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Amelia Lite is a free appointment booking WordPress plugin that allows to set up a fully-featured automated booking system on your WordPress website and is a handy tool for small businesses and individuals that depend on stable appointment booking processes.

Amelia Lite was built with newest Enterprise-level of technology both on front-end and back-end, ensuring smooth and slick user experience. Amelia elements are applying single-page-app approach, work without page reloading, and all elements were designed with the mobile first concept in mind – so all the admin and customer interfaces are perfectly responsive.

Amelia Lite supports:

  • Configuring the general settings for the company – General Settings
  • A convenient Calendar view on the back-end, giving a full overview on all the appointments and the statuses – Calendar Admin View
  • Flexible Appointment Management page, with an option to add appointments by your staff from the WordPress admin dashboard – Appointments Admin Page
  • Configuring provider’s details and working schedule – General Settings
  • Key numbers in the Dashboard – Dashboard page
  • Email notifications to the customer and provider when the appointment status changes.

Configuring Amelia Lite to book your first appointment through WordPress is literally a 5-minute job.

  • First, you would need to go to your WordPress’ admin page, open Amelia -> Services and add categories and services, as described here.
  • On the next step, you would need to add a step-by-step booking wizard to one of your posts or pages. To do that, just create a new post or page, or edit an exiting one, and add [ameliabooking] shortcode where you want to add the booking wizard. Save it – and that’s it – now customers can book appointments from your site’s front-end using Amelia Lite!
  • You can customize provider details and schedule in the General Settings page.

Please note some limitations of the Lite version:

  • You can only use a part of the Dashboard page to keep tracks of your business.
  • Export option is not supported.
  • Filters on the pages are not supported.
  • Coupons are not included.
  • Group services are not supported.
  • Adding the Locations is not included.
  • Customization options are not included.
  • You can only use Approved and Pending notifications, other types of email notifications are not supported.
  • Only basic plugin settings are supported.
  • Google Calendar synchronization is not supported.
  • PayPal and Stripe payment types are not supported but you can use On-site payment type.
  • Booking search view and catalog view are not included, only the Step-by-step booking wizard view.
  • Access to our premium support system is not included.
    To use these and other options, please upgrade to the Full version!

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Calendar back-end view
  • Appointments back-end view
  • Booking wizard front-end view


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Installing Amelia Lite is as easy as 1-2-3!

  • First, either locate the plugin through the WordPress’ built-in plugins browser, upload the ZIP file through WP Admin, or upload the Amelia Lite folder via FTP to your WordPress’ plugins folder on the server.
  • Activate the plugin in the “Plugins” page of your WordPress installation.
  • Enjoy!


Great support services and application

I have been messing around with this plugin for a few weeks and usually when I start using a new plugin, I like to try to understand the features it really offers and ask questions to the support team when I judge necessary. Sometimes, it takes time and effort to have any kind of support, but from the Amelia support team, I just have kind words for them. I am 100% satisfied. They respond to me always kindly, concisely and quickly! I really appreciated it! For the application part, I think Amelia plugin is a must have, the range of features it offers versus the cost needed to have access to those features is pretty good and worth it a lot! The application is userfriendly and ease my work related to the planning of the appointments and the management of my staff. I greatly recommend this plugin! Before Amelia, I tried many similar plugins and did not find the features I needed until I tried Amelia.

By far the best booking plugin I’ve found

After extensive research into booking plugins I found Amelia, and I'm glad I did. The front end is simple and effective, and the back end is beautifully designed and intuitive. The support is also very good. I upgraded to the paid version and wasn't disappointed.

Excellent support

Had a few teething problems before going live with Amelia. Milan (from support), patiently, explained what needed to be done. Refreshing to receive decent support. Amelia looks very good. Should prove to be a cost effective solution.

incredible booking plugin

sometimes not many words are necessary. best booking plugin, professional, clean code, beautiful ui and clever self-explanatory backend. awesome and super-fast support!
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