WP iCal Availability


Show the availability of your holiday home by just importing an iCal feed. Is your holiday home listed on Airbnb, any other site or are you using Google Calendar? Use this calendar plugin to show the availability on your WordPress website. Add the iCal feed, sit back and relax!

Features of the Free version

  • Create one calendar
  • Import one iCal feed
  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • Displays the availability

Features of the Premium version

  • Create an unlimited number of calendars
  • Import multiple iCal feeds into one calendar
  • Display multiple months
  • Display a legend near the calendar
  • Create your own legend (apply your own colors and languages)
  • Change the first day of the week
  • Change the start month/year
  • Hide booking history on front-end
  • Show the week’s number (from 1 to 52)
  • Professional support


Download the Premium version at www.wpicalavailability.com to discover its unlimited advantages.

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • The calendar in a sidebar as a widget


  1. Upload wp-ical-availability-free directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the menu entry ‘WP iCal Availability’
  4. Click on ‘Add New’ at the top of the page to create a calendar
  5. Click ‘Save Changes’ to save the calendar
  6. Embed the calendar on any page or post using a shortcode like [wpia id=”1″ title=”no” language=”auto”]

A widget of the calendar is also available


How can I embed the booking calendar on a page or post?

Use the button ‘Add Calendar’ above your editor. An example of a token: [wpia id=”1″ title=”yes” language=”auto”]. If you paste this token in a page it will show your booking calendar with the title of the calendar.

How can I remove the booking calendar title from displaying?

Edit the shortcode: title=”no”.

I have another question

Please check www.wpicalavailability.com for more information.


30 Agosto 2018
Paid Plugin doesn't work. No Support is available. There are better free options out there. They made a great landing page so I bought it stupidly without reading any reviews.
12 Agosto 2018
The plugin doesn't work with Internet Explorer 11. It displays the widget, which should be located in the right sidebar, at the bottom of the page. After finally scrolling down to the bottom of the page to see the widget, it becomes sticky, obscuring whatever content it slides over when the page is scrolled up and down. Also, the display of the widget is cut off and the buttons aren't displaying the right background color. The background color issue also occurs in Edge. Plugin hasn't been updated in over a year and support is non-existent. They're still selling a 'Pro' version of this on their own website, so buyer beware.
19 Luglio 2018
Sent an eMail after I bought the wrong plugin. They answered within one hour and really helped me out easy and fast.Thumbs up!
23 Luglio 2020
May 2018 : The plugin works fine with WordPress 4.9.5 and Theme OceanWP. The support corrected it in few days to be GDPR compliant with a Homeaway feed. Great support. Thank-you. July 2020 : The plugin still works 2 years after with WordPress 5.4.2 and feeds from google calendars. A good buying. Thanks again.
3 Maggio 2018
After plugin installation I got this error on the webpage: "WP iCal Availability: Invalid calendar ID" I wrote several times for support and waited a week, but nothing! Refunded by PayPal. It is not easy to find such a bad support!
4 Aprile 2018
Super support. Small issue with a conflicting plugin. Fixed within half a day and that with me being on CET. The iCal plugin is ultra simple but works well for our needs. Easily worth the money.
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

= 1.0.2=
* Fixed: Removed overwriting of the default timezone


  • Tweaked “Time exceeded notice”


  • Fixed URL encoding issue when trying to import a feed.


  • Some iCal feeds contain descriptions of bookings, for example the name of the guest. These descriptions were also sent to the plugin and loaded in the source code of the web page. We removed this, because it is not used.


  • Added file_get_contents as the main way to grab feeds, with cURL as a fallback method.


  • Added follow redirects to curl


  • Fixed a bug when the timezone is missing in the .ics file.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP7.


  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Google Calendar


  • Updated ics parser class
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the premium version


  • Fixed importing URLs with special characters or blank spaces


  • Release iniziale