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Woo EDD Email Domain Blacklist


Ever wanted to prevent users using temporary or disposable emails in checkout page? With this plugin, you can!

There are many websites (eg., etc) which provides temporary email service. These websites use many different domain names in their temporary email addresses. All you have to do is, put these domain names in this plugin’s settings page. After that when a user will try to place an order using the blacklisted email domain, checkout process will be interrupted and user will see an error notice.

You can configure the plugin settings from “Settings>Woo EDD Email Blacklist” menu from admin panel.

If you have no idea how many temporary domain names exists out there and you want to block all of them anyway, you can enable the option “External blacklist” from plugin settings. I have already created a list of temporary domain names and kept it in my server, enabling this option will pull that list from my server and store it in your database. I will try to update this list in regular intervals. For more information, please read the FAQ section.


  • From admin panel, Click on "Settings>Woo EDD Email Blacklist" to visit the plugin settings page.
  • In checkout page, when users will use blacklisted email, they'll see an error notice.


Dalla tua bacheca WordPress

  1. Visita ‘Plugin > Aggiungi nuovo’
  2. Search for ‘Woo EDD Email Domain Blacklist’
  3. Activate ‘Woo EDD Email Domain Blacklist’ from your Plugins page.


  1. Download ‘Woo EDD Email Domain Blacklist’.
  2. Upload the ‘woo-email-domain-blacklist’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate ‘Woo EDD Email Domain Blacklist’ from your Plugins page.

After that you can configure the plugin settings from “Settings>Woo EDD Email Blacklist” menu from admin panel.


Is this plugin on Github?

Yes, here it is: Github

How can i update my external blacklist from your server?

Just go to plugin settings page and click the SAVE button. Every time you save options it’ll sync your external blacklist database with the updated list from my server. Also an automatic update will take place once in a week by WordPress cron job.

How can i see this list?

It’s on Github, you can find it here

Many temporary email domains are misssing in your list. When will you add them?

I’m just a human, it’s not possible for me to google all the temporary domains alone. Besides I have not much free time. If you have temporary email domain suggesions, please make a list and send it to me, I’ll update it as soon as i can.

How can i make suggesions?

Please use the support section. Alternatively you can contribute on this Github repository too.
Important Note: When you send me temporary email domain list, please also mention the website name where you found them


16 Luglio 2020 2 risposte
I installed this plugin and activated it. I added some domains which I have been receiving spam from and then tried registering using the domains which I added to the blacklist. All the domains registered successfully. I refreshed and tested a few times but they were still able to register, no problem. Unfortunately this plugin doesn't work, but it would have been very useful.
3 Ottobre 2020
Very simple and easy. I couldn't find any other plugins doing this. I haven't had any problems, I will update this if I do. I am using it to block domains like "Gmail.con" and one domain which is blocking our emails. Edit: I have now been using this for a year. It seems to work silently and perfectly.
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