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Used and loved by millions

Thousands of websites are already enjoying the benefits of visualCaptcha, with less spam and more customer engagement.

What are you waiting for?

Here are some of the features that make visualCaptcha your go-to captcha solution:

  1. Accessible:
    visualCaptcha has an innovative solution for people with accessibility needs.

  2. Mobile-friendly:
    It works on most mobile devices.

  3. Retina-ready:
    It also looks beautiful in devices with a higher pixel density.

  4. Secure:
    visualCaptcha was never broken by a bot (as far as we know).

  5. Self-hosted:
    visualCaptcha is self-hosted, which means you don’t have to rely on third-party servers availability.

  6. Open-Source:
    You can contribute to improve visualCaptcha if you have a GitHub account.

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  • Log in form with visualCaptcha.
  • Comments form with visualCaptcha.
  • visualCaptcha Settings page.
  • VisualCaptcha custom options.


WordPress installation

  1. Go to ‘Plugins’ in the Admin WordPress section.
  2. Search for visualCaptcha and install it
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Rewrite URL
    4.1 If you’re using Nginx, add the contents inside the .nginx folder to your server entry
    4.2. If you’re using Apache, uncomment or add the .htaccess file.

Manual Installation

  1. Download visualCaptcha
  2. Upload the visualcaptcha folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Rewrite URL
    4.1 If you’re using Nginx, add the contents inside the .nginx folder to your server entry
    4.2. If you’re using Apache, the .htaccess file should be automatically loaded.


3 Settembre 2016
There are several accessibility problems with this plugin. First, note that the audio captcha option is the very last element in the form. Screen reader users have to navigate through the entire thing before they even find out an audio option is available, only after having to hear "click or touch the chair" and then a bunch of nondescript "internal links"... and then finally, an image called "audio image." Chances are, people will give up, before getting there, and when they do, they might not figure out that activating "audio image" will present them with an audio captcha. The audio captcha option should be the first focusable element in the captcha section (in the dom, if not visually), and should say "activate for audio captcha" or similar, instead of "audio image." The images for the visual options should have alt texts of empty spaces, so they aren't read at all. But worse, when you finally do select the audio version, the audio captcha starts speaking immediately, BEFORE the screenreader is finished telling you that you clicked the button, so you don't even get to hear it!!! The info you need is drowned out by your own screen reader. There needs to be a delay, then instructions, then the code. Activating the "audio image" button again does NOT read you the audio captcha again, so you are completely out of luck. I hope the developers can update this plugin, and test it with real screen reader users. It sounds like it is lovely for sighted users......
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