Settings Media Screen

The Settings Media Screen controls the various settings related to images and other media that are used in writing posts and pages.

You will need php-gd (GD graphics library) installed on your server to use this feature.

Media Settings

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Image sizes

The sizes listed below determine the maximum dimensions in pixels to use when inserting an image into the body of a post.

  • Thumbnail size – Enter the Width and Height
    • Crop thumbnail to exact dimensions (normally thumbnails are proportional) – checkbox
  • Medium size – Enter the Max Width and Max Height
  • Large size – Enter the Max Width and Max Height

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Uploading Files

Default settings used for during the media upload process when writing a post.

  • Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders – Check this box if you wish to organize your uploads into folders based on the year and the month of the upload. As of 3.5, wp-content/uploads is the default path setting for the uploads folder. Assuming this is your path setting, if you check this box, a file uploaded in June of 2018 would be placed into the wp-content/uploads/2018/06 folder. Note: At the time of the actual upload, WordPress will automatically create the folders, such as wp-content/uploads/2018 and wp-content/uploads/2018/06, as long as your wp-content folder is writeable.

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Save Changes

Click the Save Changes button to ensure any changes you have made to your Settings are saved to your database. Once you click the button, a confirmation text box will appear at the top of the page telling you your settings have been saved.