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WP Slideshow


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WP Slideshow displays unlimited Posts with Images (from Custom Fields). With a nice Javascript Effect and a modern Button Navigation, WP Slideshow will fit all your needs.
The best is, without any knowledges concerning Programming you can customize the Slideshow by yourself. This Plugin is Widget Ready and will highly improve your Blog/Website’s Layout.

What this Slideshow can handle:

  • Display unlimited Posts with Images
  • Sliding effect with Javascript
  • Widget Ready
  • Navigation through Back & Forward Buttons
  • Nice overlaying Description and Post Title automatically grabbed from your Post

How this Slideshow can be customized:

  • Choose Category ID for Slideshow
  • Choose number/sort/order of Posts
  • Autorotate on/off (Loop yes or no)
  • Slideshow Speed and Duration
  • Choose a vertical sliding Effect rather than default horizontal Effect
  • Styling: Width, Height, Border, Text length of Description, Color, Font, Mouseovers etc.

Check out the DEMO at Webdesign


  • This is how WP Slideshow may look on your Site too.
  • This is what your Administration Section for WP Slideshow will look like.


  1. Upload /wp-slideshow/ to your Plugin directory (wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Go to the ‘Plugins’ Page of your Administration Area and activate the Plugin.
  3. Go to Settings/WP Slideshow and customize the Slideshow to your needs.
  4. Place <?php include (ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/wp-slideshow/slideshow.php'); ?> in your template or add it as a Widget in Themes/Widgets.
  5. Add Custom Field to your Post with Key “featured” and Value should be direct link to the image like “” (without quotation marks).


Where can I insert WP Slideshow?

You can Insert WP Slideshow everywhere! For Example under your Navigation Bar, in your Footer, Sidebar etc.

Where can I edit the Stylesheet?

You don’t have to edit the Stylesheet you can make changes directly in your Administration Panel (Settings –> WP Slideshow)

What is perfect Resolution for the Images?

Defautlt Resolution for the pictures is 400×250. Keep in mind that, when you change width and height you have to change the resolution of your Images as well.


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  • WP Slideshow is available for download