Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.



wpSOL connects WordPress to the Scouting Nederland OpenID-server to allow people to login and register with their login-account from

this plugin connects over https to to verify the login as part of the openid-standard

bugs and feature-requests can go to: GitHub or WordPress


  • Olandese
  • Inglese


  • wp-login.php with scouting-login
  • sidebar-widget in theme twenty-fifteen
  • sidebar-widget in theme twenty-fourteen
  • sidebar-widget in theme twenty-thirteen
  • sidebar-widget in theme twenty-twelve
  • sidebar-widget in custom theme


  1. login to and change your role to “webmaster”.
  2. go to move your mouse over “mijn websites” and click on “voeg beheerde website toe”.
  3. enter the domain which is setup for wordpress and select the organization you want to give access.
  4. install and activate the plugin, that’s it.


It’s not working!

You probably need to add the domain of your website to, you can only do this when you are logged in as a webmaster.
Check the installation-tab for a full explanation of how to do this.

Do i need to be part of Scouting Nederland to use this?

Yes, the OpenID-server is used to identify people and only allow access when they are a member of the right organisation within Scouting Nederland.
To setup the system at Scouting Nederland you need the webmaster-privilege for your scouting-group.

Are there settings for this plugin?

Yes, there is a settings-page where you can setup a redirect after login or logout and setup the Name the user gets in their profile and enforce that.


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Contributi e sviluppo

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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


  • checked for compatibility with wordpress 5.4.0


  • checked for compatibility with wordpress 5.2.3


  • old-style array() instead of []


  • fixed most ToDo’s in code
  • replaced require() with include_once()


  • plugin authors changed to only include Dennis
  • add settings link in plugins overview page


  • fix automatically creating users


  • fix for disabling checkbox options on the settings page
  • return an error message to a new user when creating new users is disabled in settings


  • checked for compatibility with wordpress 4.5
  • initial support for


  • some code standarization


  • checked for compatibility with wordpress 4.4


  • checked for compatibility with wordpress 4.3


  • added error message when username and email exist in wordpress, but are not the same account.


  • minor fixes to supress some warnings


  • Scouting Nederland changed the response from the server, now it works with standard LightOpenID again
  • updated readme to include dutch translations
  • show error when login is cancelled
  • widget can now show links for creating a new message and upload files
  • removed deprecated functions for widget ( you need to replace the widget )
  • updated widget output to match standard widgets


  • added a redirect option for login and logout to go to the frontpage


  • moved code from bitbucket to github


  • some minor changes


  • code cleanup


  • i18n-support added to plugin


  • setup default options during installation
  • better login-flow
  • username_prefix and autocreate new user options added
  • better display of options page


  • first public release
  • make sidebar widget follow wordpress coding guidelines


  • added a sidebar-login-widget
  • added a settings page
  • removed static-setting of domain-names


  • initial internal release