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Woo Email Control


This enhancement to the Woocommerce email system allows you to get more control of your Woocommerce emails.

  • Add product images of any size – (requires Woocommerce 2.6+)
  • Embed and attach email images
  • Easier selection of email header image (replaces the Woocommerce default functionality)
  • Display product categories for each line item
  • Display product SKU for each line item
  • Test your emails either in your browser or emailed to your email address using data from real orders

It is compatible with either the standard email templates, or your custom templates, as long as you retain the correct hooks and filters used by the standard templates.

The plugin also gives you the option of attaching and embedding any images within the email, including the header image if you have chosen one.
This prevents the user having to “load images” when they receive the email, reduces the chances of your emails being considered as spam with most providers, and prevents your images becoming “not found” if the user or your website are offline.

Be careful not to overuse large embedded images as it does increase the size of your emails.

Woo Email Control also provides a very useful testing facility, whereby you can either view any email directly within the browser, or send it to your email address. The preview emails contain live data for any order, not simply the empty template – great for checking your custom email templates without having to create or edit a new test order each time.

Please note This is an Add-on for Woocommerce and requires Woocommerce 2.5+ (2.6+ for product images)


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/woo-email-control directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly, using
    the full unzipped plugin file.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. To configure your Woocommerce emails, use the Woocommerce -> Settings -> Email tab. The extended settings are towards the bottom of the main settings form.
  4. For testing individual emails, click on the email from the list on the main settings page, and the section marked “Test this email template” is at the bottom.


To change the category separator when displaying product categories (default ” > “, add the following filter to your functions.php file.

function my_wooctrl_category_separator($sep) {
    return " : "; // you can replace this string with anything you like. Best with spaces!

To change the html wrapper for the category list, add the following filters to functions.php.


function my_wooctrl_category_wrapper_start($str) {
    return "<p style="color:#ccc">";
function my_wooctrl_category_wrapper_end($str) {
    return "</p>";


20 Dicembre 2018 1 risposta
About 75% of the features described on the Details tab can not be found. Two buttons can be though, one offers an email preview, the second one attempts to send an email, without offering you any option to define the recipient other than the site admin. Advice to the reader (if other than the plugin author): If you need free and awesome support for WooCommerce email customization, use the Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer instead of this one.
21 Gennaio 2018
Works well, thanks so much for this cool plugin! Helps to create beautiful Woocommerce emails out of, well, you know... Also looking forward to an update 🙂
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Fixed preview checkbox val


  • Added ability to preview settings without saving
  • Couple of php notices and warnings removed


  • Changed the constructor


  • Included missed css and img


  • Fixed categories displaying regardless of setting
  • Fixed SKU as above
  • Removed php warning for display_product_cats


  • Added ability to display Product Categories – see FAQs
  • Added ability to display SKU after product name
  • Added FAQ


  • Added nonce check to email test form


  • Added improved header image selection for Woocommerce emails (replacing default)
  • Added global email type selection – allows you to set the email type for all registered Woocommerce emails


  • Initial version