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Related posts (aaa+) Yuzo is intended to show related post plugin as accurate as possible, also has multiple features with more customization options +60 much as structure as design.
Also in this new version features a super widget to display related or the best post your wordpress blog. This fast to use and configure intuitive and the best thing is free.
Displays related post your stories with different features of text and image size.

Support only HERE

Yuzo only works with PHP 5.3+ or higher

Here are some of its main features:

  • The fastest: Yuzo is considered one of the fastest of all time plugins in WordPress.
  • RTL ready!
  • Cache: Now Yuzo cache uses the images and sql to make your site faster.
  • Post related manually: With this you can add a post that you want to be related to another post.
  • Minimalist: It has a minimalist design with interesting effects.
  • New Metabox: The new metabox is something you want to know.
  • Yuzo Widget: You can see it in the widget and is a super widget.
  • Customizing text: Allows you to customize the text in many ways, colors, etc …
  • Counter: Check the amounts of visits to your post have by Yuzo.
  • Dashboard (Post): Display visits in the list of post in administration.
  • Productivity: All tools and options needed to take advantage of the plugin.
  • Post Type. (post,page,attachment, other types)
  • Style: Horizontal & Vertical
  • Categories on which related thumbnails will appear.
  • Thumbnail size.
  • Height & Width image.
  • Background Color.
  • Displays your post visits (visits counter by post)
  • Show related only in a specific page/post
  • And more options.

Thousands of websites are using this plugin

Adjusts the image size of post related to fit your template.

Gives shape and life to your post with ‘Yuzo related post’ 😉


——————— CSS Credits “Yuzo” ———————
* core.css is licensed under the GPL-2.0+
* All other CSS are licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 or later license
– Copyright 2014 Wpbars,
——————— Script Credits “Yuzo” ———————
* The script geo.php (FREE online Help to get the location of the person but this is only used in different projects, Yuzo not use this process but is included as part of Yuzo if iLenFramework which depends on this.

Screenshot (schermate)

  • Yuzo related post plugin is inspired by these three geniuses
  • The fastest of all
  • Other page example 2
  • Other page example 3
  • Other page example 4
  • Other page example 5
  • Other page example 8
  • Other page example 9
  • Other page example 10
  • Other page example 11
  • Other page example 12
  • Other page example 13
  • Other page example 14
  • Other page example 15
  • Other page example 16
  • Other page example 17


Dalla tua bacheca WordPress

  1. Visita ‘Plugin > Aggiungi nuovo’
  2. Search for ‘Yuzo related post’
  3. Activate ‘Yuzo related post’ from your Plugins page.
  4. Visit ‘Setting > ‘Yuzo related post’.


Does not support Polylang?

Hi guys,

Really nice plugin. I just tried changing the top text to show differently in different languages but it doesn’t seem to work under Polylang.

Maybe just a hint for a new feature? 😉 Anyway that’s why I subtracted one star.

Powerful Plugin & Developer at the top

From a simple related post, to a complexity list of posts with many related posts between them.
Everything is possible. There is a lot of possibility for do what you want.

I’m complety agree, a incredibly great support.
A very good developer, fast and effective. Continue like this.

Many thanks.

De la simple liaison entre deux articles à la création d’un catalogue complexe d’articles contenant de nombreuses liaisons croisées, tout est possible.
De nombreuses options sont disponibles pour faire exactement ce que vous souhaitez.

Je suis complètement d’accord pour dire qu’il y a un incroyable support.
Un très bon développeur, rapide & efficace. Continuez ainsi.

Merci Beaucoup

To force display in jannah post grid and never stop it

Hi staffs, we have serious problem with Related post plugin
if you use jannah theme, and using the post grid.
realted post to force display in page and never stop it!!
If you don’t want to display it on those pages , you can’t disable it, ever in the yuzo page option setting!

Finally, the only possible way is to turn it off.

Considering the plugin is very good and its only flaw, please check
and fix it.


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Crediti e riconoscimenti

“Related Posts” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


Traduci “Related Posts” nella tua lingua.

Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

Esplora il Codice segui il Repository SVN iscriviti al Log delle Modifiche. Puoi farlo tramite RSS con un lettore di feed.

Changelog (modifiche)


  • Add: Filter 'YuzoFilter_disabled__relatedpost' allows you to disable the plugin from somewhere.
  • Fixed: I was not showing the posts well in the last list (widget)


  • Fixed: I was not showing custom CSS changes in the list layout.
  • Improve: Tested in the wordpress version 4.9.8

Very Soon version 6.0


  • Fixed: file core.php did not call the function that was to be able to activate the media in wp.
  • Fixed: Variable was not clearly defined


  • Fixed: Validation of variable not declared


  • Very Soon version 6.0 (Everything will be different)

  • Fixed: Error removing an individual post in “include post” inside the metabox

  • Fixed: Error in the quick update of the post, the metabox did not keep the custom fields of Yuzo
  • Fixed: Before post with ‘pending’ status were related, now this was corrected.
  • Fixed: Minor changes in free version


  • Fixed: Minor changes in free version
  • Very Soon version 6.0


  • Fixed: Small problems with AMP due to corrected CSS problems
  • Improve: Plugin tester in version 4.9.6 of WordPress


  • Fixed: The algorithm of the tags in the widgets was corrected
  • Fixed: Minor changes in free version


  • Add: Hook priority It helps to place Yuzo Related Post in different positions within the content, this works ONLY when you have the Automatically append to the post content activated. Example: 50
  • Fixed: When it was deactivated to show the related post in an automatic way and you had the option to show in feed, it did not show. Now this is corrected.


  • Improve: Now the related post is shown in the feed, so you have disabled the option ‘Automatically show related post’
  • Fixed: Minor changes in free version


  • Add: Title tag (widget), Choose the title tag according to your SEO approach
  • Improve: Now you can filter by private post within the Metabox
  • Improve: When you are inside a private post, it does not show the “related post”
  • Update: Tested up to wordpress 4.9.1
  • Fixed: It was showing post of “private” status and they were added manually. This was corrected
  • Fixed: Minor changes in free version


  • Improve: Security improvements according to


  • Improve: Added the option within the ‘Categories that can be related or want to be displayed’ widget with this you can show posts in the widget only one or more categories.


  • Improve: Improvement in cutting the text by @ivandelajara
  • Fixed: Not found by applying variables well in the widget
  • Fixed: Improvements in menus and interface


  • Fixed: random posts was sending wrong excerpt
  • Fixed: Do not properly remove shortcodes in the text of related posts
  • Improve: Remove notices in bar menu


  • Fixed: It was not working properly the option ‘Exclude post’ correctly.
  • Fixed: Extract the text are not appearing properly
  • Improve: Delete messages Notice to activate the plugin


  • Improve: Add option ‘Smart’ in Text to display by Ivan de la Jara.
  • Improve: Core update
  • Fixed: noticed was the 404 page do not show any widget information.
  • Fixed: Minor changes in free version
  • Fixed: Widget size fix, I was not taking the correct size


  • Fixed: Error array var in home
  • Improve: New change aesthetic


  • Fixed: Related to based in Taxonomies, He had a problem validation


  • Fixed: Exclude category no select


Yuzo Pro released!

Small improvements were made in the plugin, soon the PRO version will have a more powerful and complete widget with the highest standards demanded by users.

* Faster: The Pro version is 25% faster than version Free (Lite)
* Easy to use: Customization, responsive, flexible, lighthweight, Easy to use
* It works with most WP Theme: Yuzo Pro is compatible with 99% of WordPress themes, If you have any problems we’ll help you solve it.
* Compatible with premium plugins: Yuzo Pro works perfectly with other premium plugin: AdRotate Professional, BackupBuddy, Copyscape Premium, Gravity Forms,
iThemes Security Pro, Yoast SEO Pro, others…
* Shows what you want (your algorithm): Forget plugins that only show you the same or random posts, Yuzo pro can create your own relationship algorithm based on what you want.
* Combination of SPEED and FUNCTION: Setting Easy manipulation, Metabox, Widgets, Custom types, Taxonomies, Inclusion, Exclusion, Caching and more…
* More….


  • Fixed: error in array_diff


  • Improve: New changes in framework


  • Add: Related posts by type custom posts: He was added to the parameter within the query that can do it.
  • Improve: Main function of related add value parameter
  • Fixed: When select relation for tags and add manual posts this caouse error 500, this was fixed.
  • Fixed: Conflic with functions transient
  • Minor changes in code.


  • When you activate the option ‘transient’ and used the shortcode to show users related posts are not showing the related posts, this was due to an error in a line, this error was corrected.


  • Minor Fixed in core


  • News: In a few days will be released Yuzo PRO
  • New: Add options full vertical in ‘Image type’


  • Improve: a CSS class which conflicts with another plugin on the part of the Metabox is corrected. This helps make it compatible both


  • Fixed: Notice message in wp-admin


  • Fixed: When it 1 related post manually, not completely exited the number of related show
  • Improve: No records the hit counter to the cache ‘fastestcache’ plugin I contacted the author and could add validation so that you can have ajax, is now supported
  • Minor Fixed in core.php


  • Remove google fonts in admin, that are not using all


  • Add: Options ‘Full Rectangle’ in Image type.
  • Improve: Update core.


  • Fixed: major order admin_head,admin_footer,activated_plugin.
  • Fixed: Minor corrections3.


  • Show: It presents characteristics of Yuzo Pro.
  • Fixed: Minor corrections2.


  • Fixed: The image did not set rectagular.


  • Fixed: When manually add the post in the METABOX not synchronized with the number of post I had to show, he showed the number of post but the manuals.
  • Fixed: The thumbnail image showing a border within the image is improved, this edge was not even realtive, but now it is.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the widget not show well within the administration panel, javascript errors showed, this was corrected.


  • Fixed: Undefined variable in ajax process


  • Fixed: Metabox manual post. Had problem, a post that had no relationship last showed.
  • Minor Fixed
  • Add new tags


  • Improve: Remove the category when the process is not required


  • Fixed: Comment anonymous functions in PHP do not fuck all versions


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.9 (NEW)
  • Fixed: Clear code js



Small improvements were made in the plugin, soon the PRO version will have a more powerful and complete widget with the highest standards demanded by users.


  • Fixed: Remove functions conflict in utils.php


  • Improve: Improvements in the widget to display text or extracts content


  • Fixed: The widget disappears, but now is ready. It was an odd mistake but already active again.


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.9


  • Improve: Add class and tag < span> in shortcode when show ‘views’
  • Improve: Shown add up to 50 related post


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.8
  • Minor fixed


  • Add: Disabled Metabox, if you have many problems with this. (This option requires PHP 5.3+ stable)


  • Fixed: When you are entering a post manually this is not the correct extract showed.
  • Fixed: When the counter is disabled in the administrator, it disappeared into Metaboox, this was rectified.


  • New recommendation for Transient options.
  • Add: option ‘Title position’ Place the title above or below the image (Only Horizontal style)
  • Improve: Widget code improved to a ‘Notice’ that appeared
  • Fixed: Remove general css per conflict with other plugins
  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.6


  • Improve: Cleans ‘transient’ for each time data is saved: With a few problems to update data cache is avoided.
  • Fixed: style tag out div tag
  • Fixed: style scope for class empty
  • Fixed: admin.css update code css
  • Fixed: readme.txt update text in file


  • Improve: welcome.php It was corrected, he had js and css wrong statements.
  • Improve: readme.txt Geo.php credits the library was placed and because this Yuzo admitted.


  • Remove all musical presentation that wing does not like people.


  • Control version


  • Fixed: variable no defined


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.5: Fixed fetch ty post component


  • New: Excluding related categories: If you enable this option, the categories you chose will not be displayed and that they are related to it.
  • Improve: IF_removeShortCode() was improved because it was not working quite right
  • Improve: Widget update code in ‘related based’
  • Fixed: admin.js in block desactive views
  • Fixed: remove addslashes() for custom css
  • Fixed: ‘Categories on which related thumbnails will appear’ no worked correctly


  • Fixed: Warning: array_diff(): Argument #1 is not an array in /home1/redladyb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/yuzo-related-post/yuzo_related_post.php on line 284


  • Fixed: Warning implode
  • Fixed: Tag no realted


  • Add: Welcome add tab ‘FAQ’
  • Improve: Change default value ‘off’ the option transient for security
  • Improve: Orders in processes and functions, with this Yuzo many processes do not need to arrive at an answer that ‘related’ show. The main process became more intelligent.
  • Fixed: When a post had 2 or more categories and one of them were excluded, this post was not shown. But it should be shown because if I had another category that was bound.


  • Fixed: If there was no tag in this post is showing random, this was corrected


  • Improve: ID was added to the widget as it had not yet.


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.4


  • Fixed: Taxonomies was repeating the same current post


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.3 (NEW)


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.3


  • Improve: When a post is unrelated to others, you can use the ‘Include post’ within the METABOX, this allows you to add post realcionados manually when there is no relationship in your post. This part was corrected because you used to right.
  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.2


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7.1


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.7


  • Fixed: Remove code that show in debug mode


  • Fixed: Yuzo widget and content error of radius border in image


  • Fixed: Change css for style 2 in Yuzo


  • Fixed: widget in title, add margin (top/bottom)
  • Fixed: widget default change 2 values


  • Minor changes

  • Add option in widget ‘Image type’: You can choose from rectangle and square as your way of seeing
  • Minor fix in yuzo setting

  • Fixed: $this->WP_Widget deprecated
  • Minor fixed

  • Fixed: Text for image rectagle in options
  • Improve: so images are taken proportionally rectagular (%)

  • Fixed: Widget transiert for various widget in same page
  • Fixed: Shortcode [yuzo_views] for page and template

  • Minor changes in loop for problem with manual post

  • Fix: Widget option ‘most views’
  • Fix: Css widget

  • Minor changes

  • Add widget option ‘Text center’: Place your title text centered

  • No show metabox if disabled option ‘View visits in administration’

  • Fix: ‘theme-fresh-rtl.css’ and add code in rtl.css for Front-ends

  • Fix: New ‘theme-fresh-rtl.css’ for site RTL

  • Update core iLenFramework 2.6.6
  • Fix CSS RTL for checkbox (ilenframework)

  • Fixed: Metabox union with other metabox
  • Update core iLenFramework 2.6.5

  • Fix icon fire in admin
  • When the counter hits the post is disabled, this is no longer displayed

  • Remove function for faster plugin


  • Add option ‘Image order’: If you have multiple attachment images you can use this option to display the first or last image placed in your post.
  • Update core iLenFramework 2.6.4

  • Metabox: search type post (post,page)
  • Fixed reset query
  • Update core iLenFramework 2.6.3

  • Fixed in Widget, add variable $YUZO_CORE

  • Fixed: Yuzo Setting -> Input Tags they are not working properly.
  • Update core iLenFramework 2.6.2

  • Fixed: add “div clear both” under widget, performance

  • Change ‘substr’ to ‘mb_substr’ for simbol (symbol � in excerpt).

  • Clear Notice in main code

  • Widget title: now you can put HTML version, example: < h2>title widget< /h2>


  • Add option: Widget ‘Exclude post by ID’
  • Add option: Widget ‘No appear by ID’
  • Fixed Widget: Not Working The option ‘Show only the same type’ and this was corrected

  • Update core iLenFramework 2.5.4

Before you could not add otherwise be manually post before a related, now if you can, with the new changes can be added manually post so that post has no relationship with the new algorithm Yuzo.

  • Fixed widget height post
  • Fixed code in home post

  • Modify widget

  • Fixed super widget with equalizer plugin JS 2

  • Fixed super widget with equalizer plugin JS

  • Fixed access in admin

  • Remove code, clear inline

  • Fixed code in line 500


  • Minor code fixed 3


  • Segmentation code


  • Add check list in core
  • Update iLenFramework in version 2.5.3
  • Add new option in yuzo widget ‘Post Type’: Type related post where is displayed
  • Add new option in yuzo widget ‘Show only the same type’:If you enable this option displays related posts Yuzo Widget only the type of publication, example: If you are in a “type page” display related but only “page”


  • Fixed query fast


  • add option Show only the same type: If you enable this option displays related posts Yuzo only the type of publication, example: If you are in a “type page” display related but only “page”.


  • New eye icon (counter views)

  • Change text for presentation


  • Minor change in code


  • Minor code fixed 2


  • Segmentation code


  • Update core iLenFramework 2.5.2


  • Fixed code in option.php: Notice message


  • Fixed code in core.php: Notice message


  • add filter in funcion IF_get_image_post_attachment


  • Segmentation code


  • Fixed css in new theme


  • Add options: Theme based in css!
  • Add class in elements html of Yuzo for manipulate css
  • Fixed admi.css in class
  • Modify css in core framework
  • Modify core class in editor
  • Code js in yuzo functions


  • Fixed counter in metabox in post admin


  • Add options: Show only post specific
    Place the id of the post you just want to leave the “related post”, by placing the plugin not show id post linking except whatever you put your


  • Add options: Disabled Magnificent views counter
    If you enable this option, Yuzo stop counting visits by post to your wordpress site.


  • Add Minimum number of posts to relate to: 1


  • Add class in title yuzo
  • Update core iLenFramework 2.5


  • Fixed Css in core.css


  • Minor change in code


  • Minor changes


  • Add image jQuery UI


  • Fixed fontawesome in core


  • Fixed html and css…


  • Fixed css ‘alusive fonts’


  • Update core iLenFramework 1.7.2
  • Metabox clear and responsive

  • Segmentation code

  • Remove code, clear inline

  • New text in readme.txt

  • remove tags in file readme.txt

  • Add code to fixed changes


  • Other minor changes, fixed code


  • Minor changes


  • Fixed append in search post


  • Fixed query fast


  • Fixed code in line 799


  • Fixed add code in line 777 $this->IF_get_image


  • Clear Notice: Undefined variable: category_plugin in


  • Fixed varaible cache


  • The ‘shortcode’ is added to display related that way
  • The ‘Clear transient database’ button was added to remove expired cache data in the database.
  • The option ‘Use transient?’ Added so that user can control if you want Yuzo either cache or not.
  • The ‘Clear old Meta_Key’ button was added to remove old meta.
  • Yuzo Widget: It was added to exclude post by tags.
  • Yuzo Widget: time interval was corrected for post ‘most commented’.
  • Corrections minimum code


  • Minor code fixed 2


  • Minor code fixed


  • Fixed related by ‘Taxonomies’


  • Fixed access in admin


  • Fixed css code


  • Fixed customize.php: When the person would perzonalizar your theme options are not displayed, this part is corrected him in the core.php of ilenframework
  • Update core iLenFramework 2.2

  • Tested error login for array not object


  • Add options text color and hover colors
  • Add options title color and hover colors


  • Segmentation code


  • Saving code to speed


  • Fixed minus code and comments


  • Update shortcode: if you want to display the counter of a specific post you can use this [yuzo_views id=123]


  • Add shortcode for views


  • Add rel=’nofollow’
  • Fixed css support for RTL


  • Fixed html and css


  • Fixed counter in ajax
  • Fixed migrate count old
  • Update table db yuzoviews


  • Fixed widget display


  • Corrected compatibility with BBpress


  • Fixed counter show
  • Fixed migrations of counter
  • Delete meta ‘yuzo_views’ for after
  • Fixed code js and php


  • New presentations


  • The fastest: Yuzo is considered one of the faster and less load on the PC
  • Cache: Now Yuzo cache uses the images and sql to make your site faster.
  • Minimalist: It has a minimalist design with interesting effects.
  • New Metabox: The new metabox is something you want to know.
  • Yuzo Widget: You can see it in the widget and is a super widget.
  • Customizing text: Allows you to customize the text in many ways, colors, etc …
  • Counter: Check the amounts of visits to your post have by Yuzo.
  • Dashboard (Post): Display visits in the list of post in administration.
  • Productivity: All tools and options needed to take advantage of the plugin.
  • Multiple corrections to code for speed
  • Update core iLenFramework 2.0


  • Fixed variable in query_pos, converted in ARRAY


Add option: Related to based in Toxonomies (NEW)

  • Related Scores : High ( Speedy )
  • Related Scores : High / Date Published : New ( Default setting )
  • Related Scores : High / Date Published : Old
  • Related Scores : Low / Date Published : New
  • Related Scores : Low / Date Published : Old
  • Related Scores : High / Date Modified : New
  • Related Scores : High / Date Modified : Old
  • Related Scores : Low / Date Modified : New
  • Related Scores : Low / Date Modified : Old
  • Date Published : New
  • Date Published : Old
  • Date Modified : New
  • Date Modified : Old


  • Add option: ‘Text to display’
    You can choose from the first text of the article or else the extract of the article
  • Fixed style.css


  • Fixed Feed/Rss content.
    I forgot to return the content that horror mine.


  • Add button ‘DONATE’
    Now I just add the button to donate, you can now buy a coffee to keep improving this tool with much encouragement.
  • Update core iLenFramework 1.7.3


  • Add option: Show in feed
    Displays related post in the feed/rss


  • Fixed style.css (Problems with desktop widget)
  • Clear kernel


  • Fixed style.css: add (width:100%;float:left;display:block)
    With this fix to Yuzo will have if their own space without affecting other related post.


  • Add option: Background size
    Cover: The recommended since adjusts the picture for all related post are well aligned and looks exactly.

    Contain:Fits both high and wide to display the image completely, but if the radius ratio is more high than the width of the other related post is not displayed aligned with respect.


  • Fixed ‘Meta view’ in WP options JS.


  • Add option: Format thousands
    You can select between 2 formats ‘.’ or ‘,’ that you can identify thousands in the hit counter by Post.


  • Minor change in core


  • Add animation in type related on selected (wp options)
  • Fixed designer in RTL Ready!
  • Minor change in code


  • Update core iLenFramework 1.7.2


  • RTL Ready!


  • Support front RTL 😀


  • Add option: Hover transitions ‘Do not display properly. JS conflicts’
    If not well visualized Related Post Yuzo possibly has a conflict with some other plugin Javascript, you can enable this option to remove the Yuzo js. This plugin will work normally.


  • Fixed Title no show when no input in


  • Fixed error fatal caused by a bad start route.


  • Fixed css core.css and theme-fresh.css (Problem Firefox)


  • Fixed effect (Zoom)


Real changes
* Styling change
* NEW style added
* NEW defaults
* Background color and hover color inline
* Add option: Hover transitions
* Add option: Thumbnail Border Radio
* Add option: Margin
* Add option: Padding
* Choose effect (Enlarge Related,Zoom,Shine)
* Add option: Title color
* Add option: Text color
* Tab productivity update
* Fixed Code
* Update core iLenFramework 1.7


  • Fixed Css in core.css


  • Change text in tab ‘Productivity’
  • Update core iLenFramework 1.6.6


  • Change in views counter
  • Update core iLenFramework 1.6.5


  • Update core iLenFramework 1.6.5
  • Add tab ‘Productivity’
  • Add ‘Meta view’: yuzo_views or custom meta views
  • Add options show visits in related post
  • Add options positions visits in related post
  • Add options ‘Text views’: Set the text to be displayed to identify visits, if you leave it empty display an icon of an eye
  • View visits in administration
  • You can put the <?php if ( function_exists( "get_Yuzo_Views" ) ) { echo get_Yuzo_Views(); } ?> function to get the total view of your post, that you can put in your single.php file anywhere you want and with the personalization you want since this function will get the number of visits this Post.


  • Minus fix


  • Fix core.php
  • Fix ‘If there is no related post, display random post?’ mesagge


  • Fix core.php in Install


  • Correction of special characters, now supports UTF-8
  • Correction button ‘save’ and ‘reset’ in the firefox browser (wanted not function due to an error in the last update)
  • Styling select Firefox
  • Update core iLenFramework 1.6


  • Fix core.php (3)


  • Fix core.php (2)


  • Fix core.php


  • Corrections in code


  • Correction style.css


  • update core iLenFramework 1.5.2


  • update core iLenFramework 1.5.1


  • Minus change


  • Fix code


  • Updated Plugin options
  • Updated iLenFramework 1.5
  • Improvements Special characters
  • New Order options


  • Add ‘Show ONLY Home’ option.


  • update iLenFramework version 1.5
  • Added the option to exclude categories


  • Fix css image in related


  • update iLenFramework version 1.4.4


  • Add options ‘Show in Home’


  • Ipdate iLenFramework version 1.4.3


  • Fix core.js: You could not add pictures in any post editor, this conflict was solved


  • Fix core.js


  • Fix Custom post type not wanting to appear well in the post.
  • Improved speed plugin
  • iLenFramework updated to latest version 1.4.2
  • Display an Image Resized and Cropped
  • Improvements to the code
  • Corrections in code


  • Add options custom type post improved


  • I just correct character set and add the function in other line html_entity_decode($title, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8') thanks Remptation user


  • I just correct character set and add the function html_entity_decode($title, ENT_QUOTES, 'UTF-8') thanks tosaosangmo user


  • Fix configuration initial


  • Fix title


  • Clear Code
  • Speed​​-Most
  • New interface
  • Updated kernel


  • Add ‘Order By’ option.
  • Add ‘Order’ option.


  • Correction display related post in post or pages.


  • Correction post text extract
  • Correction thumb list
  • Correction general text


  • Add ‘Title Bold’
  • Add ‘Title length’
  • Correction general css


  • Add more size font
  • Add Vertical design (new)
  • Update Framework


  • Fixed </div>


  • Now post random sample when no results, as long as you use the function <php get_yuzo_related_posts (); ?> In your template.
  • Update framework


  • Add more option of thumbnail
  • Update framework


  • Correction general css v2


  • Correction general css
  • Updated ‘iLenFrameWork 1.1’


  • Corrections imagen default (change in URL ‘yuzo_related_post’ for ‘yuzo-related-post’ )


  • Released