Token of Trust Identity Verification


Verify people creating new accounts and transacting on your website without hassle. Whether you need to prevent fraud, verify age, or meet KYC and AML compliance guidelines, you can quickly and easily add identity verification by Token of Trust to ensure your website is accepting orders from verified customers and restricting membership sites to participation from verified users. For full details see Token of Trust’s WordPress Integration Options and Scenarios.

This plugin connects your WordPress site with Token of Trust’s robust identity verification platform. To use this plugin with live users, you will need an active subscription with Token of Trust but you can get started today in test-mode by getting a license key from Token of Trust. When you’re ready to go live, a Token of Trust verification expert will help you find the best configuration to fit your needs.


  • Supports a wide range of verifications – age verification, SMS/phone Verification, KYC, AML, Email Verification, Proof of Address, Electronic ID verification, Government Issued ID Capture and Verification, Selfie Capture and verification and Online Activity Verification (Facebook, LinkedIn, Paypal).
  • Stand-alone web portal – (no integration required) launch now and run ad-hoc verifications to protect your riskiest orders today.
  • Supports for WooCommerce, Ultimate Member and BuddyPress.
  • Fast-track for repeat customers – makes it faster and easier for them and you save money on repeat verifications!
  • Supporting for pre-approvals – if you’re switching from another platform or have existing loyal customers that you can vouch for, you can pre-approve them.
  • Easy Verification Gates – allows you to require verification to access certain pages.
  • Support for GDPR and CCPA – helps to ensure you don’t have to touch personal data to makes compliance easy for your team.
  • Supports multilingual and internationalization – to ensure you can maximize your websites reach.


  • Mobile responsive design – means it works flawlessly on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Integrated workflows – are by users quickly and easily without leaving your site.
  • Access to the Top Rated Token of Trust Identity Verification, Age Verification and Fraud Prevention platform. It is constantly evolving so you’re up to date with the latest identity verification technologies.
  • Customizable workflows to fit your evolving verification and compliance needs – new verification no longer require additional development work.
  • Online Activity Verification – across Facebook, LinkedIn and, PayPal, can be used as a quick check to fight fraud.
  • Support auditing by viewing recent verification activity.
  • Verification summary for sharing on user profiles to give users confidence that they’re dealing with other reputable members.
  • Reputation Reports to give your team actionable details about what users have been able to prove and what to be careful about.
  • Manually approve users when you need to with our Approve Users feature.
  • Automation for Order Approvals – when your backend team is confident that they know which orders to pass and which orders to inspect you can level up your team’s efficiency.


  1. The plugin guides users through your verification process without leaving your web-page. (Please note that social verifications do require departure from your site if enabled).
  2. We verify the user and take care of the sensitive personal information – it never hits your site.
  3. Depending upon your configuration, plan and the verification results users can be automatically or manually approved.
  4. When the verification process is complete, the Token of Trust platform creates a reputation report that displays a verification summary that can be used by administrators or shared on member profiles to support decision-making. The reputation report can be accessed visually or via Token of Trust’s API to support automation.


Token of Trust can be configured with WooCommerce to verify customers in the checkout process in any of 3 ways:

  1. for all products
  2. for products within certain categories or with certain tags
  3. for certain shipping methods (e.g. don’t verify local pickups)
  4. verify before payment or verify only after payment

This allows you to apply age verification, anti-fraud and compliance measures only where you really need them.


The Token of Trust plugin for WordPress works best alongside member management plugins that establish user profiles and account settings pages within WordPress. The member management plugins we currently support without advanced configurations are:

  • BuddyPress
  • Ultimate Member
  • For those who are more ambitious, shortcodes are available for advanced WordPress integrations.


See Token of Trust’s WordPress Integration options and scenarios or Contact Us for details on all the ways you can use Token of Trust with WordPress or contact with questions.


Token of Trust has been translated into the following languages:

  • English (US)
  • Spanish
  • French


We’re on a mission to help people make safe and smart decisions online. If you have an idea for how we can improve our plugin or platform, Send us a Message


  • The 'account connector' is an embeddable component that invokes the Token of Trust verification workflow. The 'reputation summary' is an embeddable component that represent the current state of verification for a given user.
  • The Token of Trust Identity Verification Plugin for WordPress works with WordPress core and also has deeper integrations with select WordPress Member Management Plugins.
  • The Token of Trust settings page is where website admins can enter their License Key and check the integration status with the Token of Trust Platform.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for Token of Trust
  3. Activate the Token of Trust plugin from your Plugins page.
  4. Navigate to the new Token of Trust settings page in the WordPress admin menu
  5. Complete the fields for production domain and your API keys.

From or GitHub

  1. Upload the Token of Trust plugin folder to:
  2. Activate the Token of Trust plugin from your Plugins page.
  3. Navigate to the new Token of Trust settings page in the WordPress admin menu
  4. Complete the fields for production domain and your API keys.

Once complete, the WordPress dashboard will contain an Account Connector widget. Any BuddyPress or Ultimate Member profiles will contain a Verifications tab and new shortcodes will be available.

For additional help and documentation for integrating Token of Trust components on WordPress sites, please visit the WordPress Plugin Docs on our website.

Widget Shortcodes

You can use the shortcodes below to render tot widgets where you want them. Short codes will default to the currently logged-in user.

Account Connector

Allows the logged in user to connect their account to token of trust. After connecting this shows their reputation (much like the Reputation Summary below) and allows navigation to Token of Trust to improve their reputation and configure their user.

Please Note: For security reasons this widget should only be shown on password protected pages for the intended user!

[tot-wp-embed tot-widget="accountConnector"][/tot-wp-embed]

To show the account connector using to the person API.

[tot-wp-embed tot-widget="accountConnector" verification-model="person"][/tot-wp-embed]

Reputation Summary

Displays a summary view of the user’s reputation.

[tot-wp-embed tot-widget="reputationSummary"][/tot-wp-embed]

Profile Photo

Displays a given user’s selected token of trust photo.

[tot-wp-embed tot-widget="profilePhoto"][/tot-wp-embed]

Verified Indicator

Displays a small indication of how far the user has gone through token of trust verification process.

[tot-wp-embed tot-widget="verifiedIndicator"][/tot-wp-embed]

To show this indication when members are not verified, use with this additional attribute.

[tot-wp-embed tot-widget="verifiedIndicator" tot-show-when-not-verified="true"][/tot-wp-embed]

Additional Settings

You can override any short code user by passing additional attributes as follows:

[tot-wp-embed wp-userid="EXAMPLE" tot-widget="reputationSummary"][/tot-wp-embed]

Render in templates/PHP

The easiest way to render widgets from templates is to use shortcodes just like in the WordPress admin interface


echo do_shortcode('[tot-wp-embed tot-widget="reputationSummary"][/tot-wp-embed]');


Is Token of Trust compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Yes, Token of Trust maintains compliance with GDPR as a “Data Processor”. You may request Token of Trust’s Data Processing Addendum (DPA) by emailing

Do I have to create a Token of Trust account before using this plugin?

Yes. This is plugin connects your Token of Trust account to your WordPress site using a license key and requires that you create a Token of Trust account to get started. A credit card is not required to try it out. All Token of Trust accounts start in test-mode, allowing free testing without affecting your live data. You can switch from test-mode to live-mode whenever you’re ready for launch.

Does Token of Trust support age verification?

Yes. Token of Trust is capable of confirming a person’s identity, determining their age, and checking if they’re above a minimum age. Token of Trust can support websites with minimum age requirements. This may apply to e-commerce merchants selling age-restricted products, such as alcohol, tobacco and firearms. Visit Token of Trust’s Age Verification page to learn more.

Does Token of Trust verify government-issued photo IDs like a Passport?

Yes. Official government IDs like a Passport or National ID Card can be captured and analyzed within Token of Trust’s verification workflow. Not all types of identity documents are accepted everywhere. For example, Student IDs are not an accepted document type in any country, but government-issued Drivers Licenses are accepted in select countries. Check our website for more information about our Real World Verification. If you have questions about a specific document type, please email

Does Token of Trust verify my users’ social identity?

Yes. Once your Token of Trust account is setup and connected to your WordPress plugin, your site can verify customer social identities and display the level of verification on their profile.

Can I choose where verification displays for an advanced or custom application?

Yes. We do support advanced shortcodes, javascript embeds and manual PHP rendering tools. See our website for more details on Token of Trust’s WordPress Integration options and scenarios or contact Token of Trust to ask specific questions about advanced integration details.

What integrations do you support for building communities, marketplaces and other types of member management?

  • BuddyPress
  • Ultimate Member

What factors contribute to a member’s identity verification?

Token of Trust verification looks at a variety of attributes across multiple social networks and real world IDs like driver’s licenses. Some attributes include:

  • Account age
  • Activity location, geo tags and meta other meta data
  • Age verification
  • Name verification
  • Social fraud network scans
  • Government fraud lists
  • ID property consistency and security features
  • Electronic ID Verification (eIDV)

Can I run Token of Trust from localhost?

Yes we currently support running from any of the following localhost ports with our test keys: 80, 443, 3000, 3001, 3443, 7888, 8000, 8080, 8888, 32080, 32443, or 33080.

The Token of Trust plugin automatically detects when you’re running on localhost so no configuration change is required – your Live Site always remains your production site.


14 Maggio 2020
I installed it and clicked on the General Settings link, then clicked on the Start Configuring button, and all I get is a "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page."
13 Novembre 2018
After a lot of research, I found that when themes and plugins build a “verified user” feature, the solution is never quite right — Token of Trust is the exception. After trying Ultimate Member’s Verified User Extension and RentalsClub for the WP Rentals theme, I realized how cumbersome verification processes could be for both admins and users of a site. While all the options I explored had a nice visual interface for communicating the verified status of my users, they didn’t handle the verification process for evaluating new user accounts in a smooth, automated, and safe way. Some of the approaches I found even enabled users to upload their identification documents to WordPress, but I never felt comfortable storing sensitive personal data on our WordPress site — it introduced more liability than I wanted to deal with. And even if we had access to those identity documents, I thought “how will I ever have the time to accurately review the authenticity of every document?” I realized that this wasn’t an easy problem to solve and that it was going to require a lot of custom development to build the right solution. Fortunately, I learned about Token of Trust’s platform for handling all of the concerns I had been running into. Their platform does both the deep automated analysis of user identities while also offering visual interface for communicating the verification status of every user. Best of all, they have a WP Plugin that saved our developers months of integration effort. We’ve been using the Token of Trust platform and their plugin for over a year on our vacation rental booking website and I’ve been impressed with the constant flow of improvements. I thought it was great to begin with and it just keeps getting better!
14 Maggio 2018
The team at Token of Trust taught us a lot about best practices for KYC/AML and privacy concerns for global consumers. Before working with Token of Trust, I hadn't given much thought to the liability and risks we would have faced if we had tried to build this ourselves, or even use another plugin that does everything just within WordPress. These guys are hardcore about protecting end user privacy and make sure that their customers don't have to worry about taking on unnecessary risks. I would use Token of Trust again and again for any site or application needing identity verification, fraud prevention, or KYC/AML.
14 Maggio 2018
Token of Trust came to the rescue when we needed a global KYC/AML solution that provided multilingual support without a ton of our own development. Most of the other options we explored were point solutions that only handled one small part of our overall KYC/AML needs. I felt like we really lucked out when our developer discovered the Token of Trust plugin WordPress because it delivered online checks and government id checks globally, with all of the verification workflow elements being internationalized (which was really important because most of our audience speaks French).
6 Febbraio 2018
Token of Trust was a major component in the success of our ICO, and we couldn't have fulfilled our KYC/AML requirements without them. Their technology easily integrated into the platform to help us onboard and manage our contributors. The support team was fantastic - they exceeded our expectations , and even helped us with some last minute technical needs we faced. I could not recommend them enough, and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.
14 Novembre 2017
I have used countless other verification platforms. None have been as seamless, easy to use, or cost-effective like Token of Trust. The service is exactly what I had been looking for. I am very happy that Token of Trust seamlessly integrates with the Ultimate Member plugin on WordPress. My company's business model strongly relies on having a verified user base. Our initial offering had manual account verifications. Finding Token of Trust was refreshing as it meant that we could automate the process and alleviate additional workload. Not only have I been happy with the service and its application in enhancing my business, but also Token of Trust's superb customer support. Each person in Token of Trust is understanding of needs and seek to help make use of their service as best as possible. I highly recommend Token of Trust!
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fixed an issue where orders dashboard was showing Not Required for verified orders.


  • Fixed some WP lifecycle dependencies that made the plugin difficult to test.
  • Initial Support for “Not Required” and “TOT Not Activated”


  • Moved verifyPerson endpoint to more universal wp_ajax_ based solution to try to ensure we don’t run into route blocks and have less custom coding.


  • Support for categories, tags, min order amount and other options for verification before payment.
  • Take Woo Commerce out of Beta.
  • Change some default values (affects new users only).


  • Support for verification before payment.


  • Force inclusion of jquery when tot is used.


  • Now when Debug is activated we add inline debug comments into rendered pages.
  • Now you can restrict TOT from running on checkout depending upon the shipping method.


  • Improved admin verified indicator to show same states and vendor portal.


  • Added Verification Status on Woo Commerce Orders page.
  • Bug fixes related to Woo Commerce Status.
  • Woo Commerce Status now off by default.


  • Added support for a filter (tot_verification_gates_is_met) to allow customization of the conditions under which the verification gates return ‘is_met’.
  • Removed some type specifications to improve PHP backward compatibility.
  • Make the ‘verification-required’ url more resilient by sending it through site_url().


  • Support for guest checkout verification when there is no user signed in.
  • Fix for case when tot reviewer approved webhook was being ignored.


  • Explicitly add ctp_order_key to list of query param variables.


  • Search for ctp_order_key in addition to woocommerce ‘key’ to support Custom Thank You Page for Woo Commerce plugin.


  • Fix an issue where new versions of tot-get-verified.js were not getting loaded.


  • Very minor fix – to eliminate a warning message when dealing with restricted categories.


  • Fix for an issue where modal dialog sometimes popped up blank or with error.


  • Improved error handling and visibility for calls to verify person.


  • Fixes for tot-reputation-status shortcode – error when not within order context.
  • Changed default to not auto-launch. Now specify auto-launch-when-not-verified=”true” if we should automatically launch.


  • Allow tot-reputation-status shortcode to be used for orders as well as users. Allows support for custom thank you pages.


  • Fix for slow network connections causing modals not to load.
  • Formatting for the sample verification required page.

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