Hatlas Vision – Improve your Travel Pictures Automatically


Add destination name and description to your website pictures automatically. Redirect your users to the best tours, activities and hotels.

When a user visit your website and put his mover over a travel picture, it will add a pin marker to it with the name and description of the destination and a link to a corresponding booking partner such as GetYourGuide, Viator, Booking.com, Tiqets and Adrenaline Hunter.

You will have a dashboard to visualize your travel pictures and the number of click they generate, add or change destinations to your travel pictures and change the booking links.

Affiliate Program

If you register to our Affiliate Program, you will earn up to 75% of the commissions we make from the bookings. For more information about the affiliate program and your remuneration, visit https://hatlasvision.com/pricing or contact:
* contact@hatlastravel.com

How to Get Started ?

  • Register for FREE here: https://hatlasvision.com
  • Get Your Affiliate ID in your Profile section (Top-right of the dashboard)
  • Install the plugin on your WordPress website. Add your Affiliate ID in the settings panel of the plugin (c.f. screenshot 4)
  • Navigate on your website normally, the plugin will automatically detect the destinations in your pictures and synchronize them with your Hatlas Vision Platform
  • You will now see the pin markers appear when you hover your mouse over your pictures. You can go back to your Hatlas Vision Dashboard to manage your pictures


You can activate or deactivate the plugin at any time from the WordPress plugin admin panel or from your Hatlas Vision Dashboard. You can also choose on which links, images or page types you will have the plugin active by restricting some URLs or HTML classes


  • Identifying travel destinations in your pictures automatically
  • Redirecting users to the best booking partners
  • Hatlas Vision Dashboard where you can manage your pictures (add/change locations or booking links) and view your performance
  • Set up your Affiliate ID in the admin panel of the plugin


Do I have to add the buttons to the pictures manually ?

No, everything is done automatically so you won’t have to do anything to get started except choosing on which pages or image classes you want the plugin to be active. Once the pugin is installed, you can go to your Hatlas Vision Dashboard to add missing locations

How do you recognize destinations automatically ?

We use artificial intelligence and image recognition techniques to identify travel destinations in any pictures and to find the most appropriate partner to match it with

How can I know how many people clicked on my buttons and how much I generated ?

You can monitor the performance of your pictures in your Hatlas Vision Dashboard (number of clicks, views, and Click-Through-Rate)
We will email you every time someone books an activity with your affiliate ID. If you want to know how much traffic you are generating, contact us at:

  • contact@hatlastravel.com
  • http://m.me/hatlastravel

What if I want to remove the button on some pictures ?

If there is a specific picture that you want to exclude, you can add the class “no-hatlas” on the HTML code of your page. From the admin panel, you can also chose some of your own classes that you want to exclude so that the script won’t be applied on the pictures attached to them


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