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WPURP Recipe


Inline styling / links issue

- In 2019, who uses inline styling for CSS? So there is no tweaking possible with CSS. Granted, you can disable inline styling but then there is zero css in use and it just looks bad and would have to style the whole thing from the start which artificially forces a purchase of the paid version, unless i am missing something here? - Each and every ingredient pointlessly links back to the same page and therefore provides a poor user experience. The only option is the no follow button premium option, again artificially forcing the premium version. - I am frustrated at my time lost setting this all up to then be faced with these features that basically make the free version unusable. It needs a way to remove inline styling without obliterating the formatting and the link for each individual ingredient needs to be removed too. As it is the free version is little more than a teaser. I appreciate you are not a charity but with all of the additional features the premium version offers there would have been a fair chance my client would have opted to purchase it eventually anyway, as it stands we will be forced to look at alternatives.

Buggy Plugin

Buggy plugin, Cannot insert recipe not working while in 'Text Mode' Editor, only works when switched to 'Visual Mode'. conflicts with wp-print while activated ( 404 Error )

Amazing plugin and support

I used this on a lot of client websites. They all love it and it has brought them so many new subscribers and members. Great functionality. A must have for fitness coaches out there.
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