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Abandoned Cart Reports For WooCommerce


Discover how many abandoned carts your store has by recording when people abandon their carts and view trends over time using the built in dashboard and data pages.

How The Plugin Works

The plugin starts recording carts as soon as anyone adds an item to their cart.

The plugin will do as much as possible to associate carts with users so you can see their email address for manual follow up and recovery. Even if the plugin can’t associate the cart with an email address it will at least show the IP address of the cart on the data page.

Each cart starts in the ‘In Progress’ state on the data page. If a customer hasn’t updated their cart for 15 minutes it will then show as ‘Abandoned’. If the shopper comes back and later completes their cart it will change to ‘Recovered’ and be associated with the order.

Where Do I Get Support?

Email me or start a support request on I can be reached at


  • Abandoned Carts Dashboard
  • Abandoned Carts Data
  • Detailed Abandoned Cart Statistics
  • Top Recovered Products
  • Top Abandoned Products


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to SFA Abandoned Cart under WooCommerce in the left hand menu of the WordPress dashboard to see your abandoned carts


How does the plugin associate carts with users?

If a cart is started by a user that’s logged into your store or logs in at any point after starting the cart the plugin will automatically associate the cart with the user account. On the data page you’ll see the entry for the cart as well as the users name and email address.

If a cart is started by an unknown user the plugin will show the IP address of the associated with the cart. This can be useful in the case that you’re using other software such as chat widgets because you can reference the IP address with the chat sessions.

If a cart is recovered by a user but that user doesn’t create and account the plugin will still create an association with the order and show the name and email address on the cart data page.

Will web crawlers create a bunch of fake carts?

The plugin uses a library to filter out common web crawlers. In the case that the library doesn’t capture the crawler the plugin also has code that is able to look for patterns that indicate a crawler starting a bunch of carts and filter those carts out.

If you think the plugin is filtering carts the wrong way reach out and we’d love to help out.

What about support and features?

We’d love to hear from you! We’re currently looking at ways to better report on abandoned carts as well as starting to work towards the ability to recover carts both via email as well as integrating with other services such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.


26 Maggio 2020
I like everything except for the fact that it doesn't seem to capture all abandoned carts. Not sure how/why that happens. This is how I know: I spent a few hours watching google analytics real time report and I see people adding stuff and viewing the "basket" page, and then leaving, yet SFA page does not get updated. Using the Premium version of this plugin.
6 Febbraio 2020
Major MySQL performance hog from queries like SELECT * FROM wp_sfa_abandoned_carts WHERE customer_key= ? AND cart_is_recovered = ? AND order_id IS NULL LIMIT ? as the table has no proper indexes: explain wp_sfa_abandoned_carts; +-----------------------+---------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-----------------------+---------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+ | id | int(11) | NO | PRI | NULL | auto_increment | | customer_key | char(32) | NO | | NULL | | | cart_contents | longtext | NO | | NULL | | | cart_expiry | bigint(20) | NO | | NULL | | | cart_is_recovered | tinyint(1) | NO | | NULL | | | ip_address | char(32) | YES | | NULL | | | item_count | int(11) | NO | | NULL | | | order_id | int(11) | YES | | NULL | | | viewed_checkout | tinyint(1) | NO | | 0 | | | show_on_funnel_report | tinyint(1) | NO | | 0 | | | cart_total | decimal(15,2) | YES | | NULL | | +-----------------------+---------------+------+-----+---------+----------------+
5 Dicembre 2019
I started with the free version which gave useful information, but quickly upgraded to the paid version to get the extra functions. Using the paid version i was able to see a lot of my abandoned carts were being created in China, which isnt visible in the free version (I only sell to NZ & AUS), so i was able to use the delete function to remove them and get accurate stats to work from. Well worth the US$15
5 Novembre 2018
Adding an "abandoned cart" plugin to our online store was an afterthought, but sure glad we did. Our customer base is narrow and we already know most of them, so if they have a problem online we can contact them to assist with their order. We've also become aware of individuals using our site to apparently "test" credit cards. We're not sure why, but the attempts have been continuous and often result in cards over limit, invalid, etc. With the knowledge acquired from the abandoned cart plugin we were able to block the IP of the offender. They can probably get around that, but maybe they will go play somewhere else. This plugin is simple, intuitive, worked right away, and has been completely stress free.
27 Agosto 2018
This plugin was awesome right out of the box, then something within my WordPress environment caused the plugin to stop collecting data all together. I reached out to Mike and described my problem. He asked for one piece of information, I provided it, and he gave me a link to download a different version of his plugin that works flawlessly. Couldn't ask for more from a functionality standpoint, or customer support. 5 stars all day.
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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Declare support for WordPress 5.5
  • Declare support for WooCommerce 4.5
  • Update bot crawler detection software
  • Fix PHP warning


  • Declare support for WordPress 5.4
  • Declare support for WooCommerce 4.2


  • Delcare support for WordPress 5.2
  • Declare support for WooCommerce 3.6


  • Declare support for WordPress 5
  • Declare support for WooCommerce 3.5
  • Fix a bug with money_format not being available on Windows hosts
  • Added additional null check to fix a reported bug
  • Updated crawler detection code


  • Added a warning if there are too many carts being returned by the reports


  • Declare support for WooCommerce version 3.4


  • Stored cart totals on the cart line for better report performance
  • Updated crawler detection code


  • Remove extensions tab


  • User Request: Changed permissions to allow WooCommerce store managers access to view the reports


  • Removed the top abandoned and recovered carts tables from the main dashboard
  • Renamed the data tab to carts
  • Added a new products tab to show data on abandoned products
  • Improved styling of the tabs
  • Improved plugin security


  • Added a field to the abandoned cart table to determine which carts to show on the funnel report.


  • Code to track when carts view the checkout


  • Fix for fields being disabled on the checkout.


  • Tested and declared support for WordPress 4.8
  • Added code to track when users view the checkout fields in preparation for adding a funnel report extension
  • Adjusted the styling a bit to give a white background on the report tabs


  • Fixed a user reported notice where the date comparison for tables wasn’t using the raw cart expiry time


  • Refactoring much of the reporting code to prepare for new features.


  • Quick bug fix for a user reported issue in the report area of the plugin. Thanks bdoga!


  • Better support for showing meta data about products with variations
  • Limit the top tables on the dashboard to only 10 items in each
  • Add extensions tab to the plugin


  • One more quick fix for a PHP debug notice a user reported.


  • Quick fix for a PHP debug notice a user reported.


  • Modify plugin install code to follow best practices.


  • WooCommerce 3.0 is now supported with backwards compatibility.


  • The plugin now associates carts with known users when they’re logged in.
  • The plugin now associates carts with completed orders so you can see who the recovered cart belonged too.
  • Increased the number of rows on the data page up to 30.
  • Added new columns on the data page to show the IP or customer name. Email fields are now links.

= 2.0.2=
* Fixed another bug where the wrong currency symbol was showing in the chart


  • Fixed a bug where the wrong currency symbol was showing in the chart


  • Released charts on the main page


  • Moved the plugin from a top level menu under WooCommerce
  • Added helpful links from the plugins page to get the report data and also email for support
  • Changed the layout of the plugin to utilize tabs for the report and a premium / help page
  • Updated crawler detection with latest code


  • Remove hard coded table name. Doh!


  • Make sure default report view orders carts from newest to oldest


  • Trying to better filter bots. If multiple carts from the same IP are added within 10 seconds the all carts for that IP are now flagged as spam
  • Updated crawler detection with latest code


  • IP address logging
  • Better querying of data to exclude crawlers that make it passed the crawler detection code
  • Added button to delete data from the report
  • Updated crawler detection with latest code


  • Cart report no longer shows $0.00 carts
  • Fixed a minor CSS bug
  • Refactored code into classes
  • Updated crawler detection with latest code


  • Added sortable grid columns to the report table
  • Added total cart and amount counters to the report page
  • Included taxes in the cart reports
  • Removed text cruft from the report page and replaced with a simple “email us” link
  • Updated crawler detection with latest code


  • Initial Release