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WordPress Zoom

Make your website more attractive and modern with WordPress Zoom plugin which has over 40 styles. Download the plugin for free!

WordPress Zoom is a small smart solution for improving your web site attractiveness. The plugin enables site users to resize the predefined areas of the web site.

The product is designed to enhance your website accessibility, giving a chance for every user to get equal high-level user experience.

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Thank you for your interest in WordPress Zoom.

After downloading the ZIP file
1. Login to your WordPress site and head over the ‘Plugins’ menu
2. Click ‘Add New’
3. Choose the ‘Upload’ option
4. Upload the downloaded ZIP file.
5. Once it is complete, activate the WordPress Zoom.

When the plugin is activated, you’ll notice a menu on the left called “Zoom”. Here you can change various parameters of WordPress Zoom.


How can I activate the zoom feature?

To show the Zoom on the site, you can:

  • Add it to a sidebar (Zoom will be available in https://web-dorado.coms under the menu item Appearance),
  • Insert Zoom into the text of a post or a page by clicking “Insert Zoom” button in the toolbar of WordPress editor,
  • Insert Zoom into the text of a post or a page by adding the shortcode [Web-Dorado_Zoom] where you want the Zoom to appear.
  • Possibility to choose the items to use zoom with (heading, text body, etc.)(commercial version)
  • Possibility to determine the style of the zoom button (commercial version)
  • Possibility to choose the percentage of zoom (commercial version)
  • Possibility to choose the size of the zoom button (commercial version)


28 Ottobre 2017
I've tried some many font resizers over the days to try and help with my client's site and their required WAG and this one has worked straight out of the box!! To make matters even better, the free version works perfectly!! Thank you guys, it even works with my frontend page builder of choice - 5 stars *****
9 Giugno 2017
I used this plugin for several years. Since I changed the theme for a customers website, the plugin didn't really work. So I contacted the Web Dorado support even I use the free version. The support was great, they figured out the issue with the new theme and fixed it. Anoush was very kind. I really was surprised that their help is so straightforward. Thank you so much! I will use Web Dorado zoom again 🙂
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