WP Extra File Types


This plugin let you add file types to the default list of file extensions
supported by the Media Library upload procedure.


  1. Create the directory wp-extra-file-types in your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Upload all the plugin’s file to the newly created directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


14 Febbraio 2019
Initially, I installed this plugin but still couldn't upload the file types I needed. Eventually, with assistance from WordPress Support, we figured that you need to upload the files directly into the media library, and then attach them to the page. Trying to upload files directly on to a page doesn't work. Once you figure that out, the plugin works great!
22 Febbraio 2018
Checked the checkboxes I need (btw bad UI, I didn't even know what I had to do and where I had to go after installation), but nothing changed, still can't upload the files.
3 Settembre 2016
The perfect way to support more file types though updates of WordPress. The developer is also extremely helpful with requests - many thanks for your support!
3 Settembre 2016
You can add to the list of supported types, but .mobi is a much more commonly wanted file type than many of the extensions that are listed.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

  • user interface fix


  • released experimental fix to have better integration with GravityForms


  • fix on custom file types


  • mime types database updated


  • changed .exe mime type


  • added more extensions and mime types
  • added the option “skip wordpress check” to disable WordPress internal checks
  • changes to settings page


  • do not display file types already allowed by WordPress
  • added the option “skip strict mime type check”
  • fixed a problem related to mime types identification strings different between PHP finfo_* functions and user defined list


  • added .pages
  • added .numbers
  • added .keynote


  • added .mobi


  • added .notebook
  • added .gallery


  • added .woff2 file type


  • added .gpx file type, thanks to “SpriterQC” for the suggestion


  • added custom file types administration, you can add/remove/modify new entries


  • renamed .bid to .bld, thanks to “wbdesinger”


  • added .m4r file type, thanks to “ywait4ever” for the suggestion


  • added .bid file type, thanks to “wbdesigner” for the suggestion


  • added .msp and .msu file types, thanks to “zkiller” for the suggestion


  • added a long list of mime-types
  • added administration page


  • first release