WP Amazon Shop for Dropshipping & Affiliation


WP Amazon Shop comes with a NEW Outstanding Feature, Amazon Dropshipping & Affiliation Program Both.Search and build products from Amazon store to make esay money by affiliation. No hassle, no coding, no amazon aws keys!

Live Demo of WP Amazon Shop for Dropshipping & Affiliation Pro Version
For the Advanced Features Upgrade to WP Amazon Shop PRO
Web Url : https://amadercode.com/

WP Amazon Shop Free Version

  • Amazon product search from your website
  • Display Amazon products
  • Import Amazon products with basic information
  • Customize Add to cart button label from your backend
  • Amazon prime products tag showing from your store
  • Load More products for Search results
  • Add to cart redirected to Amazon cart page
  • Star Rating and Reviews Count
  • Customize your own style
  • Without AWS access & secret key supported Amazon domains (US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China,India, Italy, Spain)

WP Amazon Shop Pro Version Features

( Included Free Version Features )

  • Import products to your store directly from the Amazon by keyword search,ASIN number or url
  • Import images from Amazon product page
  • Import images from description to media library
  • Edit the images from your dashboard
  • Before importing the Amazon products you can customize the product title
  • Before importing the Amazon products you can customize the product description
  • Before importing the Amazon products you can customize the product short description
  • Import the weight of a product
  • Import the reviews of a product
  • Import product specification attributes
  • Set your own price formula, add tax, service charges etc from your settings panel
  • Customer can place orders from your store
  • You can set custom price or price formula rate on each product
  • Import the Amazon products to your specific category
  • Auto Import the Amazon products to your store by schedule settings.
  • Automatically Product availability check.
  • Geolocation based multi country affiliation.

Getting Started with our Amazon dropshipping and affiliate plugin.

Usages of WP Amazon Shop ShortCodes

Wp Amazon Shop provides two powerful shortcodes to build your store by pulling up products from amazon store.

Live Demo of WP Amazon Shop for Dropshipping & Affiliation Pro Version
For the Advanced Features Upgrade to WP Amazon Shop PRO

Amazon Products Search Form


Copy and paste this shortcode where you want to display amazon product search form.

Auto Products Link ShortCode


Copy and paste this shortcode where you want to display amazon product by Amazon Product ASIN or Keywords parameter.

Example for ASIN : [wpas_products ASIN=B0792KWK57]

Example for Keywords : [wpas_products keywords=”Kids & Baby Fashion”]

Why WP Amazon Shop?

AmaderCode Lab finally decided to develop a feature based on our client demand which is really very effective to earn money from amazon dropshipping & affiliation.

What Can WP Amazon Shop do?

WP Amazon Shop plugin can ajax based no page refresh products search with load more,auto link by ASIN and keywords, import products with larger image from amazon into your website, then you can do check affiliation options from your settings panel or you can start your dropshipping business with a single click by adding a custom tax (variable), your charges or comission each or all of your products and start to makes easy money.

What is Affiliation & Dropshipping Business?

Affiliation Business is a business that you don’t need to buy products, don’t need a warehouse or stuff. Just do marketing and earn commission from Amazon that’s it! And also Dropshipping Businesses have a large number of Advantages. Normally, if you want to start a Business, it can be costly to acquire large inventory, a warehouse and let’s not speak about the shipping costs.

What can do WP Amazon Shop Dropshipping & Affiliate Plugin for you?

You can do pricing of Amazon products for single item or if you want then you can do pricing all of the item by adding custom tax on each product

Save your time and money by using our WP Amazon Shop Dropshipping & Affiliate Plugin because you don’t need to maintain a warehouse, manage stock and don’t need to about the shipping.

After Getting the order from your customer you can switch the seller. Wherever you like to purchase you can. No boundary level you have.

World is yours when you use our plugin! how? You will get flexible location and you can sell amazon products from anywhere if your supplier shipped the item

No investment required. Immediate profit! This type of business like Affiliation or Dropshipping doesn’t required much investment but in this business you can do 100% profit.

Are you feeling nervous? How will you calculate the profit or you have no technical sense. No worries because we arranged our plugin very easy for you. If your product price is only $100 and you wanted to do profit 15% of your product price then just put 15 of your tax field. That’s it.

When you have added the tax and necessary field for product pricing then you will see that some funny prices like $19.73 or display too much digits like $19.73214. So we have added some styling features for pricing. So they will look like very professional. Do you want to see how will they look? – $19.99

Don’t worry about this! For each product that has dropshipping tax we automatically make some calculations and display the profit on the WooCommerce Products List / Details, Order List and Order Details! For getting this options just enable styling price options. or if you wish to display the prices rounded then you can also do it from backend like $20 instead of $19.99

We reduces your time by adding tracking options from customer end. So you don’t need to worry about keeping track of what products to order for your customers on Amazon.

We have products availability check options. In every day you can run this options from your backend. If any of amazon products stock out then it will automatically removed from your website.

Worried about prices changing on Amazon? Don’t worry, you can still sync Products with Amazon.
Dropshipping, or allowing a third party to fulfill orders is allowed by Amazon as long as you comply with their requirements.

Without of having PA API keys you can directly import products from Amazon into your website because WP Amazon Shop Dropshipping & Affiliation Giving you the game changing feature!! Yes you read absolutely what we write here.

You agree or not this is a really a great opportunity for those people who wants to make money from Affiliation or Dropshipping business. No other competitor can offer you this.

You can reduce of you extra efforts to earn money. Just use our WP Amazon Shop Dropshipping & Affiliate Plugin.

Install our plugin and search your product through our plugin and import to your store which one you want sell

Simply you can browse through any Amazon Website, handpick the products you wish to import into your Store and click on the Import Button! You can import simple products and products with variations as well.

If you have multiple websites and you wants to import the same data to your other websites then it is very easy to do by using our plugin. You required to install this plugin into multiple site and able to duplicate the website.

No duplicate products can be imported here. Because we have already filtered by raw coding if one product has been found on your websites then same product will never be inserted.

Page speed Optimization Module

The basic functionality of WP Amazon Shop Dropshipping & Afiliate Plugin is to let you import products from Amazon into your WordPress + WooCommerce website. Then, for those products, the plugin will keep your imported products synchronized according to how you set it up.

The management of the products in the frontend (how they look, how fast your website will load) depends on how WordPress organised the relationships between tables, how your caching plugin works and how capable your server is to manage everything.

With WP Amazon Shop Dropshipping & Affiliates + a dedicated hosting, we were able to test-run a website with more than 10k products, most with A or B Optimization Scores and with a loading time of less than 1 second.

Live Demo of WP Amazon Shop for Dropshipping & Affiliation Pro Version
For the Advanced Features Upgrade to WP Amazon Shop PRO

Auto Import

We’ve developed a new module called Auto Import. This new module helps you import products automatically.
You just need to set a keyword, setup how many pages to import and simply add it to Queue.

Support, Bug Fix, Feature Request

  • Your are always welcome for your feedback and new feature requests for this WP Amazon Shop Plugin! *
    Don’t worry to contact us for any problem or need help with WP Amazon Shop Plugin throug WordPress support center or Help & Info page in the plugin backend panel.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • WP Amazon Shop with Search Shortcode
  • WP Amazon Shop with product keyword Shortcode
  • Products import from Amazon Store
  • BUY NOW to direct Amazon Cart page
  • WP Amazon Shop with auto products link
  • WP Amazon Shop at Settings
  • WP Amazon Shop at Affiliate
  • WP Amazon Shop at Dropshipping
  • WP Amazon Shop at Custom Style
  • WP Amazon Shop at Help & Info


  1. Download the plugin wp-amazon-shop.zip file. Extract and upload in your wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress by clicking ‘Activate’ button below ‘WP Amazon Shop’.
    3.Use the WP Amazon Shop->Settings screen to configure the your affiliate account tag and country.
  3. You are done.


9 Giugno 2019
Downloaded and installed the plugin a few days ago. Easy to set up and understand until I tried to import products. All I get is the 'loading' cirle that doesn't go away. What gives? **Edit: When I try and change the price through bulk edit, the prices revert to either $0 or the increase price samount as the increase amount doesn't get added to the original price.
11 Maggio 2019
easy to install put in a keyword using aff idd and away it goes brilliant
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= 1.0=
*The initial version.
= 1.1.0=
*’Buy Now’ action button label configure able from general settings area.
*’wpas_products’ shortcode’s attributes update.
*Style update for product box.
= 1.5.0=
*Products Import from Amazon Stores.
*BUY NOW to direct Amazon Cart page.
= 1.6.0=
*Implement Custom Style (CSS).
*Responsive issue fixed.
*Multiple shortcodes in a page or post issue fixed.
= 1.7.0=
*Checking Woocommerce plugin installed or not before products import.
*Custom style for shortcode too.
*User guildline update
= 1.7.5=
*Product Import issue fixed.
= 1.7.6=
*Issue during installation is fixed.
= 1.7.7=
*Enable BUY NOW to direct amazon store cart page and to product details page issue fixed
= 1.8.0=
*Redirection to setting page after activation.
*Pro Version announcement
= 1.8.1=
*Help page update.
*Docs update
*Screenshot update
= 1.8.2=
*Load More issue fixed for search and import page.
*help page update.
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*Issue fixed for Shortcode by ASIN.
*Admin panel UI upgrade.