Albacross allows you to monitor which companies visit your website. This plugin simplifies the process of integrating the Albacross tracking code.

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  • Know your visitors
  • Company Info
  • See what they doing
  • See what they doing
  • Easy to integrate


  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New, then search and install Albacross plugin
  2. Go to Settings -> Albacross
  3. Enter your client ID that can be obtained from your settings page on


What is my client ID?

Your client ID can be found by signing in on and going to your settings.


21 Giugno 2018
Doesn't work, even after an update, I get errors. Support useless. Also worth noting that all the 5 star reviews for this plugin are fake. All made on the same day, all from accounts made on the same day, and all accounts have only reviewed this plugin. Desperate much?
17 Marzo 2018
Well this is a first - a review from a real person instead of the marketing waffle that's gone before! Anyway, installed the plugin after seeing an advert on Facebook. Didn't even bother to wait and see what it did, as my website loading times dropped through the floor. Deleted the plugin and they went back to normal. A poor plugin, that's not really needed, and which will add a 2sec loading time to your pages - which as we're all aware is a Google marketing strategy.
26 Gennaio 2018
The guys at Albacross have done a great job with making the whole process of ABM simple
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  • Resolved issue with blank page


  • Fixed long loading time


  • Code cleanup and miscellaneous fixes


  • Fixed compatibility problems


  • Fixed and tested for compatibility with latest version of WordPress


  • Fixed the admin notice link


  • Updated tracking code to reflect the latest changes


  • Added source for WordPress plugin


  • First version