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The Easiest WordPress Media Manager Plugin – WP Media Manager Lite



Questo plugin Γ¨ stato chiuso il 30 Marzo 2023 e non Γ¨ piΓΉ disponibile per il download. Motivazione: Violazione linee guida.


30 Marzo 2022
all file will lost – plugin very bad update : 30 03 2022
21 Luglio 2018
I also lost my test files, who knows what happened to them or what bad code caused to database. subFolder are logical not real one
9 Luglio 2018
Althought the idea of plugin is great, it just doesn’t work. – you can create custom media folder but you CAN’T upload the files direct to it – you can drag and drop the files to earlier created folder but you’re getting confused. Should you drag to upper displayed folders or folders visible on the right part of screen – while you’re uploading the files there is NO ANY VISIBLE prograss bar. You even can’t see the files after they are uploaded. You need to refresh the whole page. – I’ve got twice the blank screen with message: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘WPMManager_MainClass’ not found in /home/…”
4 Maggio 2018
I am very happy to have found this, its much more easier than the “Enhanced Media Library” which i used before. Clear interface, intuitive behaviour, drag&drop from images to folders. Small wish: Show foldernames in columns in images-overview, and make parent folders on the right side (all files/unorganized) clickable. Thank you for this great plugin. I saw the developer has a lot other useful new plugins for wordpress, I can only recommend to look through his free WP plugins and test it, as I do now! πŸ™‚
27 Aprile 2018
Worked as promised except for the tiny bug mentioned by britishcarfreak so I just refresh after creating a new folder. I tried 4 other similar plugins and this is the only that met my simple need, ie organize my images. I don’t need the extra bells and whistles. This plugin will be the first one I will install in my next sites. Thank you so much to AccessPress team for sharing this.
10 Aprile 2018 1 risposta
Very happy someone has made this but: -creating a folder creates more than one copy of that same folder name on screen – then refreshing shows there is only one. -i had a folder randomly end up inside another folder -it’d be even better if it appended category taxonomy to images so something other than size/weight could be used – in my situation the folders are great as top level grouping but I often need to see a sub grouping e.g. folder might be apples, oranges, lemons but within each folder i might want to have fresh, rotten, ripe etc.
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