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  • Hi,
    I’m new to this so be kind with me 🙂
    I installed the plug-in “AWB – Advanced WordPress Background”, for parallax and scrolling effects and I have some questions I hope some of you will be able to answer.

    Keep in mind that:
    -I’m not a dev but:
    -I’m open to modify some parts of the code, will watch some tutorials or follow what some of you will say 🙂

    -Storefront theme
    -NOT Gutenberg editor (for now)

    1) Where I can apply that effect? Only in the first part of pages?
    2) When I use AWB and apply scroll + parallax mouse effects sometimes only one of them will work, is that a problem of the plug-in or I have to do change some settings?
    3) When I use AWB and upload the image it is 1280×720. Then in the real page is really really small and thinner, not resized or stretched, seems that I can see only a slice of the image!

    Tried to mess something up is the code that it generates but nothing…

    Thanks to everyone will respond! 🙂

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