Front-end Editor for WordPress



  • Draft and edit posts.
  • Autosaves. Just publish when you’re done.
  • Contextual tools. Bold, italic, strikethrough, link, headings, lists and blockquote.
  • Add media with the WordPress media library.
  • Handy shortcuts for lists (*, – or 1.), blockquote (>) and horizontal rule (—).
  • Incorpora automaticamente file multimediali da this list. Basta incollare l’URL.
  • È inoltre possibile collegare il testo semplicemente incollando l’URL.
  • Add a featured image, if your theme supports it.

Configure and extend

Questo plugin è progettato per essere “plug and play”, ma anche configurabile ed estendibile.

Toolbars and buttons

È possibile aggiungere più pulsanti a qualsiasi delle barre degli strumenti con i seguenti filtri:

  • fee_toolbar_caret per l’accento circonflesso,
  • fee_toolbar_inline for normal selections,
  • fee_toolbar_block for block selections.


add_filter('fee_toolbar_inline', function($buttons){
  return array_merge($buttons, array('subscript'));

You may need to provide extra CSS and JS. See the Codex page and TinyMCE docs for more information about adding toolbar buttons with TinyMCE.

Linking to the editor

You can link to the editor from anywhere on the website with the normal edit link to the admin, and it will be picked up by the plugin. Use edit_post_link or similar.

Custom Post Types Support

add_post_type_support( 'page', 'front-end-editor' );

Please make sure you also support the REST API.


Se vuoi disattivare l’editor per determinati articoli, puoi usare il filtro supports_fee.

// Disable for the post with ID 1.
add_filter('supports_fee', function($supports, $post) {
  return $post->ID !== 1;
}, 10, 2);


Perfec plugin editor frontend

PROS: Incredibly easy to install and use, without doubt the best editing plugin in front.

CONS: When adding a video to the entries page, it stays blank and until you do not post it does not look … There is a problem adding videos


Less than thrilled.


  • Easy to install.
  • Works.


  • Broke Jetpack Custom CSS
  • Requires REST API
  • Doesnt register Custom Admin Boxes

Nice job !

Simple is the best!!!!!!!!

Just wondering if it will support inserting images?
And what if I want to write HTML directly??

A fantastic tool for everyday blogging

I’m so happy to see someone continuing the journey of a viable front end editor for WordPress. I’ve used it while composing my last few posts and it behaved flawlessly. Cheers to the developers. It’s fast, responsive, and a joy to use.

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