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Whelp Live Chat


Whelp, Omnichannel Customer Messaging for Your Business

Live chat from Whelp for your WordPress site. Your website on WordPress will be much more powerful with Whelp omnichannel platform including live chat, email, social messengers, calling and texting and Facebook messages, Twitter, all in one app
Whelp introduces messaging and conversational customer service for eCommerce

Whelp is the leading omnichannel messaging platform for your business.

With Whelp’s omnichannel customer messaging, you can provide amazing customer service on your website no matter what channel your customers contact you.
Customers reaching to you from live chat on your website, email, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber and other leading channels, and calls to a phone number in any country – all can be received in one end-to-end unified platform.

Omnichannel, everything is in one place: conversations and chats with customers, are available in one inbox, and you no longer need multiple platforms
Efficient: with everything in a single, unified platform, you will double your efficiency – no more switching between apps and tabs.
Profitable: with live chat, real-time customer support in any channel your customers prefer, you will be able to drive the customer satisfaction up, and increase your sales.

Why Whelp?

  • Built-in CRM: Save on spending time and money on user base. Whelp offers you a built-in CRM.

  • Visitor Monitoring & Smart Triggers: Track your visitors in real time and proactively initiate live chats with them upon conditions you’ve set.

  • Powerful Help Center with Predefined Text & Canned Responses: Create pre-written messages and send them by using hotkeys, get suggestions from messages you’ve sent before.

  • Tagging: Tag your customers with specific attributes and find the records easily.

  • Whelp Typing Insight: See the messages that visitors live typing before they hit “send.”

  • 3rd Party Integrations, API, Webhooks and Mobile SDK: Connect each tool to our platform and build an amazing support system.

  • Fast and Powerful: With Whelp, you can have a peace of mind and not worry about your loading or downtime.

What we offer

  • Live chat: add Whelp live chat to your website and start delivering amazing customer service! Your visitors on your website want to talk to you. Live chat on your website will give them a way to reach you in real time.

  • Facebook Messenger and Twitter: Now you can switch between channels seamlessly because your customers expect seamless communication and frictionless conversation their favorite social messengers: Facebook and Twitter.

  • Calls and SMS: Receive calls and text messages all in one platform. No more desk phone or switching from phone to text. Benefit from professional features such as call recordings, transfers, routing and more.

  • Email: Redirect emails from your company’s address (like to the JivoChat Inbox – your team will reply faster and no message will ever be missed.


  • Install and activate the WordPress Plugin
  • After installation, click the Whelp section in the left toolbar
  • Register and create a new Whelp account, or use your existing one
  • No need to download any app: our web-based application is easy to access, faster than any other web app and responsive to any device.


Can I use Whelp for free?

Absolutely! You can use JivoChat for free with up to 2 online agents and with limited features. For the first 14 days all features will be available too.

Do I need any software on my server for Whelp to work?

No, you don’t! Whelp is a SaaS service, which means all the server stuff is on us. You just need to install the WordPress module, and you’re all set.


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