WP Bottom Menu


WP Bottom Menu allows you to add a woocommerce supported bottom menu to your site.


  • Custom Link
  • FontAwesome Icon Support
  • Custom SVG Icon Support
  • Woocommerce Cart Support (Cart Count & Cart Total supported)
  • Woocommerce Account Support
  • Search (Woocommerce Product or Post)
  • Customizable Style


  • New – Hide menu for non-logged in users. Check it ‘WP Bottom Menu > Settings > Hide for visitors’.


  • Fix – Customizer PHP8 conflict.


  • Fix – SVG Hover / Active color.


  • New – Hover / Active colors option. Check it ‘WP Bottom Menu > Customize’.
  • New – Open links in a new tab option. Check it ‘WP Bottom Menu > Settings’.


  • PHP8 Compatibility


  • Fix – Woocommerce Product Search


  • New – Hide Pages option. You can now hide the menu on the pages you have selected. Check it ‘WP Bottom Menu > Settings’ and find ‘Hide Menu’.
  • New – Menu padding option. Check it ‘WP Bottom Menu > Customize’ and find ‘Menu Padding’.


  • New – Cart Count and Cart Total option. Check it ‘WP Bottom Menu > Customize’ and find ‘Customize Cart Item’.


  • Fix – Issue: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/js-error-123/


  • New – Added setting for search form placeholder text. Check it ‘WP Bottom Menu > Customize’.


  • New – SVG Icon Support. Enable to use SVG ‘Settings > Select Icon Type > Custom SVG’.
  • Fix – Menu link input problem.
  • Fix – CSS & JS files.


  • Fixed issue: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/no-id-for-bottom-menu-element/


  • Fixed css issue: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/menu-behaves-like-it-should-except-for-one-page/
  • Tested for Woocommerce 5.0 and WordPress 5.6.1.


  • Added disable title setting.


  • Fix woocommerce bugs.


  • Initial Release.


  • Default (FontAwesome Icons)
  • Search Screen
  • FontAwesome Icons with Cart Count and Cart Total
  • Custom SVG without Menu Title
  • Custom SVG and Custom colors with Cart Count
  • Custom SVG and Custom Links


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-bottom-menu directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Appearance->Customize->WP Bottom Menu screen to configure the plugin.


How can I customize colors & size?

Use the Appearance->Customize->WP Bottom Menu->Customize screen to configure the plugin.

How can I customize menu items?

Use the Appearance->Customize->WP Bottom Menu->Menu Items screen to configure the plugin.

How can I show cart count or cart total?

Use the Appearance->Customize->WP Bottom Menu->Customize screen and find ‘Customize Cart Item’, configure the plugin.


7 Giugno 2022
Its a great plugin. Just one thing if you can add, lets say i add a profile/ account tab, then after clicking, it should provide a slider menu which will be highly usable and look attractive.
19 Maggio 2022
Everything is good. But the icons don't work. I tried to add a new field and set the font awesome icon class. But it doesn't work!!!
4 Febbraio 2022
A simple plugin that works very well and gives caracter to your website. I recommend 100%, just to get an idea, I use this plugin in 7 different sites!
8 Dicembre 2021
Works great and easy to use. Does the button LINK support shortcodes? It is possible to add the theme mobile menu to add more pages for easy navigation to different parts of the website?
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