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WooCommerce Quick Donation

Turns WooCommerce Into Online Donation.

Dear User I am still trying to make things plugin more stable and prefect if you find any bug / any feature is required please open an issue at GitHub or WordPress Support

WooCommerce Shopping Cart Donation which makes WooComerce to use for online donation purpose. This plugin will create a new product in the name of donation.

Plugin Support / Feature Request

Dear User, if you need any help regarding this plugin or require any new feature in this plugin kindly contact me via Email : plugin@varunsridharan.in / kindly post it in github.


  • Redirect User After Donation Added To Cart [Cart Page / Checkout Page]
  • Select Your Preferred Payment Gateway For Donation
  • Custom Email Template For Donation Processing
  • Custom Email Template For Donation Completed
  • Configurable Min & Max Donation Amount Based On Project
  • Custom Error Messages

This Plugin Can called by using the below short code [wc_quick_donation] OR [wc_qd_single]

[wc_quick_donation] Shortcode Variables

1. type : select | radio
2. grouped : true | false
3. show_errors : true | false
4. selected_value : Project ID
5. defined_amount :  true | false {Amount Can Be Defined In Settings Page}

[wc_qd_single] Shortcode Variables

1. title : true | false
2. content : true | false
3. defined_amount :  true | false {Amount Can Be Defined In Settings Page}
4. id : Project ID

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Ultimo aggiornamento: 1 anno ago
Installazioni attive: 1,000+


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