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SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: VHDL Brush


This plugin enables the syntax colorization for the VHDL and Verilog languages by extending the Syntax Highlighter Evolved functionality (and thus, you need to have it installed).

For VHDL examples you can check some of my posts at Estado Finito. Here is another example, using the Xilinx UCF and VHDL coloring: another awesome example.

For Verilog examples, you can pay a visit to Beyond All Repair or Idle Logic.

The people behind it

  • The VHDL brush is an adaptation done by me of the GeSHi syntax by Alexander ‘E-Razor’ Krause. It can be used as language=”vhdl” or with the shortcode [vhdl] … all code … [/vhdl].
  • The Verilog brush was made by Harry Rose at Beyond All Repair. I am just merely putting it into this plugin.
  • The Xilinx UCF support is my work, although it works for the basic stuff. And basic means colorization for NET, LOC, and comments.

Hope it can be of use to any digital designer out there. Need another language or more features? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • An example of the VHDL brush for SyntaxHighlighter Evolved.
  • An example of the Verilog brush for SyntaxHighlighter Evolved.
  • An example of the Xilinx UCF brush for SyntaxHighlighter Evolved.


Extract all files from the ZIP file and upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins/.

See Also: “Installing Plugins” article on the WP Codex


How do I add keywords to the VHDL syntax?

If you see there are keywords missing, you can edit the file shBrushVhdl.js, located in the plugin directory. You can also open a support topic.

How can I add keywords to the Xilinx UCF syntax?

Since this is in early stage of development, and have no need for further constraints to be added yet, there will be no update for this brush if not asked. However, you can open a topic in support if you have the need for more constraints to be colorized.

Was this all your doing?

No. As I stated on the description, I am merely putting all together from several sources. Other people has done the heavy stuff.

How can I repay you for your job

No need for that.


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Contributi e sviluppo

“SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: VHDL Brush” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Compatibility revision up to WordPress 4.3.


  • Addition of Verilog highlighting capabilities.
  • Addition of basic highlighting capabilities for UCF files.


  • VHDL finally on WordPress!