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  • Hi everyone, I finally started to create my e-Commerce through WordPress and WooCommerce.

    I installed WordPress locally with MAMP on my MacBook. The site is practically identical to the theme with some changes here and there, pretty simple.
    I’m not looking for a deep customization because I don’t have the knowledge to do so but I want to give to the site a more personal look.

    In the Homepage I can insert an image for the background (idk if this is the correct translation but I think it is called “evidence image” or “featured”).

    The problem is in the ‘Shop’ page, even if I uploaded and inserted an image it doesn’t show on the final website.
    Already restarted, saved the changes and reloaded the page.

    *Storefront theme
    *NOT Gutenberg (for now)

    Don’t really know where to start…

    Thank to everyone will respond! 🙂

    • Questo argomento è stato modificato 7 mesi, 2 settimane fa da  neilpare.
    • Questo argomento è stato modificato 7 mesi, 2 settimane fa da  neilpare.
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  • Hi @neilpare, and welcome to the world of WordPress!

    WordPress is used all around the world and you have posted your question on the Italian forum! 🙂
    Not a problem, tho: I’ll still be able to answer some of your questions but I’d suggest you asking your next ones on the English forum, because not everyone here will be able to speak your language and therefore help you.

    From what I’ve gathered, you are using a local install of WordPress to setup your site (to possibly upload it later on your chosen domain): it’s a good choice because you won’t have to worry now about possible mistakes which could make a live site unusable. My suggestion would be to first learn the basics about WordPress, which will guide you through the process of setting up your website.
    You can then head to your theme specific forum to ask specific questions you have about it.


    Hey there thanks a lot! 🙂

    Didn’t look at the language lol

    Thanks for the advice, I always find awesome people in these WordPress forums, unreal how helpful someone on this platform can be

    Thanks again! GL for your site (if you have one)! 🙂


Stai vedendo 2 repliche - dal 1 al 2 (di 2 totali)
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