WooCommerce Quick Donation


Dear User I am still trying to make things plugin more stable and prefect if you find any bug / any feature is required please open an issue at GitHub or WordPress Support

WooCommerce Shopping Cart Donation which makes WooComerce to use for online donation purpose.
This plugin will create a new product in the name of donation.

Plugin Support / Feature Request

Dear User, if you need any help regarding this plugin or require any new feature in this plugin kindly contact me via
Email : plugin@varunsridharan.in / kindly post it in github.


  • Redirect User After Donation Added To Cart [Cart Page / Checkout Page]
  • Select Your Preferred Payment Gateway For Donation
  • Custom Email Template For Donation Processing
  • Custom Email Template For Donation Completed
  • Configurable Min & Max Donation Amount Based On Project
  • Custom Error Messages

This Plugin Can called by using the below short code [wc_quick_donation] OR [wc_qd_single]

[wc_quick_donation] Shortcode Variables

1. type : select | radio
2. grouped : true | false
3. show_errors : true | false
4. selected_value : Project ID
5. defined_amount :  true | false {Amount Can Be Defined In Settings Page}

[wc_qd_single] Shortcode Variables

1. title : true | false
2. content : true | false
3. defined_amount :  true | false {Amount Can Be Defined In Settings Page}
4. id : Project ID


  • Menu In WP-ADMIN View
  • Donation Project Listing View
  • New Donation Project View
  • General Settings View
  • Custom Error Message View
  • 2 Types Of Donation Form
  • Donation Cart View
  • Donation Checkout View
  • Donation Order Success View


How To Call / Use This Plugin ?

This Plugin Can Be Called Using [wc_quick_donation]

Can I Modify The Donation Form ?

Yes. Its Possible By Copying To Your Theme’s Folder wp-content/plugins/wc-quick-donation/template/donation_form.php

What Is The Use Of Project Field ?

Project is like [category / division]. for which you donation. multiple can be entered by , separated eg : Project 1,Project 2

Donation Plugin Not Working After Upgrading To 0.2

As we have updated donation-form.php template. it may not be working with the old one. so please replace the template if you have modified or contact us.

How I can get project name in email template

You can get the name by calling the variable $project_name

Where can I request new features

Please open an issue at GitHub and we will look into it

I have an idea for your plugin!

That’s great. We are always open to your input, and we would like to add anything we think will be useful to a lot of people. Please send your comment/idea to varunsridharan23@gmail.com

I found a bug!

Oops. Please User github / WordPress to post bugs. Open an Issue

WooCommerce Quick Donation is awesome! Can I contribute?

Yes you can! Join in on our GitHub repository ๐Ÿ™‚




  • Fixed – Minor Bugs
  • Tweaks – Updated With Latest WP & WC Version
  • Added – New Shortcode to get a single project [wc_qd_single]


  • Added – option get donate link using {wcqd_get_donate_link} function
  • Added – Predefined Amount Option

  • Fixed – [Blank pages] (https://github.com/technofreaky/woocomerce-quick-donation/issues/56)

  • Fixed – [Latest version will not activate] (https://github.com/technofreaky/woocomerce-quick-donation/issues/62)

  • Fixed – Fixed Empty Trash Issue
  • Fixed – [T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM Critical: Update to latest kills admin area] (https://github.com/technofreaky/woocomerce-quick-donation/issues/58) After Last UPDATE [1.3.7]
  • Added – Option To Clear Donation Log In system tools menu


  • Added – French translation
  • Added – Processing & Completed Email Templates
  • Added – System Tools (Create Donation Product)
  • Added – Auto Config Default Settings When Installing
  • Added – Pre Config Shortcode settings via admin
  • Fixed – Email Template Call Issue (admin-new-donation)
  • Fixed – Donation projects in front end limited to 5
  • Fixed – Wrong Count In WC Orders (Counted With Donations)
  • Fixed – Donor Stats Not Countend With Donation Order Is Deleted
  • Fixed – Cart Mini Widget (Template Added)
  • Fixed – Error When No Payment Gateway Configured
  • Fixed – Trash & Restore Issue For Donation Orders


  • Fixes – Fixed Count Notification Bubble Count
  • Fixes – Metabox Error While Creating New Order Via Admin
  • Fixes – Fixed Template Load Issue
  • Fixes – Fixed issue when donation alredy exit in cart & redirect to checkout
  • Tweaks – Remodified WP LIST TABLE For Donation Listing
  • Tweaks – Changed Order Text To Donation in Order Details Metabox
  • Tweaks – Loaded Admin Notice Before
  • Tweaks – Moved Template File Check From admin functions to plugin install class
  • Added – Added Project & Doner Based Filter In Admin Listing
  • Added – New function to get user based donation ids get_user_donations_ids
  • Added – New template to list donations myaccount/my-donations.php
  • Added – Seperate Page For Listing Donors
  • Added – Function To Get Grouped Donation IDS By User & Project
  • Added – 3 New Templates Added Used for my account in front end [ myaccount/view-donation.php, order/order-details-item.php, order/order-details-customer.php]
  • Added – Plugin Template versioning #26
  • Added – Checked If WooCommerce Is Active [#23]
  • Added – FR Languages Translations
  • Added – Included Sys Info plugin
  • Added – Auto Flush Permalink
  • Added – wcqd_project_limit function to get limit of a project
  • Added – wcqd_get_project_name from order id
  • Added – wcqd_get_project to get project id from order id
  • Added – Added default user configurable title for easy use
  • Added – Added Custom HEADER & FOOTER For Emails

Issues Link
#Shortcode position and page content ,

1.3.5 BETA

  • Fixes – Metabox Error While Creating New Order Via Admin
  • Fixes – Fixed Count Notification Bubble Count
  • Fixes – Minor Bug Fix

1.3.4 BETA

  • Fixes – Menu Error In Front End When Logged In Using Custom ID
  • Tweaks – Removed Unwated Metabox For Donation order Page
  • Tweaks – Modifed Core WC Quick Donation Templates
  • Added – Custom Cart Page Template Support
  • Added – New Custom Metabox For Donation Order details
  • Added – Few Functions In WC Quick Donation DB Class
  • Added – Custom Order Thank You Page & Order Details Tables Support

1.3.3 BETA

  • Fixes – Moved Few DB functions from Functions class to db class
  • Fixes – Fixed template override issue [https://github.com/technofreaky/woocomerce-quick-donation/issues/12]
  • Fixes – Removed Unwated Metabox For Donation order Page

1.3.2 BETA

  • New – Added Quick Links At Plugin Listing Table
  • New – Error Message When User Trying To Add Another Donation To Cart
  • New – Already Exist Donation Error Message Option Added In Settings
  • Tweaks – Standardized Coding
  • Tweaks – Settings Page Modified
  • Fixes – Changed Donation Name To Project Name at Checkout in Review Order Section
  • Fixes – Quick Donation Menu Not Listed In Some WP Settings.

1.3.1 BETA

  • Fixes – Error At WooCommerce Settings Page

1.3 Beta

  • New – Created Separate Custom Post Type For Donation
  • New – Created Separate Custom Settings Page
  • New – Total Plugin Redeveloped
  • New – Min & Max Donation Amount Based On Project
  • New – Separate Page For Donation Orders


  • Added Widget For Donation Form
  • Added Separate function to get Donation Projects donation_projects()
  • Added 2 Actions wc_quick_donation_before_form & wc_quick_donation_after_form for donation form.
  • Minor Bug Fix.


  • Plugin Activation Issue Fixed.


  • Configurable Min & Max Donation Amount
  • Custom Error Messages
  • Separate Menu with donation order listings
  • Fixed Order Notes And Order Meta Added For All Products
  • Fixed Saving Donation Order Id In DB [Before It Stored All Order IDS]
  • Minor performance fixes
  • Code Clean Up
  • Removed Row Action [Quick Edit , Trash & Duplicate] Options For Donation Product In Product Listing


  • Internal Server Error / php error fixed while adding donation to cart [WP : 4.1 | WC : 2.3.3]
  • Added Generator Meta Tag
  • Minor Bug Fix


  • Plugin Activation Issue Fixed.


  • Redirect User After Donation Added To Cart [Cart Page / Checkout Page]
  • Select Your Preferred Payment Gateway For Donation
  • Custom Email Template For Donation Processing
  • Custom Email Template For Donation Completed
  • Some Minor Bug Fix


  • Base Version

Contributori & Sviluppatori

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