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18 Giugno 2017
This is not an auction plugin. Zero auction functionality. Like many other YITH plugins it is just advertisement of premium version.
21 Novembre 2016
Excellent plugin. For a serious site though the premium version is needed, and t least for the most important feature being for the winner of the auction to receive an automated email to inform them that they won, among other important things that the premium version offers. My only concern is that the bidding history is not paginated. So if you have a busy site, with some very popular, that can spark a price war, the bid list can very easily grow to hundreds if not thousands of entries. Also, if you duplicate an action as oppose to creating a new one, and even changing the sku number for the new auction, the winner of the auction does NOT get the "buy" button when he/she wins the auction. So know this limitation, and do not duplicate any existing auctions. 2 suggestions to make this plugin really a "killer": - Reverse auctions, so people can bid for getting hired for wanted services, all the pieces are there, so it should be done hopefully quickly and easily. - Dutch auctions, the ability to have more than quantity of 1. So if for example if an auction item has a quantity of 5, the top 5 bidders will get them, or the first 5 people who press the buy now button (until the item's quantity reaches to 0). Overall though, as a first attempt, this plugin is very impressive, and promising to mature to a real good product. The idea of adding auctions to Woocommerce, thus making Woocommerce do some of the heavy lifting, and also have the ability to have a regular shop + auctions, is pure genius!!! My last concern is that historically looking at this company, even though they introduce some great ideas, at least initially some of their plugins are buggy or not well though throughout before bringing them to the marketplace. Ratings, and customer satisfaction matters, and hopefully this time around, things will go smoother, unlike some of their other plugins. Awesome job so far, please don't stop !
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