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30 Marzo 2023 2 risposte
Plugin is super great, but support is event better!
3 Giugno 2021 1 risposta
1. I get “Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress” I’m running 5.7.2 2. The instructions to add your consumer key are out-dated. The link works but none of the following instructions. “click “My Apps” and sign in with your GoToWebinar details and then click the “Add a new App”” This doesn’t exist. 3. Check box’s on my GTW webform turn into select menus on the plugin register. 4. No in-line “thank you for registering” functionality. Otherwise the form DID work and the registration went through.
2 Agosto 2019 1 risposta
in this plugin, after the webinar, there is a review system on the webinar. there are live webinars in this plugin
15 Febbraio 2019 1 risposta
I got asked to implement GoToWebinar into our company website. And as much fun as hand rolling a complicated API integration sounded… I, of course, immediately scoured the web for any sort of simple solution out there. That’s when I came across WP GotToWebinar and installed it. It’s very easy to connect to GoToWebinar. And whenever I had a rookie question it was quickly answered by the thorough documentation and FAQ section. Liked it so much we bought the pro version. Although the free covered most of our needs. Definitely recommend it.
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