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Hotel Vivanta

Di flawlesstheme

Versione del tema: 1.2.5

Aggiornato: 15 Gennaio 2024

Installazioni attive: 100+

Versione di PHP: 5.6 o superiore

Pagina del tema

Hotel Vivanta is a beautiful free hotel and Resort WordPress Theme designed specifically for hotels, resorts, restaurants, accommodation, lodges and travel websites.It has a clean and minimalist design but has some awesome animated elements that makes your website one of a kind. This jaw-dropping solution appears to be very premium-like, although it does not cost you a dime.Following are some of the features that you get with Hotel Vivanta: parallax effects, awesome room slider, excellent layouts.The layout is also responsive and mobile-ready, making sure your website looks stunningly on all devices and web browsers. Demo- ( https://demo.flawlessthemes.com/vivanta-free ) Documentation- ( https://flawlessthemes.com/hotel-vivanta-free-documentation )

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