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WC4BP -> Groups


The best solution to Integrate BuddyPress Groups with WooCommerce which is perfect for any subscription and membership site or if you are offering premium support. The plugin takes a WooCommerce product to handle the membership of your WooCommerce customers into existing BuddyPress Groups.

Manage the group’s membership in the product editing screen:

  1. Auto join members to groups after the payment is completed.
  2. Allow customers to select the related group(s) they would like to join that before adding the product to the cart.

Product Support

Add your customers to a private support group after the purchase is complete and enable premium product support on your site.

Public and Private Groups

  • Let your customers select group membership for public and private groups around the product.
  • Auto join your customers to public and private groups which you can configure in the product editing screen.

Membership Levels

Predefine the membership Level ( Moderator, Admin, Normal ) that your user will become in the group.


  • Product Edit Screen


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Upload to wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate in the backend
  4. Done 😉



This addon need the WC4BP -> WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration with the Professional Plan.


3 Ottobre 2019
This is a perfect plugin for paid group community. Without this plugin, I would have to keep on eye on the group join request all day or hire a manager to do those things. However, this plugin solved all those problems making all the process automatic. Also, Guillermo Figueroa gave amazing support. I contacted a technical team because the plugin didn't support Korean. However, Guillermo Figueroa solved the problem mere about in a week. I strongly recommend this plugin to everyone trying to use woocommerce and buddypress.
3 Gennaio 2018
I was looking for a plugin that would add customers to a BuddyPress group after they purchased one of my products. The description for this plugin seemed promising, but once I got it installed, and then added the other free plugin this one requires, I kept getting the following message: Need WC4BP -> WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration Professional Plan to work! Typo aside, the simple fact is this free plugin requires a subscription to work. In my personal opinion, it is unacceptable for a plugin listed as free on to require a purchase to work. Hopefully the folks here will take note and remove it from the catalog. PS - If anyone knows of a plugin that will do the above without a subscription please let me know - I'm willing to pay for one (one time, not subscription) but have not found any for WooCommerce.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

1.4.0 – 30 March 2020

  • Added support for Woocommerce Subscription.

1.3.5 – 15 Jan 2020

  • Fixed the error trigger when the code was executed with an empty product.

1.3.4 1 Oct 2019

  • Added support for Unicode characters, thanks to Ju Hyung Kang we start supporting Korean.

1.3.3 29 May 2019

  • Fixed minor issue to avoid a notice in the product details in the frontend when the groups are optional.


  • Fixed a Typo in the requirement message.


  • Added a hook to not show the tab content in the product page. wc4bp_groups_show_product_tab


  • Integrating with the product variations types.


  • Adding custom message to check dependency.
  • Changing the requirement library to use a custom internal id.


  • Testing with the last version of Woo.
  • Adding Woo support tags.


  • Changing the requirement text for generic one.


  • Adding a trigger option to select when the user will be added to the desire group.
  • Fixing some typos and dependency.
  • Cleaning the code.


  • Removing freemius to use the same from the core.


  • Updating the loaded freemius to use it form core
  • Improve the messages for requirement library

1.0.4 18. July 2017

  • Remove the changelog.txt. Its located in eh readme.txt
  • Integrating with WooCommerce BuddyForms Form Elements.
  • Cleaning up the code.
  • Updating freemius
  • fixing the global freemius variable
  • Idealizing the log class to get messages into activity log


Improving the requirement library
Updated Freemius
Readme changes and plugin uri
Multiple smaller fixes


Added freemius addon support to start only when the parent is activated
Implementing a function to process the item meta in the thank you page


  • update freemius to the correct plugin id and public key


  • first public version