Questo plugin non è stato testato con le ultime 3 versioni principali (major releases) di WordPress. Potrebbe non essere più mantenuto, o supportato, e potrebbe presentare problemi di compatibilità se utilizzato con versioni più recenti di WordPress.

Async JavaScript


Elimina il JavaScript che blocca la visualizzazione (“render-blocking”) nel contenuto above the fold con Async Javascript.

Il JavaScript che blocca la visualizzazione (“render-blocking”) impedisce al contenuto above the fold sulla tua pagina di essere visualizzato fino al termine del caricamento del javascript. Questo può avere un effetto negativo sulla velocità della tua pagina e, di conseguenza, sul tuo piazzamento sui motori di ricerca. Può anche avere un effetto negativo sull’esperienza dell’utente.

Async JavaScript ti fornisce un controllo completo sugli script a cui aggiungere gli attributi ‘async’ e ‘defer’ e su quelli da cui escluderli per aiutarti a migliorare le prestazioni del tuo sito web WordPress.


L’installazione è davvero semplice:

  1. Carica il file zip ed estrailo nella directory /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Attiva il plugin attraverso il menu ‘Plugin’ su WordPress
  3. Vai nel menu Impostazioni > Async JavaScript per caricare la pagina delle impostazioni.


Quali browser supportano gli attributi ‘async’ e ‘defer’

L’attributo ‘async’ è nuovo in HTML5. È supportato dai seguenti browser:

  • Chrome
  • IE 10 e successivi
  • Firefox 3.6 e successivi
  • Safari
  • Opera

Dove posso ottenere assistenza?

Il supporto per Async JavaScript è sul forum di supporto di

Offrite servizi di supporto professionale/configurazione?

Offriamo servizi premium per Async JavaScript e servizi completi per l’ottimizzazione delle prestazioni web su

E per quanto riguarda il CSS?

Come si intuisce dal nome, Async JavaScript è costruito per migliorare esclusivamente il caricamento di JavaScript. Async JavaScript non ha alcun effetto sul CSS.

Per l’ottimizzazione del CSS, ti consigliamo di usare il fantastico pugin Autoptimize insieme ad Async JavaScript.

Non ne voglio più sapere niente, come dovrei rimuovere Async JavaScript?

  • Disabilita il plugin
  • Elimina il plugin


2 Agosto 2023 1 risposta
A truly great plugin, does exactly what is describing. No extra stuff, great implementation and great support! Thank you!
17 Luglio 2023 1 risposta
I’ve been using this plugin for several months after it was suggested to me by a colleague. The setup was simple, but also gives advanced options that I needed, such as excluding certain scripts. I had an issue recently, and the developer provided fast and helpful support! I definitely recommend this plugin.
11 Agosto 2022 1 risposta
Exemplary support, and the plugin does exactly what it promises. This is unfortunately not a given in a time when many other plugins try to cover more and more tasks and end up in dangerous waters. Async JavaScript proves: Less is more.
27 Dicembre 2021 1 risposta
The plugin is easy to use. E.g with some videos on youtube. It improved our Google Page Speed significantly. And when I had a support question I got feedback within hours. Great Job. Keep up the good work
9 Novembre 2021 3 risposte
I love this plugin and I have been using it for a long time. It actually improved my site stats on gtmetrix and pagespeed insights. However I recently added a forum on my site using WpForo and found out that answer editor was failing to load. After much research I discovered that this plugin is the one that was breaking the WpForo answer editor so I decided to sacrifice it. I give 5 stars because, beside that tiny conflict, it works as advertised.
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Contributi e sviluppo

“Async JavaScript” è un software open source. Le persone che hanno contribuito allo sviluppo di questo plugin sono indicate di seguito.


“Async JavaScript” è stato tradotto in 6 lingue. Grazie ai traduttori per i loro contributi.

Traduci “Async JavaScript” nella tua lingua.

Ti interessa lo sviluppo?

Esplora il codice segui il repository SVN, segui il log delle modifiche tramite RSS.

Changelog (registro delle modifiche)

  • workaround for issues with some inline JS getting asynced (hat tip to WP Bullet’s Mike)

  • fix for an authenticated stored XSS vulnerability, credits to m0ze for discovering
  • confirmed working with WordPress 5.8 (beta)

  • fix for some ternary operators warning in PHP 7.4 and up.
  • hard-exclude document.write (WordPress core injects inline JS that has <script src in it which AsyncJS acted on)
  • fix for WordPress 5.6 renaming jQuery from jquery.js into jquery.min.js

  • extra security measure; check the nonce when saving settings/ going through wizard.
  • wizard: if something fails then communicate this onscreen instead of on the console.
  • autoptimize integration: change copy to explain this might or might not be helpful.

  • fix for some nasty issues, thanks for the heads-up Mikey

  • add asyncjs_filter_noptimize filter
  • changed textdomain to match slug as suggested by Eneko Garrido
  • confirmed working with WordPress 5.2

  • the “happy birthday to me” edition 😉
  • new: added option to disable Async JS for logged in users
  • new: added option to disable Async JS on shop cart/ checkout pages (woocommerce, edd & wp ecommerce)
  • added ‘settings’-link to plugin overview screen (hi Mike!)
  • updated the chosen JS library to 1.8.7
  • confirmed working with WordPress 5.0

  • fix integration issue with Autoptimize, thx for reporting ElephantDude!

  • don’t async (or defer) on AMP-pages
  • disable async/ defer by when ?aj_noptimize=1 is part of the URL

  • Re-arrange content on the different tabs of the settings page.
  • Continued refactoring of backend code, no functionality should be affected.
  • Remove all images from the project such as the animated hands and progress bar gif.
  • Remove empty rows that added unnecessary space.
  • Switch buttons to use WordPress button styles.
  • Fix broken Dashboard Widget from and reduce font-size to fix text overflow.
  • Remove all CSS !important declarations for easier CSS styling.
  • Remove inline CSS styles.
  • Switch to a CSS based progress bar.
  • Spell check readme.
  • Remove almost all tables from files.
  • Refactor JavaScript.
  • Add wormeyman as a contributor (thanks man!).

  • bugfix: only load asyncjs’ JS & CSS on own settings page as reported by Marat Petrov
  • bugfix: check if jQuery chosen is correctly loaded before using it (based on same report, thanks Marat!)
  • update jQuery Chosen lib
  • small readme tweaks

  • ASync JS is now maintained by Frank Goossens (Optimizing Matters), thanks for the great job done David!
  • Moved all Pro features into the standard version.
  • Some code refactoring
  • Made strings ready for translations

  • MOD: Added User Agent to GTMetrix requests

  • MOD: Check for GTMetrix class existence prior to including class

  • FIX: Issue converting array for plugin & theme exclusions

  • FIX: Sanitise all $_GET and all $_POST
  • FIX: Add nonce to ajax calls

  • MOD: Dashboard Widget and Notices only available to Administrators

  • NEW: Added quick settings buttons to allow common settings to be quickly applied
  • NEW: Added current version info to help page

  • FIX: Some installs not saving plugin/theme exclusions due to theme incompatibility

  • MOD/FIX: On some WordPress installs is_plugin_active function being called too early. Moved is_plugin_active into a dedicated function called via admin_init as per codex:

  • FIX: Incorrect textarea identifier preventing exclusion save

  • FIX: Resolve early loading of plugin causing a fatal error due to function not available yet
  • FIX: CSS / JS not loading

  • MOD: Add text to advise running Wizard is not mandatory

  • massive Massive MASSIVE rewrite of Async JavaScript!!!
  • Now includes a Setup Wizard, Status page, Settings page and a help page.
  • Communicates directly with GTmetrix (account required)
  • Automatically transfers existing settings from Async JavaScript to Async JavaScript