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Breadcrumb NavXT, il successore del popolare plugin di WordPress Breadcrumb Navigation XT, è stato riscritto da zero per essere migliore rispetto al suo antenato. Questo plugin genera percorsi breadcrumb di localizzazione per il vostro blog o sito web realizzato con WordPress. Questi percorsi breadcrumb sono altamente personalizzabili per soddisfare le esigenze di quasi ogni sito web gestito con WordPress. L’interfaccia di amministrazione rende l’impostazione delle opzioni facile, mentre è disponibile per gli sviluppatori di temi e gli utenti più avventurosi un accesso diretto con le classi.

Requisiti PHP

Breadcrumb NavXT 5.2 e successivi richiedono PHP5.3
Breadcrumb NavXT 5.1.1 e precedenti richiedono PHP5.2

Caratteristiche (non esaustivo)

  • Generazione di breadcrumb compatibili con il formato di BreadcrumbList RDFa di
  • Ampio controllo di personalizzazione del breadcrumb tramite una pagina delle impostazioni con valori predefiniti adeguati alla maggior parte dei casi.
  • Pagina delle impostazioni dell’amministratore di rete per la gestione delle impostazioni del breadcrumb per tutti i siti secondari con priorità globale configurabile.
  • Widget di WordPress incorporato.
  • Estensibile tramite OOP e con le azioni ed i filtri forniti.
  • Compatibile con WPML (compatibilità migliorata con il plugin delle estensioni WPML).
  • Polylang compatible (enhanced compatibility with Polylang extensions plugin).
  • bbPress compatible (enhanced compatibility with bbPress extensions plugin).
  • Compatibile con BuddyPress (compatibilità migliorata con i plugin estensione di BuddyPress).


Breadcrumb NavXT ora supporta i pacchetti di lingua di Vuoi tradurre Breadcrumb NavXT? Visita Il progetto di traduzione di Breadcrumb NavXT’s su

Screenshot (schermate di esempio)

  • Questo screenshot mostra 5 esempi differenti di breadcrumbs generati da Breadcrumb NavXT
  • Uno screenshot della tabella Generale nella pagina delle impostazioni
  • Uno screenshot della tabella Tipi di Post Types nella pagina delle impostazioni
  • Uno screenshot della tabella Tassonomie nella pagina delle impostazioni
  • Uno screenshot della tabella Varie nella pagina delle impostazioni
  • Uno screenshot delle Impostazioni di Importa/Esporta/Reimposta nel menu di Aiuto


Breadcrumb NavXT can be installed from within WordPress’ administration panel. After installing and activating the plugin, to get breadcrumb trails to display either use the included widget, or call the breadcrumb trail in your theme (or child theme). See the Calling the Breadcrumb Trail article for more information on calling the breadcrumb trail.

To customize the breadcrumb trail you may edit the default values for the options in the administrative interface. This is located in your administration panel under Settings > Breadcrumb NavXT.

Visita la pagina didocumentazione di Breadcrumb NavXT’s per maggiori informazioni.


30 Marzo 2019
I found this plugin that does EXACTLY what I needed! It worked "straight out of the box" Makes navigation look super professional, nothing else I tried comes even close. Thank you, thank you , thank you. Donation is on the way! Keep up the great work!
25 Luglio 2018
I've been experimenting with using the NavXT widget in a multilingual context, where language is set by a custom taxonomy. The widget works well for this when used together with AH Display Widgets. The filters are great, but some examples would take the pain out of using them. My only complaint (a minor thing) is that when the widget has nothing to show it still outputs the widget's wrapper div - so if you have padding or margins on that container it creates unused extra space on the page and will show the wrapper's background color (if any). It would also be nice if showing a result of "404" could be disabled in the settings.
29 Giugno 2018
After using this plugin for approx three years I decided opt it off. I'm really tired to be afraid after every update of this plugin. The last update brought PHP warnings after a setting migration and I was not able to repair it. And the question is that it is only the breadcrumbs. Nothing else. It MUST work. Without any questions, migration settings and re-setup. I don't want to spend several hours to repair !!!BREADCRUMBS!!! after updates. It's the last stuff I want to spend my time for. Now I've removed this plugin and I am happy. Good luck!
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Changelog (registro delle modifiche)


Release date: May, 3rd 2019

  • New feature: Added Gutenberg block for displaying breadcrumb trails.
  • New feature: Added bcn_display_attribute_array filter.
  • New feature: Added bcn-aria-current template tag to facilitate WAI-ARIA Breadcrumb support.
  • Bug Fix: Updated settings page to follow WP core standards for header structure.
  • Bug Fix: Updated checkbox in adminKit to eliminate multiple labels to follow WCAG 2.0.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed PHP error in circumstances of bcn_breadcrumb_trail::fill() falling back on treating an unknown item as a taxonomy.


Release date: October, 26th 2018

  • Behavior change: Added span element wrapping the breadcrumb title in the default unlinked breadcrumb template.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue that caused PHP warnings and “the following settings were not saved” messages for hierarchical CPTs.


Release date: September, 24th 2018

  • Behavior change: Cleaned up translations for default templates, simplifying and clarifying the translatable content.
  • Behavior change: Default unlinked breadcrumb templates no longer contain BreadcrumbList markup.
  • Behavior change: Breadcrumb NavXT REST API endpoints are no longer enabled by default.
  • New feature: Added bcn_register_rest_endpoint filter.
  • New feature: Added bcn_breadcrumb_assemble_json_ld_array filter.
  • New feature: Added support for following the post parent hierarchy first then falling back to a secondary hierarchy.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where on loading the settings page immediately after migrating settings causes PHP warnings on CPT and custom taxonomy settings.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue that caused the settings reset option under the help drop down to not work.


Release date: June, 1st 2018

  • Behavior change: Links to generate support requests migrated to the forums.
  • New feature: Added support for BreadcrumbList (microdata format) in the included widget.
  • New feature: Added new Root Page support for author archives.
  • New feature: Added REST API endpoint for posts, terms, and author archives.
  • Bug fix: Corrected label for the BreadcrumbList (RDFa format) option in the included widget.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where a PHP warning would be thrown due to get_term() returning something other than an instance of WP_Term.


Release date: January, 26th 2018

  • Behavior change: Added auto migration of post type hierarchy settings to bcn_display*() functions.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where a PHP notice would be generated on the page for posts when the blog breadcrumb display option is set to false.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where a PHP notice would be generated on archive pages where attachments were included in the wp_query results.


Release date: January, 1st 2018

  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where an improper breadcrumb would be generated in the trail for pages under some circumstances.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where the post and page roots were not updating to track user changes in Settings > Reading.


Release date: December, 30th 2017

  • Behavior change: Added warning alerting that bcn_breadcrumb::type must be an array.
  • Bug fix: Changed Breadcrumb Separator and Paged Template from an input field to a textbox to reduce confusion caused by HTML entities.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where the parents of a page may not show up in the breadcrumb trail.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where the $reverse parameter for bcn_display and bcn_display_list did not work properly.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where the bcn_display_list function did not include the li elements.


Release date: December, 28th 2017

  • Behavior change: Removed unused Blog Template and Blog Template (Unlinked) from settings page.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where changes to the hierarchy type for any post type would not save.
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue where the blog display setting was ignored.


Release date: December, 26th 2017

  • Behavior change: bcn_breadcrumb_trail::display_list() deprecated in favor of using the $template parameter in bcn_breadcrumb_trail::display().
  • Behavior change: bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_attachment() deprecated in favor of calling bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_post().
  • Behavior change: bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_front_page() deprecated in favor of calling bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_home().
  • Behavior change: bcn_li_attributes filter was deprecated in favor of bcn_display_attributes.
  • Behavior change: bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_archive_by_date() deprecated in favor of calling bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_day(),bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_month(), and/orbcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_year()`.
  • Behavior change: bcn_breadcrumb_trail::find_type() deprecated and removed from bcn_breadcrumb_trail.
  • Behavior change: Breadcrumb for 404 error pages changed to be a child of the front page.
  • New feature: Added support for various HTML tags in the widget’s pretext field.
  • New feature: Added bcn_default_hierarchy_display filter.
  • New feature: Added bcn_default_hierarchy_type filter.
  • New feature: Added $posttype_name as the third parameter to bcn_show_tax_private.
  • Bug fix: Fixed UI/UX issue in the settings screen where enabling/disabling settings groups for the Home, Blog, and Mainsite breadcrumb settings did not work.
  • Bug fix: Fixed UI/UX issue in the settings screen where not including the paged breadcrumb still allowed the paged breadcrumb template to be edited.
  • Bug fix: Removed use of create_function in registering the widget as it was deprecated in PHP 7.2.