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Upload any custom fonts you wish and give your site a elegant look. Quickly change font without need of css knowledge.

Click HERE for Use Any Font working demo.

Use Any Font gives you freedom to intall custom fonts in your wordpress website. It is different than other font embed services which gives you countable number of fonts to select from neither the one that stores your custom font in remote server. You can use any custom fonts if you have its font format (ttf,otf,woff) without being dependent to other’s server uptime. You can just upload one format and the rest needed formats to work in all browsers are automatically converted even in woff2 compressed format for latest browsers and faster load time.



You need API key to connect to our server for font conversion. Our server converts your font and sends it back. You can get key from here. You can also generate Lite / Test API key from button at top of the plugin page. Note : Lite / Test API only allow single font conversion.

Installation Video

Note : We don’t store your fonts in our server neither any of your information except the API key details. Our server deletes the temporary file after the font upload is complete.

Integration for Themes / Plugin Developers

You can use uaf_get_font_families(); function to get the list of custom fonts uploaded with Use Any Font. You can add it in your font family select box or list.

if (function_exists(‘uaf_get_font_families’)){
$uaf_font_families = uaf_get_font_families(); // Returns Array

Please do write us after integration and we will add it in our supported list and create a discount code for your users.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Screenshot #1. Use Any Font Demo
  • Screenshot #2. Use Any Font Plugin Setup
  • Screenshot #3. Assign font directly from WordPress Editor
  • Screenshot #4. Font list not showing in editor.
  • Screenshot #5. Disable font list in editor.
  • Screenshot #6. Assign fonts to custom elements.


  1. Search Use Any Font and click on Install.
  2. Activate the use-any-font plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Get the API key and verify it (Needed to connect to server for font conversion).
  4. Seleziona “Use Any Font” nella sezione “Impostazioni”
  5. Upload / Add custom font.
  6. Assign your custom font to elements.
  7. You can also assign the custom font directly from wordpress page/post editor.
  8. I tuoi font sono attivi sul tuo sito ora.
  9. You may refer to Screenshots tab for visual instructions.


Which font format does plugin accepts and the font size ?

Currently, ttf, otf, woff font format are accepted but you only need to upload font in 1 format other needed formats to work in all browser are auto generated by our font convertor. Font file upto 25MB is acceptable. However, we suggest you to use smaller ones as far as possible. The font file size directly affects your site load time.

From where can i get the font files ?

Mostly you can download the font files from internet. There are many sites that offer fonts. One of font directory we really like is Ultimate Fonts. They only have free fonts which are even free for commercial use. So you can install font and use in any website.

Does it works with multiple fonts ?

Ya, it works with multiple fonts. For multiple font conversion request, you need to get the Premium Key.

Do i need to manually convert fonts ?

No, you don’t need to do it yourself. Just upload your font (supports most of the font format), and the plugin’s font convertor does the rest.

Funziona con Visual Builder come Divi Builder?

Ya, it works with any visual builder. For that you can assign class to those elements. Class name are same as font name. Also, we have full support for Divi Builder and SiteOrigin Page Builder. You can assign fonts using their font family dropdown.

You can check video for more details.
Divi Builder :
Site Origin Page Buider :

Funziona con qualsiasi tema?

Its built-in Font Upload and Font assign section allows you to assign custom fonts to any theme. However, for popular themes like Avada, X Theme, Flatsome, Salient, Porto, Shopkeeper, Oshine, WPLMS Learning Management System Theme, KLEO, WoodMart, ListingPro, SimpleMag, ROSA 1, 907, Voice, Grand Restaurant, LeadEngine, Service Finder, MagPlus, Hostiko, Adifier, Puca, GreenMart, Reco, VidoRev, Halena and many more known themes. (1000+). Check out full list here., we have added extra features that allows you to assign the custom font to your theme using the theme options panel.

Can I assign font based on language ?

Ya, Our plugin allows you to assign font based on language. It currently supports WPML and Polylang. Quick font changer based on language used. If you are using some others multi lingual plugin, please do contact us and we will try to integrate with our plugin.

Dove sono salvati i miei font?

All the fonts are stored in your own server. Our server only convert the fonts and sends back. It is stored in wp-content/uploads/useanyfont folder. So there won’t be different fonts path and will be indentical to your siteurl.

Does my font depends upon plugin’s server uptime ?

No, our server is needed during font conversion only. After that all fonts are served from your own server.

A me non funziona. Cosa posso fare?

How can theme / plugin developer integrate Use Any Font ?

You can use uaf_get_font_families(); function to get the list of custom fonts uploaded with Use Any Font. You can add it in your font family select box or list.

if (function_exists(‘uaf_get_font_families’)){
$uaf_font_families = uaf_get_font_families(); // Return Array

Please do write us after integration and we will add it in our supported list.


26 Giugno 2020
Use Any Font is really worth the money, don't hesitate: you can flawlessly add any font you want (as the name says) and dedicate it to css styles (like H1, H2 ...). Works very good and easy. A small problem occured and the people of Use Any Font helped me out the same day. A must have to implement your corporate style on your site.
24 Giugno 2020
This is an easy to use plug-in that can increase your website's appeal. I had an initial security issue with the installation, which was quickly resolved by the Author! Highly recommended.
14 Giugno 2020
App is great ....however lately every few days my custom font randomly stops working across the entire site. Im using Saturday brush script and every few days I go to my blog and the font is no longer displaying correctly but if I go to a blog post and edit the post and update the post without touching the actual font it starts working again. Another way to fix it I've noticed is going into the plugin settings and deleting any other saved font ............but Im not sure why this is happening now. This is consistently every few days the last several weeks
24 Maggio 2020
works nicely, new fonts transformed my shop to a much better side
20 Maggio 2020
I just would like to thank Dinesh Karki for going above and beyond for assisting me in one of my projects which were using 3 languages on one WordPress powered website. Thanks to Dinesh I was able to use all those three languages without any other plug-in. Once again, great work by a great, kind, empathetic and professional developer. 🙂 (y)
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Added Font demo in admin panel
  • Added extra pre defined elements.


  • Added support for Gutenberg Editor using class.
  • Added support for Revolution Slider. Now you can select font family directly from Revolution slider to assign font.


  • Support for all themes that uses Redux and kirki framework. Full list here.


  • Added support for Generate Press, Astra and Ocean WP Theme.
  • Added setting For Font Display (swap, fallback, block) for @font-face


  • Assign font based on language for WPML & Polylang multi lingual plugins.


  • Install font upto 25 MB.
  • Font convertor uses woff2 compression for better and faster font loading.


  • Fixed domain verification issue.


  • Added menu option in elements list.


  • Fix url issue.


  • New API Key system, Lite / Test API key generation from plugin page.


  • Adds custom fonts to typography of Themify and Beaver Page Builder


  • Adds custom fonts to typography of Elemenator Page Builder


  • Adds custom fonts to theme options panel for themes like Avada, Salient, Oshine, X Theme, KLEO. (540+ Themes in total)


  • SiteOrigin Page Builder Support


  • Divi Theme Issue Fixes.


  • Full Support For Divi Admin Visual Builder
  • Use of relative path as default nowonwards
  • Alternative server selection for font upload and API verification.


  • Directly assign font to element using the class identical to font name.


  • Fixed form validation js error.


  • Fixed SSL font loading issue.


  • Font upload issue fixed.


  • Fixed couldn’t receive font file issue.


  • Fixed API verification issue


  • Fixed SSL API key issue


  • Secure file upload URL for Default Js font Uploader


  • Fixed validation for PHP font uploader
  • Sanitize font name
  • Test with 4.3.1


  • Fixed host name lookup issue
  • Added SSL for font upload path
  • Test with 4.3


  • License key trim added.


  • Font convertor url change.


  • Added relative font path settings.
  • Added Css version system.


  • Add js extension validation for font file.


  • Add font using Ajax Font Upload.
  • Fixed Couldn’t receive font file for conversion issue.


  • Font size increase upto 10 MB
  • Fixed js validation issue.
  • Add server side validation for font file.


  • Removed rarely used font formats from being upload. They were making font convertor server down repeatedly.
  • Fixed name validation issue


  • Tested to work with wordpress 4.0
  • Jquery Validation Plugin Updated


  • Using wp_remote_get inplace of wp_remove_fopen for API Key


  • Compatible with 3.9
  • Fixed font list issue in editor for 3.9


  • Minor update
  • Added font formats (dfont, suit)
  • Updated FAQ and Screenshots.
  • Tested with 3.8.1


  • Added Support for SSL (https)
  • Additional settings to disbale font list in wordpress editor.
  • Tested with 3.8


  • Added Network Site Support
  • Assign font directly from WordPress Editor


  • Tested with 3.5.2


  • Minor update
  • Add woff and svg font format


  • Major update
  • Supports more font format now.
  • Better error handling
  • Added hyperlink (a tag) in default element select.


  • Added file upload validation.


  • Added server connectivity test.


  • Fixed font not loading issue when there is space in font file name.
  • Added Instructions in Plugin Interface.


  • Prima Versione