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  • Hi everybody, I’d need to make an image be replaced by an header (sticky) with a nav menu in it when scroll. By now the solution I have in place is with the header in white(that’s the BG colour of the page) that changes the colour on scrolling and that works, but leaves too much space on top of the page and in those pages where the BG is an image, the header is visible too early on scroll. Could some one help me please? Thanks

    La pagina su cui ho bisogno di aiuto: [devi essere connesso per vedere il link]

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  • Hello hi55,

    I’m afraid we might be unable to help without further information.

    The link you provided opens to a coming soon page, from which we can’t see your specific design request.

    Most of all, what theme are you using?

    If you’re not using one of WordPress’ default themes, and you have installed a commercial theme instead, you should refer to the setup instructions of that theme, or ask for support on the developer’s website.

    As much as we like to help, this forum doesn’t provide support for commercial/paid products.



    Chi ha creato la discussione gi55


    Hi, I’m using Hello Elementor, I just opened a topic in the related forum.

    Thanks for your reply,


    Ok, cool! If you’re getting support elsewhere, would you mind marking this topic as solved?


Stai visualizzando 3 risposte - dal 1 al 3 (di 3 totali)
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