Questo plugin è stato chiuso il 16 Novembre 2018 e non è più disponibile per il download. Motivazione: Violazione linee guida.


23 Ottobre 2017
Export products to file CSV (excel) and does not appear anything of Barcode or ISBN or GTIN !!!!!!!! BAD BAD
13 Luglio 2017
This plugin adds a spam banner ad for Siteground hosting in the admin area. Last thing I need is a plugin advertising a competitor's hosting service to my clients. Deactivated/uninstalled.
24 Aprile 2017
First off all I installed this in order to utilize this with product import suite and it does not allow you to import barcodes into Woo so don't waste your time if you were looking for that. Second, you can't deactivate the plug in and reactivate (you know like you do with nearly every other plug in) without it losing the license. But the absolutely worst part was the support. Direct quotes "no one else is having a problem" "I need your log ins to fix" and my favorite "I removed your license". Yup this guy removed my non working license and deleted every barcode I have in my Woostore because he is apparently incompetent to fix a simple issue. Oh and he refunded me, whoopie, I never asked for a refund, I asked a simple request, fix the licensing issue. Anyway, good thing I have a backup for my barcodes. I am using a different plug in that works beautifully now. Do not waste youe time or energy with a careless and reckless rep. There are other plug ins that do the same job. Keep scrolling when you come to this one.
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