Trustbadge Reviews for WooCommerce (Outdated)


We have news for you!

Are you looking for the easiest and fastest way to link Trusted Shops to your WooCommerce? Then you are in the right place, just at the wrong time: The plugin on this page is outdated and technically no longer supported. But the new Trusted Shops plugin is already waiting for you in the WordPress Marketplace:

Trusted Shops Easy Integration

If you are currently using the outdated plugin, you should switch to the new Trusted Shops Easy Integration today:


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Minimal Requirements

  • WordPress 4.9 or newer
  • WooCommerce 3.0
  • PHP Version 5.6 or newer



Use this shortcode to embed your updated Trusted Shops Rich Snippets within your post/page or product description.


Embed your Trusted Shops Review Image within your post/page or product description.


Embed your Trusted Shops Badge within your content.


Do you need help with Trustbadge Reviews for WooCommerce?

A detailed integration manual can be found in our Help Centre.

How can I become a Trusted Shops Member?

You can find out more about the products and benefits of Trusted Shops on our website or by calling: +44 23364 5906


6 Ottobre 2017
There is only one thing worse than not making a WordPress plugin for your service: making one and not maintaining it properly. Poor support on the forums, sparse updates, and our websites broken from one update to the other. We are now considering leaving TS for another review system.
2 Ottobre 2017
#UPDATE after Woocommece 3.0 - Product sticker with stars is vanished - Product aggregate rating is missing in product rich snippet - Not an update or a small curtesy answer on forum questions (made by anyone) Don't know what's happening, but it looks like it's quicker to create my own functions to get Trusted Shops infos about my shop than waiting for someone to fix this abandoned-like plugin. And they are dealing with paying customers. Trusted Shop service is not cheap. ------------ Plugin does quite a few nice things, but the aggregateRating snippets (both general and specific products) are not well implemented. For example there's no product image or details about the offer. Furthermore, as any Woocommerce template has his own structured data for products, you end up having 2 rich snippet (one by the theme and one by TS) and this offers some confusion to Google, wich sometimes shows wrong data (like the image). But the worst part is support: non existent. Fixing the gaps by yourself is tricky, because documentation about TS APIs are too little and vague and most of the job is done by a remote js script that you can't edit.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Improvement: PHP Code Sniffer fixes


  • Improvement: Harden URL escaping


  • Improvement: Force parent GTIN/MPN within trusted shops wrapper


  • Fix: Custom selectors defaults
  • Improvement: Updating default settings when switching to standard mode


  • Improvement: CSV export format
  • Improvement: WP 5.8, Woo 5.5 support


  • Improvement: Use Woo payment method title
  • Improvement: Better function exists checking


  • Improvement: Indicate Woo 4.0 + WP 5.4 support
  • Improvement: Removed legacy support
  • Fix: Email schedule
  • Fix: Force review widget template override


  • Improvement: Legacy code removals
  • Improvement: PHP 5.6
  • Improvement: WC 3.8 support


  • Improvement: Indicate correct module name in templates for suppport purposes


  • Improvement: Do only replace Woo reviews when product sticker is enabled


  • Fix: Autoloading class


  • Feature – Better WPML support
  • Feature – Better setting control
  • Improvement – Code refactoring


  • Feature – WC 3.2 Compatibility
  • Fix – Review stars not showing on product page


  • Feature – WC 2.7 beta compatibility
  • Feature – Rich snippets image
  • Feature – Brand/MPN attribute
  • Fix – Template globals filter removal
  • Fix – Settings show/hide


  • Fix – Better Review Widget Update


  • Fix – Star Size Option


  • Fix – Review Collector Export


  • Feature – Product Reviews
  • Feature – Product Review Sticker/Stars
  • Feature – GTIN for Product Reviews
  • Feature – In Standard Mode no need to insert JS Trustbadge Code
  • Feature – Expert Mode for code adjustments


  • Feature – Trusted Shops Review Collector


  • Feature – Trusted Shops Integration