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Welcome to WooPrice Calculator, the first WooCommerce extension that lets website owners create variable prices for their products, based on the features chosen by their customers. There’s no need for any programming knowledge.
The features of the products become variables in mathematical formulas that were created and matched to those products. Customers will be able to modify those variables through the product’s characteristics on a product page, directly modifying the final value of the product and their shopping cart.

WooPrice Calculator for free lets you:

  • create 5 fields
  • 1 custom theme

For those who need more, WooPrice Calculator can go PRO (https://www.woopricecalculator.com) and add a series of functions and tools that were developed to simplify your job and improve the customers’ experience:

  • PHP7 compatible
  • Assign a calculator to products and/or categories
  • Write formula with fields
  • Write formula or map Excel Sheet using WooCommerce product price as input for calculations
  • Create unlimited fields
  • 3 custom themes (Bootstrap, UIkit)
  • Sort product fields
  • Translate fields labels and fields values
  • Upload Microsoft Excel Sheet
  • Show/edit parameters in cart
  • Show parameters chosen in checkout
  • Show parameters chosen in order details
  • Order details in WooCommerce backend
  • WordPress Hook to override product price
  • “Choose an Option” button instead “Add to cart” button for WPC assigned products.

Features: https://www.woopricecalculator.com/#features
Documentation: https://woopricecalculator.com/documentation
Forum: https://woopricecalculator.com/forum

These functions and adjustments will provide a truly professional e-commerce tool for pricing products accurately and providing a more thorough user experience to customers.

By collaborating with WPC PRO users, many tools have been fine tuned and improved in order to cater to all the most important needs of website owners and e-commerce managers. Things such as non-invasive pop-up windows to alert users of an error, being able to modify parameters even in the shopping cart and more intuitive functions. They have all been added thanks to our users’ first hand experiences and feedbacks, which they were able to share through the priority support service.

Start saving time for you and your customers, while concretely improving their user experience. Add WooPrice Calculator to your e-commerce today.

WPC PRO: https://www.woopricecalculator.com/#tm-bottom-b

Sezione libera

A brief Markdown Example

Ordered list:

  1. Create the fields that define the characteristics of the product on which to apply the calculator
  2. Create the calculator and set the expression to define the price of the product. Example: (($woo_price_calc_10.5)+($woo_price_calc_20.8))/2
  3. Customize the page layout of the product with your own HTML and CSS classes.


  • Here you can create and manage fields to be assigned for product as characteristics

  • Each field must be set according to the product and its characteristics through this page. In "Field type" you can select one of the options drop down, check box, text or numeric field. Depending on the selection of options appear, as in the case of numeric field.

  • On this page create your calculator, the expression that will calculate the price of the product, using fields created (screenshot 2). The result of the formula will be the final price of the adapted product and will vary depending on the user's choices. You can define a re-direct at checkout after adding the item to cart and customize the layout with custom themes.


  1. Unzip the files and upload the woo-price-calculator folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Attiva il plugin tramite la voce ‘Plugins’ nel menu di WordPress
  3. Create the configuration features of the product and use them to create your own expression that will calculate the price of the product.
  4. Assign the “calculator” to one or more products of your e-commerce.


Installation Instructions
  1. Unzip the files and upload the woo-price-calculator folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Attiva il plugin tramite la voce ‘Plugins’ nel menu di WordPress
  3. Create the configuration features of the product and use them to create your own expression that will calculate the price of the product.
  4. Assign the “calculator” to one or more products of your e-commerce.


Very useful plugin and excellent support

The plugin is extremely useful and surprisingly powerful when it comes to custom formulas. I had a bit of trouble setting up a pretty complicated one using the Pro version, but the Support fixed it in a day and even went the extra mile to fill in all the values. 5 stars, well earned.

Fully functional plugin and Awesome support team

I’m using the plugin for very complicated calculations using Excel sheet.

The support team helped me a lot for creating the calculator and even they issued many updates to make my calculator works with all the functions same as my excel sheet. Works like a charm!

Thank you Altos Web Solutions team.

Brilliant Plugin

What a fantastic plugin, very easy to use and will accommodate any calculation needed via the spreadsheet input. I needed some help with my pricing table and the support was superb, very quick to respond and helped me out enormously.

I would highly recommend this plugin and the pro version is worth purchasing.

That it great plugin.

Easy to use, easy to implement to my product and I love plugin better after upgrade to PRO version it can work on excel for formula, and next feature is can apply that formula to category.

next this is suggestion for developer.
I hope next feature is
– can edit excel via back-end website.
– can edit formula from each product page.
– calculate weight also
– support all web-service

and one thing I’ll suggest guest for buy PRO plugin are this plugin is have support 24 HR. quick support and can answer the question.

Amazing plugin, amazing development team!

I was so worried when we received a request to have extensive back-end calculations for our WooCommerce store. So glad I came across this plugin! The staff has been EXTREMELY responsive to my inquiries and trouble shooting any problems I had. Not sure what I would have done without this plugin! Awesome job!

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  • 1.1.1:
    • Bug fixes
    • Change of Admin GUI
  • 1.2.0:
    • Bug fixes
    • Powered by logo for free version
    • create 5 fields max for free version
  • 1.2.2:
    • Bug fixes
  • 1.2.17
    • WooCommerce 3.0.0
  • 1.2.22
    • Bug fixes
    • ZIP resize
  • 1.2.23
    • Use of $this->view[‘defaultView’] to print the autogenerated theme in a custom theme