WC – APG Free Shipping


IMPORTANT: WC – APG Free Shipping required WooCommerce 2.6.0 or higher.

NOTE: WooCommerce – APG Free Postcode/State/Country Shipping is now called WC – APG Free Shipping.

WC – APG Free Shipping add to your WooCommerce shop the possibility of including a free shipping based on postcode, state (province) and/or country from the shipping address and a minimum amount of order and/or a valid free shipping coupon.


  • You can require a minimum and/or a valid free shipping coupon.
  • You can exclude by maximum weight.
  • You can exclude product categories.
  • You can exclude product tags.
  • You can exclude shipping classes.
  • You can exclude user roles.
  • You can hide payment gateways.
  • You can show a custom icon image.
  • You can show price 0.
  • You can show the estimated delivery time.
  • You can hide the rest of shipping if free shipping is available.
  • Fully compatible with WPML plugin.


Technical support

Art Project Group offers Technical support to configure or install WC – APG Free Shipping.


WC – APG Free Shipping has been programmed from plugin WC – APG Weight Shipping from Art Project Group and original class WC_Shipping_Free_Shipping from WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce, which adds some of the features present in the first to the simplicity of the second.

More information

On our official website you can learn more about WC – APG Free Shipping.


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More plugins

Remember that you can find more plugins for WordPress and more plugins for WooCommerce on Art Project Group and our profile on WordPress.


You can follow the development of this plugin on Github.



Since WC – APG Free Shipping is totally free, Art Project Group only provides payment Technical Support service. In any case Art Project Group provide any kind of free technical support.


Did you liked and you have proved useful WC – APG Free Shipping on your website? We would appreciate a small donation that will help us to continue improving this plugin and create more plugins totally free for the entire WordPress community.


  • Ourselves (Art Project Group) and Woothemes by the great plugins that have inspired WC – APG Free Shipping.
  • To all that use it.
  • All that you help to improve it.
  • All you made donations.
  • All that you encourage us with your comments.

Thank you very much to all!


  • Screenshot of WC - APG Free Shipping. Shipping Options Tab.
  • Screenshot of WC - APG Free Shipping. APG Free Shipping Tab.


  1. You can:
    • Upload the woocommerce-apg-free-postcodestatecountry-shipping folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.
    • Upload the full ZIP file via Plugins -> Add New -> Upload on your WordPress Administration Panel.
    • Search WC – APG Free Shipping in the search engine available on Plugins -> Add New and press Install Now button.
  2. Activate plugin through Plugins menu on WordPress Administration Panel.
  3. Set up plugin on WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping or through Settings button.
  4. Ready, now you can enjoy it, and if you like it and find it useful, make a donation.


How do you set up?

Although the plugin configuration is very simple, we have created a tutorial where we explain setup process step by step. You can visit it on ¿Cómo se configura WooCommerce – APG Free Postcode/State/Country Shipping?.


If you need help to configuring or installing WC – APG Free Shipping, Art Project Group offers its service Technical Support.

In any case Art Project Group provides any kind of free technical support.


3 Settembre 2016
A very complete solution to free shipping within WooCommerce. I've also used APG's WooCommerce - APG Weight and Postcode/State/Country Shipping, which also rocks! Thanks Art Project Group.
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  • Small fixes in the exclusion of shipping by product categories and tags.

  • Small fixes.


  • Added options to exclude shippings by product categories and tags. Update sponsored by YonofumoYovapeo.
  • Screenshot updated.


  • Added option to show the price 0 next to the name of the shipping cost. Update sponsored by YonofumoYovapeo.


  • Small fixes.


  • Added support for maximum weight Update sponsored by Aviantecnic.

  • Small fixes.

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  • Renaming the plugin: from WooCommerce – APG Free Postcode/State/Country Shipping to WC – APG Free Shipping.

  • Header updated.
  • Stylesheet updated.
  • Screenshot updated.

  • Fixed Polylang compatibility issue.

  • Adjust to optimize WooCommerce 3.2 compatibility.

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  • Support for WPML plugin.
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  • Fixed shipping hidding.

  • Fixed localization.

  • Adjust to optimize WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.

  • Fixed shipping hidding.

  • Adjust to optimize WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.

  • Error prevention in My account page.

  • Error prevention if WooCommerce is disabled.


  • Support to hide payment gateways.

  • Fixed user role key.


  • Support to limit free shipping by user roles. Update sponsored by Marketing Paradise and Dermoder
  • Support to add a custom image.
  • Support to add the estimated delivery time.
  • Updated screenshot.

  • Adjust to optimize WooCommerce 2.7 compatibility.


  • Support for multisite installations.

  • Added support for simultaneous multiple free shipping.

  • Added option to enabled/disabled a shipping method.

  • Fixed shipping hidding.

  • Added support for multiple shipping methods per shipping zone.


  • Fixed excluded shipping classes totals control.


  • WooCommerce 2.6 fully compatibility. Note: Not compatible with WooCommerce versions earlier than 2.6.0, including it setting.


  • Fixed WooCommerce 2.6.1 compatibility error.


  • New interface and management function to add additional free shipping.
  • New screenshot.
  • Updated translations.


  • Updated support links and small updates.

  • Updated font package. New Google+ icon.
  • Updated translations.

  • WooCommerce activation control.

  • Updated screenshot.


  • Updated translations.
  • Stylesheet updates.
  • Links updates.
  • Fixed bug that caused the free shipping was always the default to reach the configured amount.

  • Stylesheet updates.
  • Updated screenshot.

  • New responsive stylesheet.

  • Stylesheet updates.

  • Fix internal error that appeared after the last update.


  • Fixed bug that caused the free shipping will not work when no restriction isn’t select.
  • Fixed links error.


  • Fixed internal errors that appeared when you install the plugin and have no initial configuration.
  • Changing the internal structure of the plug to fit WordPress standards.


  • Support to limit free shipping by shipping classes.

  • Changing the URL of the plugin in Art Project Group.


  • Fixed bug that erased all settings with plugin deactivation.
  • Minor fix that prevents an error when collecting information about the plugin.


  • Fixed error with country/countries control.


  • Donation link update.


  • Minor fix that prevents an error when collecting information about the plugin.


  • Added cache for external data.
  • Updated donation button and link.


  • Updated Settings link.


  • Update code to be 100% compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce. Note: Not compatible with WooCommerce versions earlier than 2.1.0.


  • Added new option that hides other shippings when it’s available.
  • Fixed bug caused by no group set.


  • New feature to clean database with uninstallation.


  • Added error showed with empty fields.


  • Replace external image by local image.


  • Updated style sheets with new WordPress style.


  • Initial version.