A guide to your Global WordPress Translation Day Local event

Hey everyone,

As you all know, Global WordPress Translation Day 2 is coming on November 12th. We invite everyone involved with the Polyglots team to consider organising or taking a part in a small local meetup dedicated to translating. This is what we call “Local events” and in April we had more than 40 organised in different parts of the world.

I thought I could share some tips on how to organise your local event for those of you who feel hesitant or think it takes special knowledge or experience. It doesn’t really – you can just gather a couple of people with their laptops in a cafe for two hours and who them translate.wordpress.org – that will be enough 🙂

Here are a few more structured ideas:

Organise your local event:
Pick a place (it can be your office, a coffee shop with wifi connection or a co-working space – choose whichever is easiest)
Create a Facebook or a meetup.com event and invite people
Publish the information about your event on your Rosetta site (if you don’t have access, ping us in the comments and we’ll make sure we connect you to the right people). There is a template with an announcement you can use, you can find it here.
On the day of the event:
Start by introducing the Polyglots team and what we do. If you have a room with a projector, here is a sample presentation in English that you can translate to your language with the basics: Download.
Get everyone registered on WordPress.org
Get everyone on Slack and get them to join the #Polyglots channel
Introduce them to http://translate.wordpress.org and show them how to use it
Get everyone to pick one of their favourite plugins or themes and start translating it into their language
Some handbook pages that can help you!

First steps into translating WordPress
Getting Started at a contributor day
How to use Translate.WordPress.org
Share pictures and videos from your event
On the day, we will be using the website http://wptranslationday.org to show everything shared on Twitter with the hashtag #WPTranslationDay coming from around the world
We would love it if you got the people around you to tweet videos and images from your event – it will be a great way to feel you’re a part of the global initiative.
Once you decide you want to organise an event, please make sure you’ve gone through the following steps:

Add your event to the organising speadsheet
Make sure your event is added in the Global Map of events – ping @petya or @chantalc for that
Tweet about it with the #WPTranslationDay hashtag and mention @translatewp so we can retweet/mention your tweet and let more people know your event is happening
If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments or on Slack.