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14 Giugno 2018
Spent an hour trying to find the exact bit of CSS code to change. Fail. Theme tweaker lite let me do it in two minues. Great little plug-in
19 Dicembre 2016
This plugin effectively identified the colors in my theme, but it didn’t work completely when I tried to change the colors. I tried replacing a red with a blue, but I still had 80% of the red (on my homepage) remain as red. However, approx 20% (of the times where I had words/icons in red) did actually change into blue, though. I was using a child theme of the Specia theme in Wordpress 4.7.
3 Settembre 2016 1 risposta
I really like this plugin, but I wonder if there is a way to use it without seeing so many ads. Buying Pro, maybe? HELP
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