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Live Chat by


Add a fast, easy, and free Live Chat on any website! With Live Chat by you can easily start communicating with both visitors or customers at any page on your site.

Live Chat by is all you need to turn your visitors into customers in a single app. adds additional functionality to generate leads, that enables great onboarding and customer nurturing. Personalize your messaging and connect at the right time and in the right channel. comes with a full suite of features, from proactive and reactive personalised messaging chatbots, to marketing automation, email marketing, popups and more.

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“ is making a difference in the lives of our clients. We use the platform directly to communicate, and with it are helping them to achieve financial stability and to follow their dreams, and you are part of that. Without as our partner, this would not be possible.”(read more).
Luizza Couto, Tribe Retention Leader at Qconcursos

“With, we see right around a 20% conversion increase, and a 15% boost to email open rate, on top of our already tweaked and finely tuned system. The team is super happy with a single tool; now they don’t need to switch between so many systems to do the same job.” (read more).
Justin McGill, Founder at LeadFuze

“The Live Chat is hands down the best in class, and the chatbot has a very high value — add it with complete control in any automation.”(read more).
Jérémy Mauboussin, Founder at PlagiaShield


  • Easy setup to add Live Chat to your website.
  • Plugin options, and you can find the API key on the site.
  • Find the Setup & integrations page in the settings to find your API key and domain.


Manual Installation

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/live-chat-by-usercom directory.
  2. Activate the Live Chat plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Click on in the panel sidebar
  4. Configure the plugin API & Subdomain – (Find your API in Settings > Setup & integrations)


1. What is the difference between ACTIVE and CLOSED conversations?

Not much actually, and really the difference is really up to you. When building the app we’ve grouped the chat messages to make your conversations by open or close to help make things more clear. However, you can close your conversation if you don’t want it to be on the top. You won’t lose data by closing anything, and you will still get new messages. Active / Closed is just to simplify and optimize your conversations.

2. Types of attributes

You can group, categorize things as you want. How you attribute things, is completely up to you.

What kind of attributes can you send? Anything! Let us give you some examples:

  • Company name
  • Time spent on the page or in your shop
  • Customer street
  • Customer telephone number
  • Birthday
  • Sex
  • Any other URLs

3. Does it support WooCommerce?

Yes, You can chat throughout the signup or product detail pages!

When your customer adds product to cart or is checking out the order, he will send automatically an event containing product / order details.

4. I need plugin support. Where should I ask questions? ||


27 Settembre 2016
It’s really handy tool, let call it: all-in-one. It has most of the features that I personally need. What’s most important, it’s cheaper than rival companies!
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Live Chat by” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.




  • tested on WordPress version 5.5.3; readme file updated; screenshots updated


  • Live Chat by – Updated to the latest version of WordPress. Optimised for smoother performance, tweaks to enhance efficiency, and added new screenshots.

  • updated plugin

  • updated graphics

  • added ability to serve widget with different domain

  • bringed back old layout and styles

  • disable versioning of css asset

  • updated logo, options page, screenshots

  • removed version selection, only .com is supported now

  • fixed empty strings

  • fixed woocommerce integration

  • fixed two version switch, forgot about settings_fields

  • fixed two version switch

  • fixed styling

  • added support for UserEngage 2.0

  • updated deprecated functions

  • fixed some minor errors

  • added support for sending image urls via events for woocommerce

  • fixed ajax add to cart conflict entirely and moved user register event to js file

  • fixed ajax add to cart conflict

  • fixed possible conflict with hook_javascript function

  • fixed output name / last name

  • added WooCommerce compatibility

  • now after saving settings you will see a notification that they were saved or there was an error

  • added woocommerce compatibility, tracking add to card events + new orders

  • re-remove emoji

  • rocket loader fix

  • bringed back previous plugin

  • added default value for api key field

  • translations

  • added app icons


  • fixed errors while getting user info, removed space if name not specified


  • force remove WP emoji detection


  • added state selection

  • updated compatibility for wordpress


  • fixed CloudFlare rocketscript type


  • updated deprecated functions


  • updated wp function to get user info


  • added data-cfasync=”false” to window.civchat script tag


  • added data-cfasync=”false”


  • quick-fix on link with api key


  • added link where you can find your APP api key.


  • updated logos


  • readme update


  • First version. Full integration with