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This plugin intercepts all outgoing emails from a WordPress site, sent using the wp_mail() function, and reroutes them to a predefined configurable email address. This is useful in case where you do not want email sent from a WordPress site to reach the users. For an example, to resolve an issue you downloaded production database to your development site and you want no email is sent to production users when testing. You may enable this plugin in development server and reroute emails to your given email address.

WP Reroute Email provides options for adding your own text or the recipients address at the bottom of the mail.

You may also save a copy of the email to database and view them from the interface.

Now, you will be able to disable rerouting based on the subject texts.


  • Settings page
  • List for stored email in database
  • Details of the email
  • Original email view
  • Email test form


  1. Upload “wp-reroute-email” folder to the plugins directory (“/wp-content/plugins/”).
  2. Attivare il plugin tramite il menù ‘Plugin’ di WordPress.
  3. Go to WP Reroute Email settings page and modify the settings.


22 Febbraio 2020
I love not having to worry about who I might inadvertently send an email to when debugging plugins. So far this plugin has worked flawlessly for me. I don't think I've ever left a review on a WordPress plugin before, but this plugin is going to be tremendously useful and so I thought I would come on here to say a big thank you to Sajjad for making this plugin. Thanks.
22 Giugno 2018
Having emails go out from test sites is a nightmare and this plugin makes it easy to completely turn them off, I love it! Only thing I wish was there is the ability to selectively re-enable certain emails, specifically password reset emails. In my case, I need to be able to have users log into the test site sometimes, and if they don't know their password, having them reset it is so much easier than any other solution. Would be great to have a checkbox for this in particular (and maybe some other cases). Either way, amazing plugin, been using it for years and it's been kept up to date nicely 👍
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Security fixes.
  • Compatibility check.


  • Added options to disable rerouting based on email subjects.
  • Compatibility check.


  • Removed fancy UI to resolve JS issue.
  • Tested compatibility with 5.5.
  • Fixed issue with Spanish translation.


  • Made compatible with upcoming PHPMailer location change


  • Fixed issue with email log bulk delete.
  • Tested compatibility.


  • UI improvements.
  • Improved message details page.
  • Added test form for sending emails for testing.
  • WordPress compatibility test.


  • Fixed DB log table create failed issue.
  • Store sent on date-time in GMT and show based on blog’s timezone.
  • Formatted message view.


  • Fixed issue with email logging to database in multisite setup.


  • Added Indonesian translation. Thanks to Jordan Silaen of ChameleonJohn.com.


  • Corrected the log page path in the settings page.
  • Modified URL in admin notice.


  • Modified the message shown when rerouting is enabled.
  • Added WP Reroute Email in main admin menu.


  • Added options for saving emails to database.
  • Fixed bug: If the plugin is enabled but the routing is not enabled, Append text was appended with email body.
  • Modified user interface.
  • Added admin notice if reroute is enabled.


  • Added Serbo-Croatian translation. Thanks to Andrijana Nikolic of WebHostingGeeks Support (http://webhostinggeeks.com/).


  • Sanitized inputs in settings page.


  • Bug fixed: WP_DEBUG error caused by accessing static property as non-static.


  • Added Spanish language support. Thanks to Andrew Kurtis of WebHostingHub (http://www.webhostinghub.com/).


  • Added language support.


  • Added option for appending recipient address at the bottom of the mail.


  • Added option for appending text with message.


  • Changed permission of the settings menu.