AWS S3 for WordPress Plugin – Upcasted


Increase your website speed now!
Make your website blazing fast by offloading your files to AWS S3 with a top notch WordPress plugin that offers seamless synchronisation between your WordPress Media Library and AWS S3.

Our plugin comes with best integration between your WordPress Media Gallery and AWS S3.

Why should you offload your images?

Better SEO

All your files will be served from AWS S3 servers taking load off your server and increasing the speed of your website. This has a huge impact on your Page Speed score therefore ranking better in search engines like Google.

Built in Security

No more worries about backup, security or time consuming tasks regarding your files. Your files will be secured on AWS S3 servers with automated backups any many more advantages.

The tools you need

You can move your files to and from S3, switch buckets, create buckets using advanced file transfer interruption protection. And of course everything wrapped in a beautiful and smart design.

The image editor works!

Our solution works perfectly with the native WordPress image editor. You can rotate, crop or edit any image and it will be served from AWS.

Easy image maintenance

You can store remotely any type of files that WordPress supports: Images, Documents, Audio, Video. And the great part is that you can do that without any AWS knowledge, directly from your WordPress Media Gallery.

Lowers website footprint

By storing all your files on AWS S3, your website consumes less space on your server.
In conclusion you can decrease website hosting charges, you can do more backups and you can do faster backups.

Better website cloning for development

You can now clone your website any the local machine without needing to copy all the images.

Free features

  • Quick setup
  • All new files are uploaded to AWS S3 and delivered to everyone from AWS S3 servers
  • All new files are deleted from local server (they will exist only on AWS S3)
  • You can store remotely any type of files that WordPress supports: Images, Documents, Audio, Video and others
  • You can list your buckets
  • You can select the bucket where to store your files.
  • Increased security (encrypted credentials)
  • Unlimited files
  • (NEW) You can choose if you keep a local copy of your files or not
  • (NEW) Object uploader combined with Multipart Uploader so you can upload files faster

PRO features brings you a whole new experience

= All the free features + =
– Email support
– Premium updates
– Bucket creation tool
– Tool to move all files from local storage to S3
– Tool to move all files from S3 to local storage
– (NEW) CDN support with possibility to setup the delivery of files from your custom domain.
– (NEW) Support for huge files up to 5Tb
– (NEW) Tools now can be used in background mode so you can continue browsing without worries.
– File transfer interruption protection (you can always resume your transfers from where you left off if you close the browser accidentally)




Installation and Configuration

To configure the plugin all you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Install Upcasted S3 Offload either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the free license for the free features or the paid license for the PRO features
  3. Go to: Admin dashboard -> Media -> S3 Offload Settings
  4. Add your Access key ID, Secret access key and Region
  5. Click on Save Settings
  6. Choose your bucket
  7. Click on Save

All done!

Now you have a seamless integration between your WordPress Media Library and AWS S3.
All the future images you upload in your WordPress Media Library will be automatically be moved to AWS S3 and are served to you and to your visitors from S3 servers.


Does this plugin copies or moves local files to AWS S3?

AWS S3 for WordPress Plugin by Upcasted moves the files you upload in WordPress Media Gallery to the S3 Bucket chosen after you activated the plugin.

How can I move my old files to S3?

You need to upgrade your plan to PRO. You will have tools to move files to and from S3 bucket. You can do that by installing the free version and then press Upgrade under Media Gallery > S3 Offload Settings > Upgrade


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


!Important – Please update because this version is more reliable
* Feature: new uploader so you can upload files faster
* Feature: support for huge files up to 5Tb
* Feature: option to choose if you want or not to keep a copy on website server
* Enhancement: Interface improvements
* Enhancement: Added detailed description for every tool
* [PRO] Fixed: sometimes if the transfer stopped because of an error it could not continue past that attachment and got stuck
* [PRO] Feature: support for CDN
* [PRO] Feature: support for background transfer of the files to and from S3
* [PRO] Feature: option to choose if you want or not to keep a copy on Amazon S3 when migrating files back to server.


  • Added Multipart Uploader so it can upload large files without any problems


  • !IMPORTANT Fixed some issues with the licensing that made the plugin to malfunction.


  • Renamed the plugin