WooCommerce No Shipping Message


With the plugin you can easily replace the standard WooCommerce message “There are no shipping methods available.
Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.” with your own text. It works on both cart and
checkout pages.

By default, the customer sees “There are no shipping methods available …” message when there are no delivery options
configured for their order because they choose a destination you don’t ship to, or have too many items in the cart, or
meet another edge condition you haven’t thought through. Providing a custom message is useful to explain to your
customer in more detail why shipping is not available and what to do next. You can also provide an actual link to
your contact page.

Message examples:

  • “You order exceeds 10 kg. Please contact us to get a quote.”
  • “Shipping to the selected country for orders under $100 is not available. Please add choose more items to purchase or contact us.”
  • “[Product] is not available for shipping to the selected destination.”
  • “Unfortunately, we can’t deliver your order. Please contact us for details.”

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Plugin settings location
  • How that could look to a customer


Ottobre 3, 2018
Simple to use and extremely useful. I am very pleased to have found this plugin.
Luglio 18, 2018
I already have a shipping classes and whenever I set a product in no class it just show flat rate $0 but when I disable the classes it works, Can someone help me? Thanks
Maggio 26, 2018
Thanks, this is just what I needed without changing any code! quick and simple.
Aprile 29, 2018
Much easier than hacking the code as others suggested - simple plug in that integrates seamlessly into the shipping options inside Woocommerce. Thank you!
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