5. OR go to appearance >> widgets and drag ‘SwiftForm’ over into a widget location.

For the various popups, just see the settings area. Note the popup contents get created on https://SwiftCloud.AI, then embedded via the plugin.


  1. How do I use it?


  • First, signup at SwiftCloud (free), then when logged in, hover the logo top left and drop it to SwiftForm.
  • Next, go to SwiftForm >> New Form. Drag and drop from the fields on the left, choose what you want to happen after capture, and hit save.
  • Next, embed into your website by dropping in a shortcode like [swiftform id=”123″] (change the 123 to your form number) OR go to appearance >> widgets and drag ‘SwiftForm’ over into a widget location.

That’s it.

For more help, see our SwiftForm Support Section video training.


3 Settembre 2016
This company should have developed their system more before they released it because now I will never use it. i created my swift account, spent forever trying to find the "new form" button as there is no place in the menu that says "forms" or "build form" or anything. Finally found the form page by going to the home page, then clicking "read more" (need to scroll in the little box to see it) in an article called "5 minute overview" ???? which is crazy that the form page can only be found by clicking on what looks like an article. I then made a basic form with name and email/ submit, etc, then added my thank you url, created my pages needed on my site, added the necessary shortcodes as listed in the instructions; [swiftsign] [swiftsign variable="email"] [swiftsign variable="name"] [swiftsign signature] [swiftsign submit] [/swiftsign] All I get is a box to sign my name. Then I entered in the shortcode they show on the embed into wordpress page like this: [swiftform id="440"] and still same thing. Plus they mention a widget comes with the plugin but there is no such widget. I wonder if this is compliant and what the cost will be once its past beta stage.... which I did not realize until later. None of the links on their website work or say coming soon, I get this but why is it so hard to find the form builder page? Then after I build my form and leave the page, how do I find the form I created so I can edit it? Now I am screwed I guess and my time does not matter to this company. I guess I need to be a web genius to figure out the url:
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