Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.

WP Protect Content


A very useful wordpress plugin to give extra protection for your website content. This plugin give you an option to Disable Copy content or prevent copy, Disable Right Click, Disable F12 functional key, Allow right click for links, Disable print page(Ctrl+P), Disable save page(Ctrl+S), Disable view page source(Ctrl+U) and Disable save image via drag/drop. In this plugin you will have an option to disable restriction for some specific pages.


 * Disable Copy Content
 * Disable Mouse Right Click
 * Disable F12 Functional Key (Inspect Element)
 * Modern Alert Popup Box
 * Disable Alert Message Box
 * Debug Mode (Disable Restriction for Registered User)

Note: If you are using any cache plugin on your website then please clear site cache after enable/update plugin settings

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Video Tutorial:

We have released an Add-on of this plugin which not only demonstrates the flexibility of free version, but also added given below important features:

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 = Pro Features =
 * Disable Copy Content(Ctrl+C)
 * Disable F12 Functional Key(Inspect Element)
 * Disable Right Click
 * Allow Right Click for Links
 * Disable Print Page (Ctrl+P)
 * Disable Save Page HTML (Ctrl+S)
 * Disable View Page Source (Ctrl+U)
 * Disable Save Image via Drag/Drop
 * Page Specific Settings
 * Stylish Alert Box Window
 * Faster Support

Add-on Features Video Tutorial:

 Click here to Download Add-on


  • Plugin Settings Page
  • Pro Settings Page
  • Front End


Installing the plugin:

  1.  Unzip the plugin’s directory into wp-content/plugins.
  2.  Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3.  The settings page will be available under settings menu (Settings >> WP Protect Content)


Can I disallow copy of my website pages content?

 * Yes, you need to check the corresponding check box from the plugin settings page.

Can I disallow right click on a website?

 * Yes,you need to check the corresponding checkbox from the plugin settings page.

Can I disallow f12/Inspect Element?

 * Yes,you need to check the corresponding checkbox from the plugin settings page.

Can I disallow the Drag/Drop option to save images on the local computer?

 * Yes, This feature is available in add-on of plugin, click here to download addon file

Can I disallow printing pages ( Ctrl+P)?

 * Yes,This feature is available in add-on of plugin, click here to download addon file

Can I disallow to view page source ( Ctrl+U)?

 * Yes, This feature is available in add-on of plugin, click here to download addon file

Can I disallow to save pages ( Ctrl+S)?

 * Yes, This feature is available in add-on of plugin, click here to download addon file

Can I add page specific conditions?

 * Yes, You can update the settings for any individual page. i.e If you want to allow copy content for any specific page then you can do it easily But This feature is available in plugin add-on , Click here to download add-on



21 Novembre 2023
Very disappointed in WP Protect Content Pro. Works OK on right click, does not stop CTRL+ functions at all. Tried every setting available and no luck. Reached out to Wp-experts support on more than one occasion and no response. Very Poor!!! BEWARE!
18 Dicembre 2021
I use this plugin to prevent printing or downloading our company’s documents and it’s doing a great job protecting our company’s I.P. Thank you.
27 Ottobre 2019 1 risposta
nach einem Update des bisherigen Kopierschutzes war meine Seite nicht mehr erreichbar … super bingo !!! konnte diesen dann gsd löschen … Seite wieder erreichbar … habe dann lange nach einem neuen Kopierschutz gesucht … diesen hier runtergeladen, installiert … Einstellungen vorgenommen … wunderbar – alles funktioniert dann gleich noch die Pro-Version gekauft … runtergeladen … installiert … Einstellungen vorgenommen … einfach perfekt !!! alles einfach und schnell zu handeln … und ich habe das, was ich gerne haben wollte.
19 Marzo 2019
My original review was “BRILLIANT” now had to change to “Zero Support” … Plugin not allowing left click in Firefox, forms cannot be completed. Developer doesn’t response to support tickets and you have to “jump through hoops to contact them”
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 * Tested with wordpress 5.9.3
 * Optimized code


 * Tested with wordpress 5.5
 * Fixed error with new wp version


 * Tested with wordpress 5.4.2
 * Added debug mode


 * Tested with wordpress 5.4.1
 * Optimized code


 * Tested with wordpress 5.2.3
 * Fixed form field click issue for Mozilla Firefox browser


 * Fixed copy content error for ios device


 * Tested with wordpress 5.1.1
 * Fixed F12 error


 * Tested with wordpress 5.0.2
 * Optimized code
 * Released ADDON


 * Tested with wordpress 5.0
 * Added an option to disable print option
 * Added an option to disable drag save image feature


 * Tested with wordpress 4.9.8
 * Added an option to disable alert box popup


 * Fixed css conflict issues


 * Tested with wordpress 4.9.7
 * Added an option to disable f12 key


 * Tested with wordpress 4.9.1
 * Optimized code


 * Tested with wordpress 4.8.1
 * Optimized code


First release