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Gutenberg Block Patterns & Design Framework — Tiles


The easiest way to make a beautiful website

Tiles is not just a collective of stunning block patterns — Tiles is a design system with a collection of reusable components that can be assembled together to build any number of beautifully unique websites.

A simple tool for your big ideas

Tiles gives you the freedom to build any kind of website you’d like with industry-leading design packaged in a simple and powerful toolset.

This is just the start

We’re serious about success, working hard on Tiles to make it the de facto way you build websites with WordPress. Tiles is a beta project steered by you – please help us by sending feedback and requests via the official plugin support forum – or via Twitter.


  • Make a beautiful website with an empowering design system & stunning block patterns in Tiles.
  • Design with fluid typography that looks excellent on mobile devices and elegant color palettes to help you stand out.


  1. Upload the tiles folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory or alternatively upload the file via the plugin page of WordPress by clicking ‘Add New’ and selecting the zip from your local computer.
  2. Activate and install Tiles through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Activate


Is Tiles a beta project?

Yes (for now)! We’re just getting started designing a full-fledged design framework with patterns that can be composed to build any design, directly within the Gutenberg block editor. This is just the start!

Can Tiles be used on my theme?

Yes! There’s likely to be a few things we’ll need to touch up, but we’re actively testing and building Tiles to be reusable on just about any block-based, full site editing, or universal theme.

Do you have custom Gutenberg blocks?

Indeed! We’re ramping up block development with custom blocks to include in our Tile library, starting with our very own progress bar and creatively unique marquee block.

Is Tiles translatable?

Yes! Tiles is deployed with full translation and localization support via the ‘tiles’ text-domain.

Where can I ask for help?

Please reach out via the official plugin support forum.

Where can I get more info on Tiles?

Check out our website at


3 Giugno 2021 2 risposte
Maybe we can wait to post up the new plug until it's feature ready. Thank you for your development, but there's nothing there. Maybe state that, or don't release yet? Edited: I received your response, thank you. I did look around for any guidance once the plugin was initially activated and found none, so I do appreciate the directions in finding your Tile resources. I've upgraded my rating and will try out your Tiles and complete the review.
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