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Migliora la tua SEO WordPress: Scrivi contenuti migliori ed ottieni un sito WordPress completamente ottimizzato usando il plugin Yoast SEO.


Since 2008, Yoast SEO has helped millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in search engines.

Yoast’s mission is SEO for Everyone. Our plugin’s users range from the bakery around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet.

Yoast SEO Free contains everything that you need to manage your SEO, and the Yoast SEO Premium plugin and its extensions unlock even more tools and functionality.


SEO is the most consistent and cost-effective website traffic source, but it can be a challenging and complex maze. Whether you’re just starting out, or an advanced user you don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to help!

You haven’t time to learn and keep up with SEO best practices? You aren’t alone. Keeping Yoast SEO up-to-date with the latest version means you automatically receive all of the ‘under the hood’ updates to schema markup and technical SEO fundamentals. We also guide you through optimizing your on-site content with our signature traffic lights approach.

Empower search engines to fully understand your website using our Schema.org structured data integration.

Yoast SEO offers comprehensive analysis tools that help elevate your content’s SEO and readability. Get powerful insights and actionable recommendations to craft helpful content that resonates with readers and search engines.

PREMIUM Ready to take your content strategy up a notch? Our Yoast AI features generate meta descriptions and titles for your pages, blog posts and social posts using our social preview tool. Great! Even better, when you also have Yoast WooCommerce SEO, you can recieve suggestions for product SEO titles and descriptions too! The best part, if you don’t like the 5 suggestions, you can generate five more at a click.


Setting up Yoast SEO is smooth, hassle-free, and doesn’t require any advanced knowledge! Our step-by-step configuration walks you through the essentials, helping you get up and running quickly.

You’ll be prompted to fill in details about your site during the setup. This enables Yoast SEO to translate all this information into structured data, which helps search engines better understand your content and website!

Are you already using another SEO plugin? Transitioning from other plugins to Yoast SEO is a breeze. We’ve designed it to be seamless, ensuring you don’t lose critical data.

Our export and import option makes it a breeze to take the SEO settings from one Yoast SEO-optimized website to another.


Although technical optimization is a big part of SEO, it’s not easy. We understand that only some people who work on SEO are experts or have the time to dive into the technical aspects of a website. That’s why Yoast SEO handles much of the technical optimization, freeing up your time to work on other parts of your website, like writing helpful content.

  • Get automated technical SEO improvements, like optimized meta tags, right out of the box.

  • Add canonical URLs to tell search engines which content they should show when you have pages with similar content.

  • Get advanced XML sitemaps, making it effortless for search engines to understand your site structure and index your web pages effectively.

  • Get best-in-class Schema.org structured data integration, significantly increasing your chances of getting visually rich search results that attract more users.

  • Take complete control over your site’s breadcrumbs, allowing visitors and search engines to navigate your website seamlessly.

  • Significantly improves your website’s loading times, courtesy of our innovative data management techniques tailored for WordPress.

  • [Advanced] Yoast SEO comes with crawl settings that optimize how search engines crawl your site and reduce its carbon footprint. This lowers your site’s environmental impact and contributes to a sustainable web.


Unlock the full potential of your content with Yoast SEO’s state-of-the-art content analysis. Crafting compelling content becomes easier with features designed to help you increase your website’s performance.

  • Leverage detailed SEO analysis that guides you toward creating SEO-friendly content, allowing you to target the right keywords and boost your visibility in search results.

  • Drive engagement and enhance readability with the integrated readability analysis. Ensure your content is clear, concise, and effortlessly readable by humans and search engines alike.

  • Preview your content as it appears in SERPs, even on mobile devices. This helps you to fine-tune your meta titles and descriptions to maximize click-through rates.

  • Enable your HowTo content to be displayed in search results by using the innovative Schema structured data blocks for the WordPress block editor

  • A dedicated breadcrumbs block ensures your users always know their location within your website.

  • Embrace inclusivity in your content creation process with the inclusive language analysis. This optional feature analyzes your text and provides suggestions to make your content more considerate of different audiences. By using inclusive language, you’ll ensure your content resonates with diverse groups of people.

  • Keyword research within the plugin with the Semrush integration. Find out what related keywords people are searching for, so you can optimize your content to reach more audiences.

  • Track your rankings in Yoast SEO with the Wincher integration. Yoast SEO and Wincher show how your content and keywords rank in Google.

  • Are you using Elementor to build your website? No worries because Yoast SEO integrates with Elementor. Take advantage of all Yoast SEO’s benefits within your favorite website builder!

  • Yoast SEO Premium has advanced AI features, helping you write titles and meta descriptions at the touch of a button thanks to generative AI.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, blogger or content creator, a developer or a business owner, Yoast SEO helps you keep your website in perfect shape by:

  • Fine-tuning the engine of your website, so you can work on creating great content! With Yoast SEO, technical optimization becomes effortless, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters.

  • Structure your website’s content easily using Yoast SEO’s cornerstone content features, enabling search engines to understand and index your most important pages effectively.

  • Translate valuable content into structured data, allowing search engines to fully comprehend your website’s meaning and context.

  • Yoast SEO includes a powerful front-end SEO inspector that lets you preview and fine-tune the SEO settings directly on your front end. With this intuitive tool, you can easily optimize elements such as meta titles, meta descriptions, URL slugs, robots meta tags, and structured data by seeing their appearance in real-time.

Helping you manage your team: with our SEO roles, you can give colleagues access to specific sections of the Yoast SEO plugin.

  • Yoast SEO has a regular 2-week update cycle, ensuring you always stay up-to-date with the latest development and updates from search engines.


Yoast SEO seamlessly integrates with various themes, plugins, and tools to enhance the user experience and improve your WordPress SEO workflow.

  • Utilize the full potential of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin when combined with the ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO plugin, and reap the benefits of Yoast SEO’s powerful analysis.

  • Seamlessly integrate Yoast SEO with the Elementor website builder, empowering you to optimize your stunning designs effectively.

  • Elevate your site search quality with Algolia integration, ensuring users can effortlessly find the content they want.

  • Combine Yoast SEO with Semrush, a leading online marketing tool. Access comprehensive keyword data directly within Yoast SEO, empowering you to supercharge your SEO strategy with data-driven insights.

  • Connect your Yoast SEO plugin with Wincher, a powerful SEO tracking tool. Monitor your keyword rankings, and track your website’s visibility in search results.


Il team di Yoast è composto da persone esperte in sviluppo, collaudo, ingegneria informatica e consulenza SEO. Lavoriamo costantemente per essere sempre all’avanguardia negli sviluppi SEO di WordPress e migliorare il plugin versione dopo versione.


We’re here to help you succeed with your SEO goals because empowering our users is at the core of our philosophy!

If you’re looking for a structured learning path, our Yoast SEO academy offers free and paid online courses. Any of our paid plans provides access to all the courses at no extra charge. We also have a treasure trove of information in our SEO blog, regular newsletter and webinars to keep you up-to-date with all the latest industry news.


Not only do you get many additional benefits by upgrading to Yoast SEO Premium, but you’ll also get 24/7 personalized support that takes away your worry.

  • Optimize for up to five keyword synonyms by adding variants. Add up to four related synonyms of your keyword to expand your possibilities. You get the full SEO analysis for each.

  • Optimizes your articles for different word forms, singular and plural variations, different verb forms, synonyms, and related keyphrases, thanks to the semantic understanding technology in Yoast SEO Premium.

  • Seamlessly handle URL changes or page deletions with our redirect manager. Automatically create redirects to prevent “404: page not found” errors and retain valuable traffic and backlinks.

  • Get internal linking suggestions in real-time. The WordPress SEO plugin enhances your article’s depth and authority by recommending related posts to link to.

  • Gain precise control over your page’s appearance on social networks like Facebook and X with social media previews. Customize your social presence and entice users to engage with your content effectively.

  • Simplify your SEO workflows and get guidance to work on time-consuming SEO tasks, like finding unlinked content, with the Yoast SEO workouts.

  • Get actionable feedback on using inclusive vocabulary to enhance your writing and make it accessible to a broader audience. (Note: This feature is currently available in English and beta.)

  • Take advantage of the IndexNow integration, which instantly pings search engines like Microsoft Bing every time you publish or update content to ensure timely indexing.

  • Easily create optimized SEO titles and meta descriptions at the touch of a button, thanks to generative AI. Crafting optimized and engaging SEO titles and meta descriptions has never been faster and easier.

  • Avoid your content being used to train AI bots: Effortlessly safeguard your intellectual property, uphold data privacy, and maintain control over content by blocking AI bots from scraping it. These AI web crawlers include OpenAI’s GPTBot, Common Crawl’s CCBot and Google-Extended, used to train Google Gemini.


Take your WordPress SEO to new heights with these powerful Yoast SEO add-ons:

  • Yoast Local SEO: Optimize your website for a local audience, drive foot traffic to your stores, and establish a strong presence in local SERPs.

  • Yoast Video SEO: Improves the performance of videos and ensures that Google fully understands its content. This helps you rank your videos higher in video search results.

  • Yoast News SEO: Amplify your visibility and performance in Google News, allowing your news website to reach a broader audience.

  • Yoast WooCommerce SEO: Enhance your ecommerce store’s discoverability with extra tools designed specifically for online stores, helping you drive more targeted traffic and dominate the search results for your products. It has generative AI tools to help you write great titles and meta descriptions for your products! Also, use WooCommerce SEO to easily import and export global identifiers like GTIN8, UPC, and ISBN for your products.


Find a bug in Yoast SEO? We welcome your bug reports! Please report bugs in the WordPress SEO repository on GitHub. Note that GitHub is not a support forum but an efficient platform for addressing and resolving issues efficiently.


For a comprehensive resource on search engine optimization and Yoast SEO, please explore our website, which is rich with insights and inspiration. Seek guidance in our extensively curated help center, designed to help you provide the knowledge to optimize your website effectively.

Take your SEO skills to new heights with “WordPress SEO – The Definitive Guide” by Yoast – a must-read for WordPress SEO enthusiasts. Discover more exceptional plugins and solutions by Team Yoast, tailored to enhance your digital presence and achieve unparalleled success.


  • The modern interface makes Yoast SEO easy to work with.
  • Easily manage how your posts and pages appear in SERPs.
  • Yoast SEO Premium has extra crawl optimization options.
  • Yoast SEO integrates with tools like Semrush and Wincher.
  • The famous SEO and readability analyses in Yoast SEO.
  • See what your post looks like in Google.
  • The First-time configuration helps you get started quickly.
  • The inclusive language analysis in Yoast SEO.


Questo plugin fornisce 2 blocchi.

  • Yoast How-to Create a How-to guide in an SEO-friendly way. You can only use one How-to block per post.
  • Yoast FAQ List your Frequently Asked Questions in an SEO-friendly way.


Starting with Yoast SEO consists of just two steps: installing and setting up the plugin. Yoast SEO is designed to work with your site’s specific needs, so don’t forget to go through the Yoast SEO first-time configuration as explained in the ‘after activation’ step! For the most up-to-date guidance on how to install Yoast SEO products, please visit our help center.


Come funzionano le Sitemap XML nel plugin Yoast SEO?

Avere una mappa del sito XML può essere vantaggioso per la SEO, in quanto Google può recuperare le pagine essenziali di un sito web molto velocemente, anche se la struttura dei collegamenti interni di un sito non è perfetta.
La Sitemap indice (sitemap_index) e le singole sitemap del sito vengono aggiornate automaticamente via via che aggiungi o rimuovi il contenuto e includono i Tipi di contenuto che desideri che i motori di ricerca indicizzino. I Tipi di contenuto segnalati come noindex non appariranno nelle sitemap. Approfondisci il tema delle Sitemap XML.

Come posso aggiungere il mio sito internet a Google Search Console?

È semplice aggiungere il tuo sito web a Google Search Console.
1. Crea un account su Google Search Console e accedi.
2. Fai clic su ‘Aggiungi una proprietà’ nel menu a cascata Cerca proprietà.
3. Inserisci l’URL del sito nella scheda Seleziona il tipo di Proprietà>Prefisso URL e fai clic su ‘Continua’.
4. Fai clic sulla freccia ‘Tag HTML’ per aprire le opzioni.
5. Copia il meta tag.
6. Accedi al tuo sito WordPress.
7. Fai clic sul menu ‘Y SEO’ nella bacheca.
8. Fai clic su ‘Impostazioni SEO>Generale’.
9. Fai clic su ‘Strumenti per Webmaster’.
10. Incolla il codice nel campo Google e fai clic su ‘Salva le modifiche’.
11. Torna nella Google Search Console e fai clic su ‘Verifica’.

Se desideri ulteriori dettagli, vai al nostro articolo nella sezione di aiuto del sito.

Come posso implementare i breadcrumb di Yoast SEO?

I passaggi seguenti sono una soluzione temporanea in quanto le modifiche manuali apportate ai file dei temi potrebbero essere sovrascritte con i futuri aggiornamenti dei temi. Ti suggeriamo di contattare lo sviluppatore del tema per una soluzione permanente. Abbiamo scritto un articolo (in inglese) importance of breadcrumbs for SEO.

Per implementare la funzione breadcrumbs in Yoast SEO, dovrai modificare il tuo tema. Ti consigliamo di eseguire un backup prima di qualsiasi modifica dei file dei temi. Il tuo host provider può aiutarti a eseguire un backup.
Copia il seguente codice nel tema in cui vuoi che siano visualizzati i breadcrumb. Se non sei sicuro, dovrai sperimentare dove inserirlo:

if ( function_exists( 'yoast_breadcrumb' ) ) {
    yoast_breadcrumb( '<p id="breadcrumbs">','</p>' );

I luoghi più comuni in cui puoi posizionare i breadcrumb sono all’interno del file single.php e o page.php appena sopra il titolo della pagina. Un’altra opzione che rende davvero facile aggiungerli in alcuni temi è semplicemente incollare il codice alla fine del file header.php.

Nella maggior parte dei temi non-Woo, questo pezzo di codice non dovrebbe essere aggiunto al tuo file functions.php.
In alternativa, puoi aggiungere manualmente lo shortcode per i breadcrumb a singoli articoli o pagine: [wpseo_breadcrumb]

Se hai bisogno di maggiori dettagli o una guida dettagliata, leggi la nostrar Giuda all’implementazione dei breadcrumb di Yoast.

Come posso fare per non indicizzare gli URL?

Yoast SEO fornisce nolte opzioni per impostare i noindex per un’URL o un gruppo di URL. Leggi come impostare i noindex in questa guida.

Google mostra la descrizione sbagliata, come posso risolvere?

Se hai creato delle belle metadescrizioni per i tuoi articoli del blog, niente è più fastidioso di Google che mostra totalmente un’altra descrizione per il tuo sito nello snippet risultati di ricerca.

Possibili cause possono essere:
1. una descrizione sbagliata nel codice
2. la cache di Google obsoleta
3. la manipolazione dei termini di ricerca
4. Google ha ignorato la meta descrizione

Leggi qui come risolvere il problema della descrizione sbagliata.

Quanto spesso viene aggiornato Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO è aggiornato ogni 2 settimane. Se vuoi sapere perché, leggi questo articolo in cui spieghiamo perché rilasciamo aggiornamenti ogni 2 settimane!

Come posso ottenere supporto?

Poiché il nostro plugin gratuito viene utilizzato da milioni di persone in tutto il mondo, non riusciamo ad offrirti un supporto completo via email. In caso di problemi con il plugin Yoast SEO per WordPress, puoi chiedere assistenza sul nostro forum di supporto all’indirizzo wordpress.org o passare alla versione Premium o consultare la nostra sezione di aiuto all’indirizzo yoast.com/help/.

I plugin che compri su Yoast sono chiamati ‘plugin premium’ (anche se Premium non è nel nome) e includono un anno di aggiornamenti e supporto personale via email. Questo significa che puoi contattare il nostro team di supporto per ogni domanda riguardo a tali plugin.

Leggi tutto su come ottenere supporto

Cosa succede ai miei dati se abilito il monitoraggio sull’utilizzo?

Questa pagina su yoast.com spiega quali dati raccogliamo per migliorare Yoast SEO. Raccogliamo i dati solo quando acconsenti esplicitamente. Leggi di più su come gestiamo i tuoi dati nella nostra Informativa sulla privacy.

Ho una domanda diversa da quella elencata qui

Puoi trovare la risposta a questa domanda nella sezione di aiuto sul nostro sito: yoast.com/help/.


21 Luglio 2024
I used to enjoy Yoast SEO and have used it for many years on several sites. Since the latest Wordpress update Yoast is almost completely unusable. It used to take me an hour to complete a post, now it takes two because the input fields are mostly unresponsive. Everything slows down to a crawl, comparable to working with dial up in the mid 90s. The only “solution” offered seems to be to deactivate numerous other plugins or themes, which is not practical. If Yoast is causing so many conflicts with other popular plugins or themes the solution isn’t to demand we abandon all those plugins, the solution is to improve your plugin to make it compatible and usable again. I am on the cusp of removing Yoast from all my sites in favor of something that doesn’t slow everything down to a snail’s pace. I am not prepared to remove half a dozen other necessary plugins just to appease one, nor am I prepared to change the entire theme and appearance of my sites just to make Yoast functional. If you’re happy to spend all day just trying to write a post while waiting for Yoast to get its act together and populate meta fields, you might find this plugin useful. If your time is more valuable than the minor benefit this plugin might offer, I would say try something else and save yourself the hassle.
20 Luglio 2024
I am using this plugin my blog Bloggershook.com. It’s a great SEO plugin that comes with helpful SEO features. It makes my site index quickly and help me to optimize my blog’s SEO. Highly recommend it to other.
16 Luglio 2024
There is no possibility to set up SEO title and meta desc. for sub-categories, we have to set up one by one, which is non-sense in 2024!
16 Luglio 2024
This plugin makes SEO management easy! Have been using it for a long time and it never disappointed! Highly recommended.
3 Luglio 2024
Before the new version that was released I would have given this plugin 5 stars, however after the recent update, I can no longer update title tags or meta descriptions in non-production environments. When I save a title tag or a meta description in the page/post editor on a staging site, it does not update. Something in the new version of the plugin is not updating the database properly. There is a tedious workaround for this issue, but if you have a large amount of sites, it is just not practical to implement that on hundreds of staging sites, or every time you have to create a staging site you have to perform this fix just to get the plugin to work. Plugin support just pushes the issue back on me and wants me to alter things in my hosting environment (Kinsta), or add custom settings to wp-config to disable indexables which is just ridiculous. The plugin worked great until the latest version (23.0). I hope they will eventually fix this with an update, but for now I’m looking for another solution for my client sites.
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Release date: 2024-07-23

Yoast SEO 23.1 brings more enhancements and bugfixes. Find more information about our software releases and updates here.


  • Disables an unneeded cleanup cron job when indexables are disabled.
  • Removes an unnecessary query when indexables are disabled.


  • Sets the WordPress tested up to version to 6.6.


Release date: 2024-07-02

Yoast SEO 23.0 brings more enhancements and bugfixes. Find more information about our software releases and updates here.


  • Removes a redundant database write query, when saving a post.


  • Fixes a bug where unnecessary data was written in the Yoast database on non-production sites (or when the relevant Yoast\WP\SEO\should_index_indexables filter was used to disable such a behavior).


  • Deprecates the Wordproof feature.
  • Deprecates the following classes: Wordproof, Wordproof_App_Config, Wordproof_Helper, Wordproof_Integration_Active_Conditional, Wordproof_Plugin_Inactive_Conditional, Wordproof_Translations.

Earlier versions

Per il registro delle modifiche delle versioni precedenti, fare riferimento a il registro delle modifiche su yoast.com.