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Improve your WordPress Website: Login with SMS using the WP – SMS OTP Login – by SMS.to plugin.

Who We Are

SMS.to is a complete SMS Marketing & SMS API gateway platform offering Enterprise grade Omni-Channel digital communication services to businesses.
That includes a sophisticated SMS Marketing platform, OTP (One time passwords), 2 Way SMS, 2FA ( 2 Factor Authentication), notifications and Viber Messaging.

Our Mission

SMS.to Mission is to simplify business communications by disrupting the aged telecom model of lengthy negotiations and processes and allow a quick and efficient go to market strategy through our Robust API’s and intuitive Web Platforms.
Businesses can integrate and reach their customers in hours not months from the day of setup, achieving cost and time efficiency and most importantly competitiveness through all the value added features SMS.to provides.

Plugin Description

WP – SMS OTP Login – by SMS.to: the #1 most powerful SMS OTP Login plugin for WordPress

This plugin is completely free. You just need to have an account in https://sms.to/


  • The user can login using mobile phone and one-time-password (OTP)

Login using mobile phone and OTP

Bypasses the traditional way that uses username and password to login to wordpress.
Enables Login by sending SMS with one-time-password to the user. If the user supplies back the password sent on the mobile phone, then can login.

WP – SMS OTP Login – by SMS.to plugin Installation

  • Prerequisites
  1. Installation of WordPress
  2. Active sms.to account
  3. Set users profile mobile phones


  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’;
  2. Search for ‘SMS OTP Login – by SMS.to’;
  3. Activate WP – SMS OTP Login – by SMS.to from your Plugins page;


  1. De-activate WP – SMS OTP Login – by SMS.to from your Plugins page;
  2. Delete Plugin


  1. Sign in with your sms.to account SMSto login or Sign Up SMSto Sign Up
  2. Visit SMSto api
  3. Add funds to your account
  4. Go to API Key Authentication, enter a Title and generate an API Key
  5. Copy the generated sms.to API Key into the WP – SMS OTP Login – by SMS.to plugin – Settings – Gateway – API Key
  6. Save

  7. Visit Settings – Features – Add Mobile number field – and select it. So, now you can get the mobile phone of new subscribers and
    also update existing subscribers/users with their mobile phone.

  8. Enable WP User registration to allow get the mobile phone of new subscribers at the time of registration.

You are done! You can now SMS the world!!


  • General
  • Gateway configuration.
  • Features page.
  • Reports Page.
  • Documentation
  • Privacy Page



  • No FAQ


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • Compatibility with WordPress v5.7
  • Removed Operator


  • Fix Privacy error on function


  • Admin mobile phone number is renamed to Operator mobile phone number
  • Added automatic data refresh on Reports
  • Added links to Report for ‘Information on how messages are charged’ and ‘Contact Support’
  • Balance in Admin Menu-Bar is updated automatically on each page load
  • Updated Documentation on how messages are charged


  • First release