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Zonos – decoding cross-border

Create an incredible experience for your cross-border consumers, on your website, using Zonos Checkout and Zonos Hello. This WooCommerce extension links you to the world, and the world to you, by accessing the Zonos solutions, which give you control of your international business and growth. For additional information on the Zonos solutions, please visit www.zonos.com/.

App Features

  • Duties and Taxes – Display the “Total Landed Cost,” including duties, taxes, carrier and broker fees

  • Currency Conversion – International customers can check out in their local currency

  • Language Translation – The checkout is displayed in the international customer’s language, optimizing conversion

  • Payment solutions – Use your payment provider or Zonos’ extensive foreign payment options

  • Zonos Hello – Welcome international customers and give live duty and tax estimates while they shop

  • Zonos Checkout


  1. Upload plugin zip through /wp-admin/plugin-install.php(DO NOT UNZIP THE ZIP FOLDER)
  2. Activate “Zonos Hello” through /wp-admin/plugins.php
  3. Update settings in Settings->Zonos Settings
  4. Set to active

General Settings:

  • Activate Zonos: setting to test mode will require ?zonos=true in order to reach global checkout
  • Require Login: Will redirect to login if user is not logged in
  • Import Test Orders: Will import any Zonos test orders into woocommerce
  • No Ship Countries: Countries you don’t ship to
  • Domestic Countries: These countries will be considered Domestic and go through woocommerce checkout

Account Settings:

  • These settings should be provided by your Project Manager

Zonos Hello:

  • Enable: Turn Zonos Hello on and off
  • Site Key: Get your site key by signing up at https://hello.zonos.com
  • Upload Custom JS File: Upload js files provided by Zonos
  • Checkout Selectors: CSS selectors for your checkout buttons in addition to the standard checkout button should be in comma-separated format (i.e., #menu-item a,.checkout-button.top)

Note: If you have any troubles with these settings, please contact your Project Manager for assistance or contact support@zonos.com


How do I sign up for Zonos?

Contact a Zonos Sales Representative inquire@zonos.com., call at +1 (801) 869-8107, or visit https://zonos.com for more information, including pricing.

How about my domestic business?

Zonos solutions and fees are only for your cross-border business, not domestic.

What if I need help with the installation?

We are happy to help you. You will be assigned a project manager to assist your or contact support@zonos.com

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