Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.

WooCommerce Menu Extension


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Add “WooCommerce Links” into your WordPress menus just the way you are adding other menu items!

Features :

  • With this plugin you can now add a WooCommerce links to existing WordPress menu.
  • You can also add login/logout menu with auto switch functionality based on user’s login state.
  • You can also add WooCommerce search to menu.
  • You can also add multiple WooCommerce shortcodes whereever you want.
  • Nonce token is present on logout item.
  • If you want to show particular nav item after login then it also possible.

Plugin Developed by August Infotech Visit website


  • The woocommerce menu in nav menu admin page.
  • The woocommerce menu in nav menu front page and Shortcodes Display.
  • The woocommerce menu setting where we have to check option to show that nav menu after login only.


  1. Upload the “woocommerce-menu-extension” folder into the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. You can now add WooCommerce links in your Navigation Menus.
  4. See FAQ for usage.

Plugin Developed by August Infotech Visit website


How does this works?

Visit your navigation admin menu page, you got a new box including 10 links, “Shop”, “Cart”, “Basket”, “Log In”, “Log Out”, “Log In|Log Out”, “Checkout”, “Terms”, “My Account”, “Search Product|Search”.

  • Add the link you want, for example “Log In|Log Out”.
  • You can change the 2 titles links, just separate them with a | (pipe).
  • You can add the 2 titles links, just separate them with a | (pipe) for “Search Product|Go” to display value and button.
  • You can add a page for redirection, example “#aiwoologout#index.php” or “#aiwoologinout#index.php”. This will redirect users on site index.

You can also add 11 shortcodes in your theme template or in your pages/posts. just do this :

  • For theme : <?php echo do_shortcode( '[ailoginout]' ); ?>
  • In you posts/pages : [ailoginout]

The 11 shortcodes are [aishop], [aicart], [aibasket], [ailogin], [ailogout], [ailoginout], [aicheckout], [aiterms], [aimyaccount], [aisearch] and [aiproductcat].

  1. Show Count : show_count (0 or 1).
  2. Show in dropdown : dropdown (0 or 1).
  3. Heirarchical : heirarchical (0 or 1).
  4. Show only children : show_only_children (0 or 1).
  5. Hide empty : hide_empty (0 or 1).
  6. Order : orderby (order or title).

You can also modify the title link with [ailogin]My Title[/ailogin] for example.


15 Ottobre 2019
it worked perfectly for me, on my first try, 2 min. thank u so much!
17 Aprile 2019
Plugin can't properly tell whether user is logged in, if previously cached page is loaded. That's the only reason why I tried this plugin, but it looks like no custom links plugin is compatible with cache.
4 Novembre 2018
Lates version of wordpress and Woocommerce and had no errors. Very easy to used. My product menu done in less then 2 min. Thanks
3 Dicembre 2017
I'm looking to add a menu of Product Categories, this only has store procedural pages. It's not bad for what it does, but it doesn't do enough. I grant 3 stars for a good plug-in that is needing more features. I'll keep it installed, waiting for the updates.
15 Ottobre 2017
the concept is brilliant. but when i clicked on log in or log out buttons i added to menu bar, nothing happened. 🙁
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Bug Fixes For Deprecated Function.


  • Hot fixes.
  • Set compatibility with current WordPress and woocommerce versions.


  • Replaced deprecated woocommerce_get_page_id with wc_get_page_id.


  • Resolved some notices and now no need to add walker hook into theme file.


  • Check option to show that nav menu item after login only.


  • Add product categories shortcode with listing and dropdown functionality.


  • Change shortcode title for further confliction possibilities.
  • Add Basket to the menu and shortcode.
  • Add Product search to the menu and shortcode.
  • Add Hello user to the logout shortcode.


  • Upgrade Version


  • First Version